Gun Confiscation: Don’t Think it Can Happen – WATCH

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Take a look at what happened in Great Britain and Australia.

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  • Cymro

    The ones who turned in these guns just because the government says so are the true definition of sheeple. These people may not be stupid (which is debateable)but without any debate whotsoever they are SPINELESS. History is rife with example of tyranny disarming the sheeple and making slaves out of them. You got what you deserve. I for one will not give up my guns because the government says so. If they want to take them they need to be prepared to die to get them because I am prepared to die to keep them. It’s better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees! Emiliano Zapata Salazar

    • wolf

      Well said friend. I certainly share your feelings on this matter.

    • Cody

      Hi 5 to that. Great post !

  • Al

    Why would any law biding citizen turn their gun in to some dictatorship. Because that is all it’s we need to have the ability to defend ourselvs.

    • AL,the story about britian losing their weapons is only on the surface,they lost everything,NOW they have to have a licence to own any electronic device,sterio’s phones,clocks,radio’s,TV’s ,computors,cell phones,they can come and KICK IN YOUR doors if they think you don’t have a licence,they have a special police unit and thats all they do all day is go around and kick in doors,NO guns,get ready,cause they will shoot you right in your bed while your sleeping,and you can’t do shit about it,YOU GAVE THEM YOUR GUNS…………

      • SKIP

        Don’t forget that England is now owned and operated by Saudi and Pakistani muslims and the pope kisses their asses.

    • Rachel Garner

      You’d probably do it if a humvee with a turret and a machine gun aimed at your house showed up, and a couple or more tough looking men in fatigues marched to your door (and backdoor and any other entry) and said, “While this is just a practice drill, we want all the guns you have, now.” Watch for news from California, and maybe Fort Leonardwood, MO.

  • Metapy

    It is an undisputed fact that gun control and gun confiscation have preceded every instance of genocide in the 20th century. See the results here

  • J. Horn

    The government did not “take” their guns, they GAVE them to the government. They deserve what happens to them now, whether by the government or criminals. They should have turned their guns on the government.

    • laura m.

      J Horn: I agree, the European and Australian men are cowardly sissy geldings, the women cowardly wimps for not standing up. The gov. didn’t even pay them for the guns, and no longer allowed to go hunting or defend themselves. Next is genocide and labor camps.

    • ITS even worse now the queen whore sold austrilia to the chinese and if you saw the news the chinese warned the austrilians about taking sides with america,as soon as the chinese get established in austrilia the killing will start and there’ll be no help from america as no one will be willing to go against china over their new country,austrilia….and you all can laugh,but OBAMA sold america to china last summer……….

    • SKIP

      It isn’t too late J. Horn while we still have them and personally, neither I nor my wife have any intention of surrendering them while we live.

  • IH Scout

    As soon as they outlaw guns, those of us who own and use them will no longer be “law -abiding” citizens. That is why they turn them in. I really wish we would qit using the term “law-abiding” when it comes to firearms. Reponsible gun owners is the term we should be using. Because according to the 2nd amendment, by not giving my firearm to the government, I am being responsible.

  • buttcrackofdoom

    next you know they will be banning all those pointy knives in my kitchen! here’s a message to you idiots that might read this who want to ban guns…..why don’t you ban the mood-altering DRUGS that cause all these mass shootings?………’s the DRUGS, STUPID! YEESH! these gawddam liberals are always trying to make the people that didn’t do it pay for the stupidity of the ones who did.

  • buttcrackofdoom

    it will be interesting to see what’s happening in hawaii, i saw a story they are trying to ban guns there…remember admiral yamamoto said he wouldn’t invade america because there will be a gun behind every blade of grass? when the chinese head over to take america, guess where their first stop will be. that will be a nice forward base for ops against mainland america…..oh, but wait a minute….they are our FRIENDS…..never mind.

    • Michael

      Shit, have you been to Hawaii? They are already there in droves. Japanese, Chinese etc. Hell, they run most of the business.

      • SKIP

        Sorry to be the turd in the punchbowl here but Hawaii was an Asian/Oriental island WAyyyyyyyy BEFORE any round eyes got there so in reality, we round eyes are the invaders and, if I understand the current social goings on there, the natural Hawaiians don’t much like it.

  • Cody

    When the roman legions invaded new territories, the first thing they did was disarm the local people.

    No swords, bows, spears. Only farming implements.

    • SKIP

      AND they employed and rewarded collaborators too.

  • John

    The tough talk comes easy, but would you really be ready to exchange rounds with your wife and kids in the vicinity. Don’t get me wrong, all my life I have always said I would never give up my guns but now that it might really happen I have to ask myself whether I’m ready to leave a widow and orphans . I do not think the powers that be would hesitate to kill any of us who refuse to cooperate.. Us white, Christian , heterosexual males with guns are exactly who they want to eliminate. This will give them the excuse they seek. I’m afraid this is all too real.

    • RickE.

      @John, I am afraid that most gun owners will think this exact same theory. And this is why we WILL be disarmed by our “government” sooner than later. And, our government WOULD kill us to solidify their goals.

      One thing to always remember: the government is the tiny dot. We are the MANY dots! Surely resistance will be difficult against the government, and many say it would be futile. Many of us would die defending our right to own guns. BUT, sooner or later the many dots would overcome the tiny dot that our “leaders” are.

      But the resistance would have to be collective, and not fragmented, and thus, organized! But this IS a good possibility, and if we do nothing, we will wake up to a country that doesn’t remotely resemble our republic. It’s already happening! Wake up fellow gun owners!

    • Stef

      You’re right. Except at some point, one has to draw a line in the sand. Or else your wife may not be a widow, but your grand children will be slaves.

      In any case, as long as the populace is divided (as it is now), keeping guns under the bed has no efficiency against any armed organisation, especially the government.

      They don’t fear an armed citizenry that is isolated. They fear a citizenry that is bond together… especially if it is armed.

    • willy

      u fucntion as a team. Ask R.Weavers wife.
      I hope my family remebers who I was. Fighter for good,GODs Army.
      Ill fight for widows and orphans.

      Oh times up need more prozac and beer for the big game this weekend….coward.

      Yo couch !!!!! here I come……………

    • JOHN,WAKE UP,ITS NOT YOU THEIR AFTER,ITS YOUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN,what makes anyone believe your family will survive whats coming weather your alive or dead,DOES ANYONE really believe,ITS YOUR GUNS THEY WANT,they want everything you OWN including your children,THE LORD SAID if you don’t have a weapon ,SELL YOUR COAT AND BUY ONE,he also said anyone who don’t fight to the death for his family and neighbors is lower then an INFIDEL.(THATS A DOG)in hewbrew,so if your with the lord how can you go wrong,unless your a coward,thank god the founding fathers weren’t cowards…………

    • SKIP

      If that were to happen as da gubmint plans then all of our white women would be available for the black males, again, as da gubmint plans. NOT my idea of a good plan.

  • OzDog

    Look real close at Australia, the biggest nanny state on the globe. Apart from taking our guns away after a blatant false flag event (Port Arthur shootings)A clinical moron with a kill ratio a top marksmen would be proud of.If you believe that shite I’ve got a rolex for you going cheep.
    Carrying any sort of knife is also illegal here “you may hurt someone you love” ffs
    You do have the right to self defence as long as you don’t actually really hurt the offender. if you do you Will be charged, if you actually kill him to save the life of you family you are still classed as a murderer.
    We have “anti association laws” so if you have a beer with the patch wearing bikie next door you are now a person of interest subject to the same sort of crap that you fellas have with the patriot act.
    Your dog isn’t even exempt from the nanny crap. Pit bull’s and “dangerous dogs” are outlawed. Every dog MUST BE MICRO-CHIPPED and registered, wont be long and every human will be next.
    Take a real good look at Australia for the way the A-holes with power want to take the planet.
    Australia The Nanny State. where the government is your friend and you just have to look to them for your safety and welfare….. dont think, dont question, because we are the authority and we know what’s best for YOU !!!!
    Don’t become a controlled society like Au. stand your ground and stay free.

    • Stef

      That’s very scarry because I’ve always considered Aussies as anything but pussies. So if you guys couldn’t stand up who the f will?

      • RickE.

        Stef, an organized, concerted, and structured resistance to gun confiscation is the only solution. A rather simplistic but possibly effective “just say no to tyranny” campaign may help. It may catch on well enough to impact many gun owners that are feeling intimidated and bewildered right about now.

        I liked your comment above that one too by the way.

  • Jasper

    John, If and when they come for our weapons, prior to this report them stolen, hide them except for one or two,and turn these in. They will want a confortation,to eleminate you quickly.
    Smile, cooperate with them, later sneak up on them and shoot them in the back of their head.

    • SKIP

      Them AND their families. No MERCY, NO PITY, NO COMPASSION, NO PRISONERS.

  • johnd34

    Theirs a lot of talk up here in NY about mass slaughtering cops, because they are already starting to confiscate mags and rifles. Charging people felonies, so they cannot get any more.

    • JOHN 34,many years ago,I don’t remember if it was DETROIT,or CHICAGO,seems like the 70’s as I recall the police gangs were getting out of hand,I think they did something to a military person,or I would guess,they would drive up next to them in the night time traffic,KNOCK OUT THE DRIVERS DOOR WINDOW and drop a handgrenade in the front seat with them,as I recall that went on for months before the police gangs got the message,several dozen pigs died before they put an add in the newspaper calling for a truest,that really setteled them down for a long time…I see this coming again,only this time everywhere in america,I don’t really believe these police gangs are smart enough to realize americans can be very inventive at war…..44,000,000 combat trained veterans in america…not good odds for them,you would think they would realize,they will wind up being dog food if they start a war,makes you wonder don’t it……………

      • SKIP

        Not sure about the 44,000,000 figure but I AM sure that most of us are NOT pro current black muslim run government and for sure the WWII vets aren’t. Those people have watched in their old age the country they fought for being given away, sold or bartered to blacks and muslims of the welfare fueled, self perpetuating democratic machine.

    • REMEMBER WHAT “FOREST GUMP SAID,STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES”describes the NYPD perfectly don’t it……..

  • Ribck45

    The ending result if we don’t stop this with force..Read Resistance to Tyranny and see for yourself.

  • John

    John. Rick is right. 30,000 federal agents vs 50,000,000 patriots. Stick together or hang together!

  • I wouldn’t bet on the “ODDS”, against the government zombies making a lot of difference to them,they been trained to think they can win against overwhelming odds,OF course they can’t,but high intellect is not their outstanding tribute,stupid is how their picked,anyone who will kill their own family to win is not exactly a rocket sciencist,THATS THE MENTITLY of these hand picked DHS and police gang employees,they will make every mistake a really stupid ass could make,they have given no thought to being ambushed at home,they don’t know shit about serious war tactics,and they think when they leave work the wars over,WRONG,this is just the tip of the iceburg in their stupid thinking,it has never occured to them what if 20-30 guys hit there house,what will they and their family do????AND IT WILL COME TO THIS,BELIEVE IT……….

    • SKIP

      A like minded individual indeed!

  • archer

    No one in their right mind wants things to get out of hand, but I think Alex Jones is right, the elites are up to their necks in phony wars, phony money and derivatives. They may be getting desperate because if this country were really run on the up and up a lot of them would be in jail.
    They have everything to gain and nothing to lose by starting some real trouble “order out of chaos” and gun confiscation could be the final tipping point.

  • Another Slave

    We can also talk to people whom we come in contact with everyday and try and educate them, the grass roots movements have just as much power when they have public opinion behind them. Contact the reps in the congress and badger them, don’t let up, let them no comprise will not be tolerated, send them copies of the stats from the fbi and others.. Killers may use guns kill about 3-7K victims a yr. but killers will use other means from hammers to gasoline. Drunk drivers kill and paralyze tens of thousands but cars did not do it, drivers did and doctors kill 250,000-300,0000 a yr. In the numbers most murders are committed by inner city youth from 16-28. A person bent on killing is going to use any means available because they are a killer. Gun control in Amerika will lead to Control of the people and as a slave already can we afford more runaway govt.?

  • The Truth at Last

    I will NOT pay a tax on a firearm I own or may not own,
    I will NOT turn in any guns I may or may not own,
    I will NOT bury and hide what I may or may not own,
    I will NOT coward down and beg, I will NOT get on a train car,
    I will Resist,
    I WILL die but at least I WILL die on an empty pile of brass. I pledged allegiance to the flag 1000’s of times and to which it stands and on the Constitution, I have watched as family, friends and strangers have died for “freedom” all over the globe and Pledge I will not waiver and if it comes time to defend my family, my country, I WILL do this without reservation because I am an AMERICAN. I hope and pray others will stand as an American and for the Republic and in memory of all those who gave their life before you and the ones that don’t or wish to destroy the country may you rot in hell.

    When voting fails you must vote from the rooftops. ttal.