Guess It’s Supposed to Be Scary, but Kim Jong-un Just Looks Stupid Posing with This Supposed Mini Nuke

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I know, I know, I know… I’m supposed to tremble with fear.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un released a bunch of snapshots of himself posing with what are supposed to be mini nuclear warheads that can be mounted on ballistic missiles.

I know I’m supposed to tremble with fear, but come on.

Look at this:






He looks like a chubby man child wearing his dad’s coat and a beaver on his head playing around at a science museum exhibit.

Just days ago, North Korea once again threatened South Korea and the U.S. with nuclear war. I’m not sure anyone even bothered looking up from their iPhones this time.

We live in an age of the perpetual war on terror, but a more appropriate name would be the “War of Terror” because the biggest weapon used in it is fear. It’s all psychological first. They need people to be afraid because a large part of this war takes place in our heads before it takes place anywhere else.

Sadly, though, people are growing numb to it after all these years.

At this point, pictures like this one just look downright silly.

They look like they should be part of a caption-of-the-week contest and not real life.


That didn’t stop this story from being plastered all over the mainstream U.S. media, though.

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  • silly

    Thanks. Brilliant observation. It took you this long to figure it out. This is not news it’s propaganda or a psyops. Glad you’re figuring it out!
    Way to go piper!

  • euphrosynos

    Nuclear bombs are a hoax. The Manhattan project failed to create a nuclear bomb but they did figure out how to make more powerful bombs while lacing conventional arsenals with nuclear waste products. It is all about controlling the masses and justifying big defense budgets.

    • M_111

      Tell that to Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

      • euphrosynos

        Those cities were carpet bombed.

      • I forgot

        The same results were achieved in Dresden Germany and Tokyo and Osaka Japan without nukes.

    • Ted

      Check the tin foil under your hat. It seems that there might be a tear in it somewhere.

      • euphrosynos

        Zombies and shills mock. Critical thinkers work with facts.

        • Reverend Draco

          Of which you have none, shill.

          • euphrosynos

            If I was a shill I would be mocking you, using profanity or acting in an illogical manner. Think for yourself….simply google, Nuclear bomb hoax.

        • GWFHIB

          And your point is??

          • euphrosynos

            We are being lied to in a very big way on multiple levels. My desire is to live in an authentic world where honesty prevails. It’s no fun living with someone who lies all the time and right now that is the case with education, government, corporate, science, history, religion and everything else under the sun. The entire world is under the sway of the Evil One.

          • euphrosynos

            Too much to mention here…simply google nuclear bomb hoax and critically analyze what you are reading.

          • I forgot

            You will…YESHUA will fix things up!

          • It is not Paranoia

            We WILL achieve the authentic world some day!! I’m with you.

        • conspiracy_fax

          I have an open mind. I have never heard this theory and would be interested in some more about it. Do you have any links to info on this? Or explain more etc?

          • euphrosynos
          • DeadPigGoodPig

            23. Wow! You mean that I could write stuff like this, too? 
            Sure! It’s embarrasingly easy to write what we wrote above. In fact, it’s even superior to the usual anti-Semitic revisionist garbage, because it has a higher percentage of REAL FACTS! Most of the apparent “contradictions” above come from the facts that Nagasaki was bombed by a plutonium bomb, not uranium; and that hydrogen bombs are thermonuclear, not atomic bombs. Just juggle information about the different types of bombs and mix them up so they seem to be contradicting each other. It doesn’t take ANY INTELLIGENCE WHATSOEVER, and you can get lots of free air time on “48 Hours”! 
            Oh, I forgot to mention: I have a Japanese girlfriend who agrees with EVERY WORD I’ve written above. Here she is: 
            “Yes, I am his Japanese girlfriend. I love him very much, and I’ve always been troubled by my Japanese friends claiming to know people who died in Hiroshima.” 
            There you have it! Just throw some unverifiable opinions on top of ridiculous proofs to STRENGTHEN YOUR CASE! 

          • It is not Paranoia
    • George_Costanza

      Rapatronic cameras says you are wrong.

      • euphrosynos

        What does a rapatronic camera have to do with anything? Melted sand only proves that a high heat situation occurred.

    • Wayne Downey

      I think you need a better grade tin foil hat there Mr dunce. I can attest that we DO have nuclear weapons, I worked on them in the military, I have been on test shoots, and have seen them detonate. You might think about wrapping yourself in a Faraday cage as well. You need it.

      • euphrosynos

        We’ve never been to the moon and satellites are not real yet we have many NASA workers who can make identical claims as you are making. You have nothing to stand on except for faith so you start making fun of the opposition. It a classic strategy to keep the masses from having their eyes opened. Just because you worked on missiles doesn’t mean nuclear bombs are exist although I will concur that they are nuclear merely because they are packed with nuclear waste material.

        • Wayne Downey

          So I suppose all those shuttle launches I watched with my own eyes were just little aeroplanes that can fly real high? Those missile warheads I assembled were just full of waste? Really? I did not see YOU there on the launcher doing any assembly! Oh that is right, you are too much of a pussy to even be in the military. Sorry but I honestly dont like people that call me a liar without even having met me. You on the other hand, no, I dont think you are lying, just delusional within your own mind. I would attempt to have a battle of wits with you but I never battle with unarmed persons like you. You really should brush up on your spelling and grammar as well. You now only sound stupid, by the way you type, it is obvious to everyone here.

          • euphrosynos

            Indeed the shuttle was just an airplane and those warheads were bombs, just not the kind you thought they were. I’m not calling you a liar…you’re just one of the masses who is drinking the kool-aid. I don’t blame you as I’m sure you are a well intentioned intelligent man who is just doing what you’ve been taught.

    • Infidel51

      I suppose they carpet bombed the bikini islands too? Really? The internet sure does bring the cooks out into the light.

  • James

    All those CD disk that are glued on it. Must be the ones Kim don’t like and wants sent out of this world forever.

    • GWFHIB

      I didn’t see your post, great minds

  • Broos

    Jest Another YAHOO tinpot-dictating nuclear WARhead!

  • Sonokar

    Isn’t that the TImes Square New Years ball from 1967?

  • Jollyjoke

    In all of the photographs of North Korea’s ‘Dear Leaders’ they are surrounded by sycophants taking notes as though the schmuck has something important to say. His people are imprisoned, tortured and starved just so he can parade around with his boy toys. Are we terrified yet?

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Anyone got a remote detonator?

  • plamenpetkov

    the usual USA’s propaganda BS. Sad to waste time with this BS.

    it’s the USA that refuses to sign a peace agreement with North Korea. North Korea wants a peace agreement. USA stages a yearly military exercise right next to N Korea’s borders trying to intimidate htem into lashing back.

    It’s USA that keeps on attacking countries after countries, NOT North Korea.

  • bosunj

    When ad hominem is all you’ve got you’ve got nothing.

  • Ted

    He’s probably been on the CIA payroll since he went to the English-speaking school in Gümligen, Switzerland. That explains why China is all over his ass. They know he’s just a tool of the West, who will trigger WW3 before what Russia predicts is the economic crash of the US in May of this year, 2016.
    EMP! EMP! EMP! EMP! Yea, baby! EMP!
    I drive an EMP-proof auto and have essential electronics stashed in Faraday cages. Are you American peasants ready for what’s coming?

  • Whistler

    That boy’s been playing too much Fallout 4.


    The nuke looks like Kim Kong Sun’s fancy compact disk collection.

  • Dunno y

    You can tell he loves his old sci-fi films.

  • Ted

    Don’t underestimate Kim Jong-Un. I hear he plays a mean game of Bingo.

  • Ted

    Don’t underestimate Kim Jong Un. I hear he plays a mean game of Bingo.

    • I forgot

      I heard he was an expert at pocket pool.

  • Raymond Dillon

    “never underestimate the enemy’ – Sun Tzsu, circa 550bc

  • paul

    Kim Jong-Un is a clown and is always trying to extort money from the west. Nuclear weapons have effectively been disabled, at least the big payload ones. Tactical nukes are still being used. The big ICBMs may be launched but will never reach their destination and will not explode. Nuclear weapons have been used already but were nullified during their flight. Global nuclear war is a dead duck but the elite will never admit this because of the fear factor.

  • old geezer

    Someone referred to him as Kim Flung Dung.

  • tomw

    It looks like something from a bad 50’s Sci Fi movie.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Funny if it went off ………..

  • Redlist Renegade

    It seems that the only thing that has actually been shrunk down is Little (pudge king) Kim’s attention span ! With all of the death threats he likes to make the one person that he SHOULD be threatening is the blind drunken barber that gave him that fool ass haircut !

  • CharlesH

    That’s the ball they’re going to drop on New Years eve. No biggie.

  • euphrosynos

    You’re welcome. I’d rather be a fool for the truth than idiot listening to lies. I’ve been there and done that and I’m not going back but I feel for you man. God bless you.