Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Guns, Kids & FL Dept. of Children & Families

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As Jeff Gray greeted his son exiting the school bus, he could tell something was up. Soon after, Jeff received a call from Colleen Hagan, who invited herself to his house.

It was then that Jeff was told he was under investigation, due to a call made to the hotline for Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF). The caller – whose identity was kept secret by Colleen – accused Jeff of owning and shooting guns.

Despite being thrown into such an undesirable situation, Jeff, who’s no stranger to making transparent the actions of those who claim to serve and protect*, recorded the interaction.

Colleen told Jeff that before she called him, she’d not only visited his son Marcus in middle school, but also went to the nearby elementary school, where she spoke with his two younger children, Melissa and Michael.

Her actions, she justified, were due to a “report generated” by the DCF hotline – a 24/7 that Colleen herself noted was “constantly taking phone calls” about “any concerns.”

Though Colleen attempted to lessen Jeff’s rightful dismay at the situation by differentiating between “good calls” and a “false report”, the full text of that hotline generated report as taken by her colleague, was merely:

“Dad has a lot of guns in the house. Dad shoots the guns out back. He has a lot of guns. Police come to the house to see dad and protect Marcus, Melissa, and Michael.”

Less than three dozen words were supposedly sufficient to reach the standard of a “good call” and thus grounds for Colleen to act as she did.

Also, Colleen failed to follow up with the local police to see if, in fact, they had ever responded to Jeff’s house due to any firearm-related issue. It seems like that would be a course of action to take prior to talking with Jeff’s kids and showing up at his residence. But then again, Colleen works for a coercion-based monopoly and doesn’t have to satisfy customers so why bother, right?

According to the DFS website:

“Any allegations a child was abused or neglected by a caregiver will be investigated . . . When parents can’t, don’t or won’t protect their children, the Department of Children & Families steps in to help.”

The report cited by Colleen mentioned nothing about abuse or neglect – it only referenced firearms.

Is owning guns a crime? Is it grounds for some unknown bureaucrat to disrupt your children’s lives and perceive you guilty until proven innocent?

Also, Colleen communicated to Jeff that he’d never be told of the callers’ identity – doesn’t he have the right to face his accuser?

As Jeff noted:

“I believe this is a malicious attempt by somebody to harass me because this – baseless allegations that I do not shoot my guns in this neighborhood. I am very safe with my children with the guns. Like I said, they’ve been through the Eddie Eagle course, they know about firearms, and firearms safety. . . And I don’t do anything to endanger my children. And now I’ve got DCF in my house. . . Just because you guys got a 1-800-hotline that somebody can call, and its anonymous, and they can just say whatever they want to.”

What are the ramifications to this inquisition by Colleen, who, though she may claim and actually believe she’s doing noble work, is so perversely incentivized that families like the Gray’s, and according to DCF figures, 15,000-20,000 other families, are investigated each month? Might it be likely that good families aren’t just investigated by their local government agent but in some cases, ripped apart?

Especially when considering that Colleen and her colleagues act with even less accountability and oversight than those folks wearing badges (though, the file-a-form-so-we-can-investigate-ourselves mantra sounds similar).

Do you desire that actors operating in a claimed monopoly (ie government) provide you with food? Safety? The same inherent faults that would apply to those goods and services apply too to the area of protecting kids.

Yes, it’s desirable that kids not be neglected, but the incentives inherent in the DCF model – a monopolistic structure based on violence – only points to metrics like calls taken and investigated, which fuels mission creep and the harassment of good people, such as Jeff Gray and his family.

Despite unfounded contact, Jeff later communicated to me that:

Under the circumstances I couldn’t have asked for a more fair and understanding person than Colleen Hagan.

Have some thoughts about how this unfolded? Feel free to call Colleen or her supervisor Natolya Ivory:

  • Natolya Ivory – (904) 797-8100
  • Colleen Hagan – (904) 955.7670


*Gray creates some of the most on-point content of anyone I’ve been fortunate to meet through Cop Block. Check out his channel and coverage of his actions here on

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  • Ted

    How dare they talk to this parents children with out his knowledge or consent. As things unwind that nosey busy body neighbor we all know will turn into a Gestapo collaborator spying on our every move. It’s happened before

  • wolf

    This would be the easiest way for someone to get killed and buried and never heard from again. Messing with someone’s children.

    • wolf

      You so called good guys better think about this statement.

  • ncjoe

    What idiots you are. If a report is not invedstigated, you go into a tizzy about incompotent government. If a report is investigated, you go into a tizzy. you morons are just addicted to drama. You and the jukies on the street are just alike, just the drug to which you are addicted is different. Fuckheads.

    • wolf

      Joe, you are the dumbfuck on here.

      • jay

        Pay no mind to joe. He always plays the part of antagonist of any article posted, which of course leads one to believe hes a paid troll thats does it just to start arguments and so forth. That said, ya cant fix stupid much less a sellout

    • semper paratus

      hey joe..
      would LOVE to speak with u in person botu this
      u game u f-g

    • semper paratus

      plz go away u ahole, cuba beckons

    • Jean

      Actually, I agree with Joe on this one, for the very point he makes: When there’s NO investigation, the kids get f*cked over, f*cked up, sometimes dead.
      OTOH, if there IS an investigation, the child is often ripped from a good, solid home, loving parents, etc.

      The problem as I see it is, there are Federal Funds in this game. Why bother investigating the KNOWN abusers? They’re mostly poor, barely literate, incapable of dealing with things. The GOOD parents, OTOH, have MONEY, Position, social rank – the “Haves”. So the government takes the child on spurious or weak evidence, makes a big show of an “investigation” where the outcome was pre-determined, and everyone walks away enriched EXCEPT the child and the family. But the local crack-whore’s third baby? Who cares? Even if it’s white, it’s just shite.

      Always easier to drag people down instead of building them up. Better everyone play in the mud, than investigate the REAL issues.
      These are the same “bleeding hearts” who still believe shit like Dr. Spock (Son comitted suicide), and the “tableau Rossa” (Blank slate, that male and female roles are LEARNED, that the child can learn to BE anything it wishes, etc.)

      Joe, you’re right – for the wrong reasons. Please explain why good parents are deemed to be evil abusers – for instance, taking a child to the ER for legitimate injuries, on vacation, no previous issues with the child, large family with no issues – yet a child at the doctor for the fifteenth time that month, clumsy little shit (s)he is, got burned by grabbing the stove AGAIN, and NO ONE INVESTIGATES.

      THAT is the rub – Good people getting “burned” on mere suspicions, while people who should be OBVIOUSLY questioned are just ignored.

  • Locus

    He he ncjoe you sound like you are the perfect person to write a bestseller, some 12-step program to get people un-hooked from… whatever godafwul drug this is. You’d pull no punches, on the first page you’d say “The first step on the road to recovery is to admit to yourself, I am a fuckhead.”

    But what are you reacting to? Knee-jerk reactions of people in sympathy with causes? What you consider to be shallow thinking? People who see a shadowy threatening government agent hiding behind every tree?

    Actually I see a shadowy threatening tree hiding behind every government agent. The tree is terrifying and haunts my dreams.

    The accused: “Under the circumstances I couldn’t have asked for a more fair and understanding person than Colleen Hagan.”

    As a person who has been been harassed and defamed in the courts by the ex-wife (silly ridiculous stuff that is comprised of emotional malice and lies) in an attempt to cut off access to my daughter… I choose to see this as a true success story, where some peon in a Protection Agency operates under a policy of suspicion-by-default and manages to come to a reasonable conclusion.

    My situation does not involve firearm possession but if it did I could easily see my ex making that call to score some easy system-defamation-points.

    Sandyhook kid mother bad. Bad mother with guns. Must find bad parents. Will you help us find bad parents? Call our anonymous tip line! It’s free, your identity is secret and you are free from all responsibility for your actions against another person.

    Such bullshit. That is why in the criminal justice system (unlike the social services grey-world) people go and sign off on a police report where (in theory, my ex-wife seems to get off scot free) false statements are punishable by law.

    Like the gentleman gun owner, I must say my own experiences with social workers and judges has been positive, they seem to recognize malice and although they are bound to go through due process, and believe me it is time consuming and expensive, my daughter gets to visit me by court ordered visitation and while it’s not some Norman Rockwell family we manage to get by.

    I’d just love for some national news source to jump up and say, “That Sandyhook kid was an asshole who shot his poor mother, and assholes who point guns at people should be gunned down before they get off their first shot, when ever and where ever they are.”

    Arm everyone, everywhere. We’ll lose a few limbs during the shake down period but everything will even out in the end.

  • Cymro

    If the phone call is truly anonymous just turn it right back around on these DSS assholes. Pick up the phone and call the hotline and tell them that they have a pervert or pedophile on the payroll. Then they will be to busy covering their own ass to worry about you.

  • Just anyone can make a phone call but if they are wrong or call out of spite, should they not be liable? I know many who have recieved these phone calls and visits. Now this person is left with a record of abuse when they apply for work and such. This does not seem fair but I guess in this country everyone is guilty or will be of something unless you are one of the elite.

    • Jean

      You nailed it, plus: The informing on others thing removes any notion of society from people’s minds. It’s an “Us” vs. “Them”, which is really “us” (that “family”) vs. “the world.” Until the state instructors teach Little Jimmy to inform on (“tattle”) on his family members….

  • Coloured ball

    I agree with the previous poster. If it is anonymous then call in the government worker for some kind of abuse. And keep doing to all other government branches. Give them all a taste of their ridiculous pseudo laws.

  • Be informed

    When you decide to think for yourself and not allow society dictate everything in your life, you get investigated. The government and those that swim along with the school of fish cannot stand people that question anything, especially authority. The black sheep maverick is always singled out because they might get others to see what it is like to think all by yourself. THEY lose their control.

    Yet throughout history those with free minds and inventive uniqueness have lead to the modern day inventions that those that hate mavericks depend on to make their worthless asses more convenient.

    Don’t worry about JoeinNC, he is well documented on SHTF.plan site as someone that by some miracle has not contributed a meaningful conversation as of yet. That is sad, that so many people think so little of Joe. It is one thing to be disliked for strong supportable arguments, and other to be disliked for being like a mosquito that buzzes you at night and you just can’t swat it. Pathetic for someone to be known as a total pest.

  • SKIP

    There is no such thing as an “anonymous” phone call NOR is it required to keep a caller “on the line” so the location can be traced! I KNOW how the auto switching units in control offices work. As a number is dialed, with each successive number dialed the computers reduce the area of the generated call and when the last number is dialed, the location is known even before the receiving phone rings. After the call is received, it is not required to keep anyone on the line either, only previous arrangements with the controllers at the switch office and the LEO can know the instant the call is made where the caller is within a few feet. A cool thing about the Muddled East is that the phones are not registered, buy a phone, buy a chip, pay cash, no record of who owns the phone and it cannot be traced.