Great Timing: Marines to Train in Downtown L.A. Starting Friday, Raids in Several “Undisclosed Locations”

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Starting Friday and extending through December 16, Marines from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit at Camp Pendleton will be training in Los Angeles “in preparation for a deployment” which includes flying as many as six military helicopters over the downtown area and conducting raids at multiple “undisclosed locations” that will be “off limits to the public for safety reasons,” CBS News is reporting.

But don’t worry, Capt. Brian Block told the Associated Press, “It’s not going to look like ‘Apocalypse Now’ by any stretch of the imagination.” Oh good. That wasn’t my immediate go-to mental image of Marines training in downtown L.A. streets right off the bat, but glad to know that isn’t part of the plan.

Dozens of Marines will raid buildings and shoot paintballs from modified M-15s as part of the exercise, but no residents live in the spots where the pseudo-combat will take place, according to Block.

The military worked closely with the Los Angeles Police Department and notified property owners so no one will be caught off guard, Block said.

Commander Blake Chow with the LAPD’s counter-terrorism unit told KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO the exercise was not linked to any local or regional terrorism threat.

“There’s no terrorism threat out there that would be the reason that these exercises are being conducted, this is something that’s been kind of ongoing for a while,” said Chow. “This is one location amongst many that the Marines are gonna be kind of exposing their people to.” (source)

“Ongoing for a while“…?

“One location amongst many the Marines are…exposing their people to”…?

As if exposing our soldiers to military exercises in the streets of urban America like that is normal? Like that is something that is supposed to ever happen?

Like the people living in those areas should just get conditioned to the sight of armed military on the streets as a regular thing?

Well, it’s true many of our law enforcement members believe “America is a war zone.” Wasn’t America designated a part of the battlefield by the NDAA? Guess that’s why even some of America’s school districts are getting mine-resistant, ambush protected (MRAP) tanks straight off the battlefields in Afghanistan as part of the Pentagon’s military surplus program.

The training’s timing is impeccable and more than a little ironic, too, with protests (some turning violent) breaking out all across the country over our burgeoning police state, including throughout California from Berkeley to Oakland.

Just a couple days ago, a whole apartment building went up in flames all at once shutting down major freeways in L.A. and damaging several government buildings including the headquarters of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the Dept. of Parks and Recreation, and the L.A. County Health Services building.

Investigators believe it was arson.

Guess if it happened a week later, people would be wondering if the fire was just another part of the drill…


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  • SickOfTheStupid

    Any soldier willing to participate in this sort of training has already violated their oaths to protect and defend the American people and US Constitution …..

    • Southern

      Not so much that the marines need training as much as forcing the locals into being compliant and obedient.

  • VERN

    This Is A Bad Oman !

  • ST

    This isn’t the first time it has happened in a populated area. It’s been going on for almost a century. Being a Marine and knowing the important of the most realistic training you can get, it’s not the Marines you have to worry about – you’re still more likely to die by the hands of LAPD.

  • SickOfTheStupid

    sorry the federal governmnt has no constitutional right to self defense… serves at the pleasure of the citizens and we have the right terminate their employment through revolt revolution or armed insurrection if we so chose ……………….A standing federal army on US soil is against everything this country was built on .

    • ST

      OK. Sounds good. You going to fire the first shot proverbial shot to kick off this revolution? Americans are pathetic and weak as a society. All this talk on these articles about revolution, economic collapse, blah…

      I served my country and sure, I’m not happy with where we are, but honestly, it beats being in a desert getting shot at and worrying some dip shit on a meth high is going to kill my family because of some lapse in judgment while I am 6000 miles away.

      I love my country. Sure, I don’t like the President or my government much right now, but I sure as hell like the idea of having one.

      Our Army and Navy have always been “standing” in this country. Always. We’ve been training and operating on US soil since WW1. Do you not remember Soldiers rounding up Japanese-Americans in WW2 on US soil? Or how the Marines secured ground zero in 2001? How about the National Guard and their various deployments on US soil?

      People are acting like the Marines are invading LA when in reality we’re doing exactly what we have been doing for the last 100 years. Training. Protecting. And going to die for dip shits who think America is some sort of playground they are in charge of.

      The people lost control of this country decades ago. What you’re living now? It’s a life 100x’s better than any human could of imagined in the 1800s and it’s practically free. All you have to have is the drive to make something of it.

      We need more feelings of being grateful and less feelings of being betrayed. We could be living in Iran or N.Korea where simply getting on a blog and stating nonsense of a revolution would result in your home being invaded and you sent to prison.

      • SickOfTheStupid

        what we really need is far fewer people like you …….your Oh its not so bad it could be worse attitude puts you squarely in the “pathetic and weak” category.

        Well I got some news for you marine , you may have patrolled the streets of NYC over a decade ago but these are different times. Out in our part of the country the population feels much differently and if we catch you armed on the streets in our neck of the woods all the training in the world is not going to protect you.

        Lets get to the real meat of it now , since 9/11 your ‘service’ has been nothing but a betrayal of your fellow citizens , you are no better than the Vichy French. You have stood by and ignorantly claimed you are defending our Constitution and the people of this nation when the truth is you have aided and abetted a fascist coup in our nation…….Torture , indefinite detention of CITIZENS, suspension of the 4th amendment and constitution and Bill of rights, wholesale slaughter of civilians around the globe all paid for by the next 50 generations of yet to be born Americans born has debt slaves to a illegitimate and criminal governmnt . All this has been made possible by traitors like you! You are the enabler of this tyranny, without its military enforcers our illegitimate governmnt would have ceased to exist long ago.

        I hope you wake up before you get yourself killed .

        • ST

          LMFAO pussy. Trust me… you would be speaking much differently if I were armed on your street. Which is why you’re on the Internet and no setting up a sniper position on the White House. You lack action. Get at me when you do something worthy for your cause.

          • SickOfTheStupid

            LOL we shall see ……………..I am only one of millions of combat veterans in this country , I think we can take your punk asses when the time comes.

          • ST

            Funny… no combat Vet I have ever met in two wars, 3 tours has every dishonored Veteran service as much as you have in 3 Internet posts.

            Something tells me your moral compass and integrity are a bit off.

          • SickOfTheStupid


          • ST

            I am guessing you’re a Vietnam Vet? I have respect for that. However, how would you describe your military service in that illegal war? Seems if the shoe fits, bud…

            I think if the time ever comes, which I don’t see it coming – ever, but if it did, we’d probably be fighting on the same side. I don’t have the fortune to cry REVOLUTION and protest this government. I’m too busy posting stupid crap online, working and supporting my family to worry about what might happen.

            If it happens, then we can talk about it. Until then, I chose to exercise what’s left of my rights, vote, and participate in the process until change happens or there’s a strong enough movement to create change.

            I’ve heard the ramblings before of Vets who want a revolution. Hell, we talked about it every day while in Afghanistan and Iraq. 10 years later, not a step forward in that movement. All these Americans with their fist in the air… seems people who have less to complain about and the loudest people protesting right now.

            What’s the saying though… “The greatest and most powerful revolutions often start very quietly, hidden in the shadows.”

            Although, if successful… the entire system goes to hell. America loses her place in the world and people will starve, die of disease, and when we’re done with our revolution, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea all come in and begin their attack after we’ve killed ourselves fighting the federal government.

            Sounds like a plan.

          • farang

            English not your first language “Billy Badass?”

          • ST

            LOL grammar police. Watch out.

  • ST

    Why? So they can be sent to Leavenworth? Kicked out of the military? Charged for treason? And it’s training. Is training seriously a violation of my oath? I don’t think so, bud.

    As a Marine myself, I have operated on US soil at least a dozen times. The very first time wasn’t training at all. We secured ground zero and stayed for nearly 6 weeks patrolling the streets of NYC. No one screamed about violation of oath at that point in time.

    • farang

      Secured it? Oddly helpless to actually PREVENT it though.

      • ST

        This isn’t the Minority Report. Did you know airplanes were going to hit the trade center on Sept 11, 2001? If so, why didn’t you speak up. Could of sent Marines to the Middle East before it happened and prevented it.

        Damn, crystal ball wasn’t working was it?

        • SickOfTheStupid

          Someone had to have known , it took a few weeks to plant the explosives that took down WTC #7 Oh my mistake you are still so gullible you think 911 was a ‘terrorist’ attack …………it was sort of , domestic terrorists in the highest level of governmnt…….not ragheads living in caves..

          • ST

            Ha! Well then, black flag attack. Not denying they exist and have happened in the past. And if someone had known, why didn’t they stop it? You can’t be telling me not a single person who knew about it wasn’t contemplating leaking that story to the AP or NY Times.

            Yea, I don’t trust the government either. Income tax is illegal and people still pay their taxes.

  • 1PissedAmerican

    I have lived my whole 45 yrs in a city and never remember them training for urban warfare ?