Graphic: Woman Found Holding Child’s Severed Head Near Moscow Train Station

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On Monday morning, the residents of Moscow were horrified to find a woman dressed in black near the train station, screaming about the end of the world and threatening to blow herself up. What’s more disturbing, is that she was waving the severed head of a 4-year-old girl as she spoke.

In the video you can hear someone laughing in the background. Eyewitnesses later reported that they thought the head was fake. The woman has since been detained by the police, and identified as 39-year-old Gulchekhra Bobokulova, a migrant from Uzbekistan. She had worked as a nanny for two years for the girl she presumably killed.

Investigators later found the charred remains of the girl’s body in a burnt out apartment. They believe that the nanny waited for the parents of the girl to leave with her older sibling, and then killed and decapitated the child before setting the apartment on fire. The distraught mother was later informed of what happened, and had to be taken to the hospital. Though the nanny threatened to blow herself up, no explosives have been found, and the police have yet to ascertain a clear motive for the crime.

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  • bill lopez

    Go to to get a more complete story.
    The biggest thing you should walk way from this story with, is that while she was yelling about blowing herself up, and saying “I’m a terrorist, I’m a terrorist” – only one police officer showed up and arrested her – just one. And they didn’t pack her into a squad car and taker to jail, an ambulance showed up and they took her to a hospital.
    Compare that arrest with what would have happened here in the US – the “almighty, better than Russia” United States. You know that 20 police officers would have swarmed here, beaten the living shit out of her, possibly shot and killed her and possibly injured innocent bystanders while they got their rocks off shooting someone.
    I’m not saying this woman isn’t sick, demented and needs to be locked up for life (or even given the death penalty) but why is it, that in such a so called backwards ass Russia does it only take one cop, without the use of force, to subdue an old woman who just murdered a child?

  • Loonie nannies don’t need motives, just opportunity.

  • Rick E.

    This is simply one of those ‘moderate’ Muslims that Obama talks about, as she only had one head on display!

    • Razedbywolvs

      No, this is one of the oppressed Muslim women that people keep telling me about.

  • I forgot

    How about this for a motive: demonic possession?