Graphic Footage Surfaces of Idaho Police Shooting Mentally Ill Pregnant Woman

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Last summer, 35-year-old Jeanetta Rily was shot and killed in front the Bonner General Hospital by members of the Sandpoint Police Department. At the time of the incident she was intoxicated, and displaying aggressive behavior. The woman had a long history substance abuse and mental illness, and after drinking a half a bottle of vodka while ranting about hurting herself and others, her husband decided the best thing to do would be to drive her to the hospital.

Once they arrived, Jeanetta grabbed a three and a half-inch knife from under her car seat. Her husband immediately ran towards the hospital and asked the staff to call the police, and within 15 seconds of arriving on the scene, the police had shot and killed Jeanetta in the parking lot. They would later learn that she was pregnant.

Until recently, the public was unaware of what exactly happened that night. Fortunately, the Guardian has received both the dash cam and body cam footage of the incident, which has left many wondering why the officers involved were exonerated.

Though it’s hard to tell what happened since she can’t be seen before the shots were fired, the police officers appear to be several yards away from her. If she was only armed with a knife, why did they feel the need to shoot? According to their testimony she was walking towards them, but they never told her to stop. Another factor that seems to be causing outrage, is the small stature of the woman. She was roughly 5 feet tall and weighed 100 lbs. Couldn’t she have been subdued by these two large, highly trained officers?

In all fairness to the police, facing an unstable person with a knife is always a scary situation no matter how big or small that person may be, and getting in close proximity to that person is always dangerous, no matter how strong or skilled the officers may be. But that begs the question, why didn’t they use a taser instead? In fact, one of the cops can be seen holstering his taser and drawing his pistol before shooting her.

And therein lies the real issue of this case. We could argue all day about whether or not this was justified, and since the footage only shows so much, we will probably never know for sure. The real issue at hand, is whether or not this was necessary.

Several weeks ago, a remarkably similar incident occurred not far from Sandpoint, Idaho, but didn’t end so badly. The Guardian reports:

The 55-year-old woman appeared to have swallowed several pills and drunk alcohol when officers arrived at her home in Spirit Lake, which is just off the road that links Sandpoint to Coeur d’Alene.

Local police chief Keith Hutcheson told the press that the woman was yelling “kill me, kill me” and lunging at officers with her knife – and that she later confessed she had been trying to provoke them into shooting her dead.

Instead, they subdued her with a stun gun. “A family member told us that she recently lost a daughter due to overdose and she’s had a history of depression,” Hutcheson said. “But, of course, we didn’t know that until afterward.”

Furthermore, this situation could have had a better outcome if the police officers involved received the proper training. Their department provided classes on crisis management, which involves teaching the police how to handle unstable people and how to de-escalate tense situations. Unfortunately, none of the police officers involved had attended that class.

A study released last year by the American Psychiatric Association found that CIT-trained officers “had sizable and persisting improvements in knowledge, diverse attitudes about mental illnesses and their treatments, self-efficacy for interacting with someone with psychosis or suicidality, social distance stigma, de-escalation skills and referral decisions.”

Much like the case of Yanira Serrano, the under-trained police have killed another person who just needed some help and compassion.

There is no excuse for CIT training not being mandatory for every officer in every state.

For a country where the police kill over a thousand people a year, I couldn’t agree more.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • The OGS

    American police killed more people in the month of March than British police have killed in over 100 years…
    Obviously if this woman drank a half-bottle of vodka while pregnant, she’s insane… but I don’t think they needed to shoot her with an AR-15.

    • Reverend Draco

      American police killed more people this week than icelandish police have killed – EVER.

      • Smarty

        Actually, it would be safe to say that they killed more people in the last 12 hours than the Icelandish police have killed – EVER…..

        • Reverend Draco

          Pardon me. . . you are correct.

    • mirageseekr

      If you read the article it sounds like they found out post-mortum that she was pregnant, The added hormones in combination with mental health issues and alcohol may have been the reason she was acting irrational. US cops should be ashamed and the public should be allowed access to all training materials and have a say in how we are to be policed. They have done something to “train” the police to be in this heightened state of fear of the public and it has been getting worse since 9-11.

  • I may quit, or drastically slow down visits to this site:

    Phillipians 4:8 ” Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”

    These sites may have truth, but reporting murder and lies by corrupt officials doesn’t qualify as worthy of thought according to God. Satan’s kids will continue to be barf and vomit stains on mankind.

    Yeah, I’ll sue them and take their bonds as need be, and repel any attack lacking probable cause with whatever lawful force required, but it’s time to ” seek peace and pursue it”……

    • mirageseekr

      Tim, if you choose to be an ostrich with you’re head in the sand go back to lying MSM. The rest of us I am sure find even the most trajic of reporting here refreshing as it is the truth for a change.

      • I’ll get inside information before it happens, not the slants of the “news” media, don’t need any news outlets – it’s all in the Book !

        • mirageseekr

          Well then why did you bother to read this article or take the time to comment if you believe you have all the answers?

    • Oracle Watchman

      Time to face reality, Tim. Phillipians 4:8 does not teach us as Christians to pretend the trouble/evil in the world is not happening and merely, passively, allow it to progress by hiding from it. Christianity is not Buddhism, in where we are to seek “nirvana” though useless (imaginative) meditation.

      We as Christians are at war with our sworn enemy, the evil one. Even beyond a spiritual purview, our attempt to ignore or avoid everything that we consider “unworthy of thought” is naïve, and in today’s evil environment, is outright dangerous to our well being as a member of society. This life is not meant to be a Utopian paradise; we lost that option back in the Garden of Eden.

      Stand up for, and defend, “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report,” don’t just avoid a confrontation with evil.. Evil men depend on our complacency in order for them to thrive.

      • I won’t be complacent big fella’, just won’t dwell on the sewage,

    • Bert

      Most of what you write is so far out in left field that if you quit participating, half the people here might send you a letter of thanks for ridding them of a source of confusion. There are times when I’d be one of them.

      • curenado

        Haha am I seriously seeing an “outrage” article because a psychotic having some damaged unwanted goods for benefits is not?
        Are you serious? Give me a break. Sordid feckless world is not everyone’s fault and theres nothing for it. Outrage article should be “millions of psychotics and psychotic illegals NOT being sterilized!”
        Are you nuts? That’s ok keep going commie and we will take care of it pretty soon when they take over….any dang minute if people don’t get it together and pull head out

        • Oracle Watchman

          Why are you calling Bert a “commie”? Tim is advocating that we ignore the planned destruction of our nation. Tim says we should not read from this web site because it is against Christian scripture to pay attention to the evil in the world (he is mistaken). Bert says Tim is wrong and very confused in his complacent approach to stopping evil in our nation. Are you confused or are you intentionally spreading disinformation?

  • Bert

    Quote: “In all fairness to the police, facing an unstable person with a knife is
    always a scary situation no matter how big or small that person may be,
    and getting in close proximity to that person is always dangerous, no
    matter how strong or skilled the officers may be.”

    That is absolutely not true, though I don’t fault you for not knowing it. Anybody can be taught, with very minimal effort and training, to defend against a knife, especially when the knife is being wielded by someone smaller and not as strong as the person defending against it. The simple truth is that LEOs are trained to draw and fire their weapon at center mass the instant they get a little frightened by anything.

    The blame in this case lies entirely on the officers, and the agency they belong to.

    • korie

      very true!
      used to be ‘shoot to stop’ meaning to aim for a foot, leg, hand. without proper training (target practice) people have been taught to just aim for the biggest target (the core…with it’s heart, lungs, liver, intestines…everything that will cost a huge fortune to repair!) and ask forgiveness later.
      i fear cops that enter a situation with the ‘they are all out to kill me so i must kill them first’ attitude. my husband was harassed by a female patrol officer just north of the ponderay stretch by the home depot, where the speed changes from 45-60, he was sure she would have a misfire!

    • mirageseekr

      I am 5’4 and weigh 119lbs. I would have taken her down before letting the cops shoot her and at most may have needed a few stitches. So the BS that two grown men felt threatened is laughable. Sorry the cops have become thugs and pussies as well. They shoot dogs, elderly, handicapped, hand cuffed, and now pregnant women. In my opinion this is coming from the top down, cops are being “trained” to view anyone and everyone as a threat shoot first, and shoot to kill. Even if this woman had a machete there is no reason they could not have shot her in the leg from as close as they were. And if your going to say that that is not possible for whatever reason then maybe they could get some firearm training from this little girl as well.

      • Bert

        You’re right, they could’ve shot her in the leg, though LEOs are trained to only shoot to kill (which is another huge problem I have with police academy training programs), that if they fire their weapon, it must be only to kill, not to wound.

        With just a little training, you can disarm someone with a knife fairly easily, with little risk of even a scratch. There are only so many ways someone can come at you with a knife, once you’ve learned these, and how to defend against them and had a few days practice, it becomes instinctive. After doing it for a few months, off and on, you’ll be praying for someone to come at you with a knife because you can take it away from them easier than sneezing. And nothing is more disconcerting to someone who’s about to attack you with a knife than seeing you grin really big and your eyes light up with sheer joy.

        That’s all they need to do to keep these LEOs from shitting their pants when someone has a 2″ folding pocket knife in their hand. These guys aren’t getting enough practical training, they’re just teaching them to shoot at anything that frightens them.

        I mentioned this before but wanted to again:

        Construction workers have just as many on the job fatalities as cops.

        Farmers are killed on the job TWICE as often as cops.

        I think it’s time people stopped believing the “Hero Cop” bullshit they’ve been selling for 50 years and start recognizing them for what they are: Just another government asshole working a job that has far more benefits and better pay than 90% of the people they’re supposed to be protecting and serving. The need to lose a few things: About 1/3 of their pay, about 2/3 of their benefit package, and ALL of their body armor. If they want to pretend to be heros, let them dress like one.

        • mirageseekr

          The problem seems to be that they lack situational awareness. You do not need to take down a 70 yr old man like a thug who took a swing at you, or shoot a 100lb woman with a small pocket knife. I live in the Cleveland area we had the police chase last year that looked like a scene out of the blues brothers with tons of cop cars in pursuit of one vehicle, they did not rob a bank or kill anyone it started as a traffic violation. The one cop is being indicted because after hundreds of bullets had already hit the car he jumped on the hood and unloaded into the 2 un-armed people who were most likely already dead like he thought he was an action hero. This is not how rational people think. They are also the ones who shot Tamir Rice, a 12 yr old boy with a pellet gun, the 911 tape shows that the person calling believed it was probably a toy gun and the video shows they shot him 2 seconds after getting out of the car. And you are right we have show after show about our “hero” cops that “protect” us. In all reality they are just the muscle and revenue collector for the biggest mafia the world has ever seen.

          • Bert

            Oh, Hell, don’t get me started on TV cop shows, they drive me insane. 80% of the insane shit they do isn’t even possible, and the cops portrayed on these shows routinely break the laws they’re supposed to uphold, not to mention rampantly violating the constitution. They’re a form of indoctrination, a way to desensitize the people to being treated like dog shit by their public servants.

          • korie

            ok…that rice boy, if you watched the video, picked up that air rifle and walked towards the cops with it aimed forward at them. the muzzle cap was gone.
            in all fairness on that regard the fault lies with the boy and his parents. who ever thought it was a great idea to wander around at the time was the one who failed and the boy was made victim not only by the police but also by his guardians!
            in Dearborn, Michigan it is the children you must be wary of. there are youtube videos that show young boys assaulting people at the beck and call of their fathers because youth can not be charged for stoning the infedels!

          • mirageseekr

            I did watch the video. They shot that boy within 2 seconds of getting out of the car, and no it certainly didn’t look like he was taking aim at the cops. If they are going to give an order then they need to give people enough time to respond to that order before they open fire. But congratulations on being the douche that supports the police state killing a 12 year old kid. By the way I happen to live in Cleveland and am very aware of how our police conduct themselves here and it is not “protecting and serving” so much as “beating and intimidating”.

          • korie

            thanx for calling me a douche! that’s a great way to start the day…with childish insults!
            because i don’t live in a city, can’t stand all the people who think their stance is the only correct one, i don’t know the exact ins and outs. all i can say is that with the video evidence and the current civil and political situation (was right after the new york guy, right?) that a series of wrong choices were made, made by all parties, the cops, the boy, the boy’s parents! there was a tangible mood in your country, police distrust was evenly tempered with thug behaviour and i point to the weeks wanton destruction of Ferguson as evidence of said thug behaviour!
            every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
            i don’t stand with the police but i don’t give into the victim card, my 13 year old knows not to take a fake gun out and wave it around in front of guys with real guns! he knows that the police are there for a purpose and that there are good guys and bad guys and that they, quite often, wear the same uniform! it isn’t any form of white priveledge that keeps my son safe and aware, it is the parenting that he recieves that will keep him educated on what is right and what will get him shot! btw…our local heritage based gang is a bigger danger than our cops, you have to pick and choose your battles, you have to pick and choose your friends, you have to temper the yin and the yang, you have to look at both sides of the story.
            you had the option to politely offer the other side of the discussion but you opted to resort to childish insults, now i have formulated a opinion of what future posts with you may hold so on this final note…please respect the opinions of others even if they don’t fall in line with yours. it shows a maturity that i hope you just left on the other side of the bed this morning! good day!

        • Jeff Freitas

          No they are not trained to shoot to kill, they are trained to shoot to stop, center of mass. A result of getting shot center of mass most times results in death, also a lot of times it takes multiple shots to stop someone.

          • Bert

            Jeff, that’s kinda hair-splitting. “Shoot center mass” is the same as saying “If you fire your weapon, make it a kill-shot”.

            You can’t possibly be arguing that they’re taught to shoot someone in the chest to “stop” them, and the ensuing death is just incidental. Is that really what you’re claiming? You can “stop” someone with a beanbag round, or even rubber 9mm rounds from the ubiquitous Glock, you don’t need to put a jacketed round through someone’s heart to stop them unless you fully intend to “STOP” them, once and for all.

            I’ve heard other cops talk about this shit, one of the sayings was “If you have to shoot someone, make sure you kill them so they can’t sue you or the department, and so they can’t rebut your version of the shooting”. People like that were the reason I left law enforcement, I can’t work with scumbags like that and at the time, those types made up maybe 40 to 45% of the department, and I thought it would get better as time went by. I was wrong. I would be surprised if it weren’t filled with closer to 80 or 90% of those types now, because those are the types drawn to the job.

          • Jeff Freitas

            I have taken a lot of training and I carry a sidearm, training has cost me thousands and its better training then most LE gets. I am not in LE, just a guy that knows 911 is just a mop up squad and you have to take your own safety into your own hands. If a time comes when I have to pull a sidearm and pull the trigger you can bet your ass I will be aiming center of mass fully intending to put a stop to it. I pray that time never comes. And because I do carry I put on my polite manners and avoid all confrontations whenever I can. Cops put themselves in danger every day. I hear gunfire I run the other way, cops run towards it. Yea there are bad ones out there but there are good ones and sometimes shit happens. I was not there so I will not judge one way or another.

          • Bert

            Jeff, Cops don’t have a dangerous job. It’s no more dangerous than construction work, and half as dangerous as being a farmer. And it’s one thing for a civilian to panic and pull the trigger maybe a tad quicker than they should and shoot to kill, that’s understandable because civilians aren’t required to go through any weapons training. LEOs are entirely different, and should never, ever resort to lethal force when they haven’t even considered any other option.

            And yes, I agree that there are still some good cops out there, but they’re way outnumbered these days, and if things don’t start changing for the better pretty soon, there are very dark times ahead for LEOs and civilians alike. People are getting really fed up and won’t stand for this sort of shit much longer. When that final straw falls and the camel’s back is broken, it will be a horrible, bloody and gruesome thing and everybody on both sides of the fence will regret things went that far.

          • Jeff Freitas

            I agree with your last, and hope that when it goes come to a head my wife and I can ride it out in our little piece of this valley.

          • Oracle Watchman

            Jeff, shooting center mass is generally to aim for the heart. A bullet passing though the heart results in death most of the time. Training to shoot center mass is a quick fix in shooting schools for those students who either can’t or won’t train to shoot accurately.

            I paid to use a police shooting range in a medium size town that had no private ranges. I practiced varying weekdays and often on weekends. All users were required to sign in and out of the range. The registration board hung on the wall for easy access, it also allowed me to see that very few cops used the range to practice (They always marked their PD abbreviation in the registry box labeled as “Organization”)

            After I’d practiced there for 3 months, a group of cops that I didn’t recognize by face came in on a Sunday and signed in. I asked one of them if they could suggest another place to practice in the area and I was told the only range was the one we were at. I had been told this by other shooters also. When they left, I looked at their names and then checked back on the registry board… according to the registration, none of them had been there during the last 4 months. It takes serious practice to shoot accurately enough to stop or shoot to disarm. Shooting center mass does not require serious practice.

          • Bert

            One of those deputies I mentioned earlier went so far as to claim it was better to barely qualify in the use of your service weapon because in the event you maim someone instead of killing them outright, they could subpoena your range qualifications and if you qualified as expert, they could claim you deliberately gave them a debilitating spinal injury (or whatever) because you were clearly capable of a better shot, opening the road for a lawsuit. Whether that’s true or not, I have no doubt it’s still a floating rumor or myth(?) in police agencies today.

          • Oracle Watchman

            That is a possibility.. truly, anything you say or do, whether right or wrong, good or evil, can and will be used against you in today’s corrupt courts of law. Liability is high in any shooting case. Even shooting someone with a caliber weapon (.45 cal.) that was larger than the local police used (9mm) has been used to sway ignorant and biased witnesses, the prosecutor called it “use of unnecessary force”.

            I remember a court case in where the jury was ready to sentence a man for manslaughter, who killed in obvious self defense, solely on the pronouncement by the prosecutor during closing arguments that the weapon used was an “automatic machine gun”. When the defense lawyers asked the prosecutor to define “automatic machine gun”, he declared the gun (actually a semi-auto) to be a machine gun because it “fired every time you pulled the trigger”. Turns out the judge owned guns and disallowed the comment. The defense attorney had the next round in closing and gave the jury a lesson in weapons and self defense. Not Guilty.

          • korie

            sir…i hope you are not a hunter. i would feel sorry for the deer with a gut wound trying to run away from you!

          • Jeff Freitas

            This does not deserve a response as we are not talking about hunting.

          • korie

            no…it has everything to do with aim and target. if you can’t drop that shot within the sweet spot, you have no business with a fire arm.

          • Jeff Freitas

            Don’t worry asshat, I can.

          • korie

            asshat? stay classy!

  • Gearmoe

    After working directly with the most mentally ill in a State I can say with absolute certainty a person acting out does not have to be killed to be contained. Killing is the complete incompetent manner to subdue. As an employee of the State I was no even allow to kick, strike or use any physical weapon. We were trained to “carry-down” a person. Sometimes doctors were called for chemical restraint. Whenever possible a “show of force” was used, e.g. a lot of employees against a single patient. If the person was hurting other people, like with a knife, then the police may have been called. Bed mattresses, chairs, and blankets could be used to rush. Maybe the cops should consider the simple solution used to subdue a wild animal, a tranquilizer dart gun. Works every time, has been used a long time, proven, verified, and the animal is rarely injured.

  • tom2oo

    They still put notches in their gun butts? guess they will be real proud of this one.

  • Reverend Draco

    If I – with no theft-financed training – can disarm a person who is spun out on meth and armed with a butcher’s knife in each hand – without harming them, without being harmed myself, and without their intended victim being harmed. . .
    Why can’t the peegs, with their thousands of dollars in stolen training, do any better?

    Oh – right. . . because they’re psychopaths who should be put down like rabid dogs. . . never mind

  • stephen joseph

    What pussy’s!

  • Jeff Freitas

    21 foot rule. If they are within 21 feet with a knife and don’t drop it when I point a gun at them and tell them to drop it, they get bullets. A person armed with a knife can close that distance and kill you in the blink of an eye. Just saying.

    • Oracle Watchman

      I’ve read that supposedly “21 foot gospel” of self-defense too, but easily recognized that it does not apply in every situation. Any police officer who has not been trained to stop an aggressor’s progress without the immediate use of lethal force should be removed from service.

      This “shoot to kill, kill, kill” training is a murderous cop’s mantra. Required teaching in how to subdue by wounding an attacker must be required for all armed police. Cops train for hours to empty a magazine center torso in order to protect and serve themselves… and the result in this case is the unnecessary death of a retarded woman holding a knife. To all cops, if you are obsessed with fear of being harmed during the performance of your duties, quit. The risk of harm is a known in your line of work, deal with it, or find a different job. However, if you decide to remain in service to the public, stop “shooting to kill” everyone that you feel is a threat to you.

    • Bert

      What idiot made up that 21 foot rule? I’ve seen that in movies for years, it’s always been bullshit. I can draw and kill you if you’re inside of 5′ and armed with a knife if I felt I needed to. At just inside 21′, I could take a damned nap first. That really just sounds like something a bunch of chicken-shit cops made up to justify their own cowardice, or eagerness to commit murder, or both.

      • Oracle Watchman

        Bert, I too can draw and drop someone faster than they can traverse 21 feet from standing still. As an example of potential speed of draw, Bob Meyers has been officially documented in pulling a .45-caliber, single-action revolver out of his holster, cocking the hammer, squeezing the trigger and hitting a target 21-feet away in .31 seconds. I can’t draw and fire that quickly, but I can draw and get a front site-aimed shot off in 2.20 seconds.

        if the shooter is trained and well practiced, it then all comes down to math… if it were Usain Bolt running at us full bore, we might be in danger. Usain, considered to be the fasted man in the world, travels at 34.246 feet per second while stretched out in a full sprint (not when first off the line), while the average foot runner travels at 17.6 feet per second in full sprint (again, not from a standing still position). The .44 cal. Cor-Bond BHP bullet from my Desert Eagle travels at 1450 feet per second out of the muzzle. Do the math… who wins, a 17.60 fps runner, or 1450 fps bullet? Now add to that equation the acceleration rate of the attacker at which his velocity must progress from zero and you have an even greater discrepancy between a bullet and a runner.

        Now look at it from a reversed “logic” If we need only to run down our armed opponent, then why do they/we need to carry guns? (Liberal Entrapment in progress, LOL) However, drop the gun during that draw-for-life moment, and, well, the equation changes dramatically. And so will the expression on the gun owner’s face. LOL

        • Bert

          To start with, you should google Bob Munden and click on “videos” if you want to see some real quickdraw artistry involving speed and accuracy with a revolver. You really won’t believe what you see, honestly. You’ll think he’s doing a magic trick, but it’s all real skill, earned through time and practice, and no small amount of innate talent, I’m sure. He passed away a few years ago and I was sure sorry to see him go. He inspired me to learn what little I know about quickdraw and cowboy shooting.

          But yeah, what you say is true, someone coming at you from a standing start from 15′ away isn’t going to have time to murder you with a knife unless you’re the type to panic easily, fumble-fingered, or just generally stupid, and those types ought not to be in law enforcement. I’ve never timed my quickdraw work, but I shoot from the hip and I’d be really surprised if it took me longer than a half second to draw and put 2 rounds (first round thumb-cocked as I draw, the second fanned) in a fist (or heart) sized target 10 or 15′ away, and I suspect it’s somewhat less than that half second. Farther than that and my accuracy suffers slightly and out to 25′ I’ll pull high about a foot or so, sometimes a little to the right, too. At around 15′, the first round goes in close to center, second hits about 3″ above that one, or farther if I’m a bit out of practice (which I usually am these days).

          By the way, I shoot a .45 long colt out of a Colt .45 (obviously) with a 6″ barrel, personally, or a .45 ball from an old Army cap and ball revolver.

          • Oracle Watchman

            It’s the tunnel vision that distracts me when under attack. I have a house In Mexico, and I hunt feral hogs at night with a Cimarron Schofield Revolver, talk about a split-second decision sport! One serious case of tunnel vision happened when I had a big boar hog run head on at me on a narrow trail. With the combination of my tunnel vision and the narrow round vignette of my head light, I felt like I was looking at him from inside a lenght of 3/4″ pipe. LOL

          • Bert

            Yes, feral hogs are definitely something that will give you tunnel vision and keep you ultra-focused on them and nothing else. Dangerous, and the boars (and sows with pigs) are fearless, extremely dangerous. They have them by the tens of thousands in Texas. I wouldn’t mind taking the trip down and killing a few sows for the freezer, but the time for something like that is hard to come by.

            I’ve never had a close-call with a hog, at least not since I was a little boy and tried stealing a pig to play with from one of our brooders. She was angry. I did have a bear-scare in Wyoming, years ago, probably the only time I’ve ever been that scared of anything in my life. I. Do. Not. Like. Grizzly. Bears. I didn’t get tunnel vision, I just ended up on the passenger seat of the truck screaming “GOGOGOGOGO!!!!!” so quick the guy I was with said he thought I’d teleported there for a minute. One second I was off the side of the road taking a leak, and the next second I was a blurry streaked trail leading to the truck. I guess I did move pretty quick, the sow that had been trotting in my direction had stopped on the side of the road and stood there with a puzzled look on her face as we pealed out of there. Kind of like “Huh….where in the hell did that funny creature go? It was right here a second ago….”

          • Oracle Watchman

            “Teleported’ made me LOL. The old medulla secretions can get our azz up and moving pretty quick. I think God went back and added the adrenal gland to man after He created grizzlies. Kinda of a, “now that I think about it, yep… man may need this after burner effect”.

    • Bert

      I’m going to expand on my last a little. Having read just a little about this 21′ rule, it’s presuming the officer hasn’t yet recognized any threat and is assuming about 1.5 seconds to both recognize the threat and react. That means everything’s cold, no threat in sight, and you’re forced to suddenly react. That’s rarely the case. In fact, in most cases where an officer murders someone several yards away who has a knife, he already has his weapon drawn and aimed. So the threat is already apparent and he decides to apply this “rule” inappropriately. This ought to be considered 1st degree murder in every circumstance. If they want to play by that rule, then they should be forced to follow it and suffer severe consequences when they break it.

      But even with cold reaction time, anybody who’s competent with their firearm is going to be able to beat a knife attacker who’s inside maybe 16 or 18′, and someone who’s highly proficient, far closer. And someone who’s fast, and dead-accurate at close range when shooting from the hip (that would be me), closer yet.

      I might buy the 21′ rule if we’re talking about someone who’s not that familiar with their weapon and has rarely (or never) been subjected to intense situations, but that should never describe any LEO so this rule should never be applicable, and in fact should be utterly disregarded in any training facilities used by law enforcement agencies, and a basic course on hand to hand combat should be required training so this cowardly pricks will stop having excuses to murder people in the streets every time they’re the teensiest bit frightened.

      • Oracle Watchman

        Bert, I agree with you in principle, however, I don’t have any problem with a police officer having his weapon drawn and ready for action. Even then, considering how a weapon pointed at someone can escalate the situation, police should be trained to keep their weapons lowered or at the least, fanned away from the suspect, until ready to shoot. The officer should be allowed to shoot the subject if, and only if, the assailant rushes the officer to within a distance range where he or she can make physical and harmful contact.

        Shooting to disable and incapacitate an assailant should be mandatory training for every police officer in the country. Unfortunately, cops and Tecni-Cool-Schools today train to shoot to kill. God forbid they come up against a retarded woman holding a knife, or a kid running at them with a wooden broom handle.

        If cops only train to attain the much promoted shooter’s “muscle memory”, then no deductive reasoning process takes place in order to separate immediate danger from mere threat. Life or death… train to shoot center mass and hit the heart, or train to shoot specifically to disarm, e.g shoulder socket, arm, etc.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Two big men couldn’t subdue a little woman holding a knife without shooting her? I don’t believe it for a second.

      • Bert

        The “He/She was armed and told to drop their weapon” excuse is the universal mantra for killer cops, followed by “I was in fear for my life”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trained in this at most LEO academies these days, probably a short half-day class titled “How to pull off the perfect murder AND keep your badge and freedom, in 2 easy steps”.

  • william friend III

    A lot of people here are saying “suicide by cop”. I was in a heated argument with an individual by the street name of “crazy” and he pulled a knife. I then broke his jaw. Waited 10 months for a swift and speedy trial and was found guilty of a class F FELONY for assault inflicting serious bodily injury on Halloween–did over 2 years.

    Assault inflicting serious bodily injury is defined as an assault that creates a substantial risk of death or protracted injury. The c#nt D.A. then aggravated my charge by using the same elements of the offense (double jeopardy). Since this c#nt D.A. maliciously prosecuted me, I am now labeled as “VIOLENT” and it’s been hell every time these coward pig bastards stop me no matter where I am in this COUNTRY!.
    Vershenia Ballance Moody, this c#nt is now a judge
    here’s how they (criminal cops & court operate)

  • korie

    i live just north of 49, less than an hours drive away and this didn’t even blip on the radar! there was a half a paragraph in the Bonner paper a week after.
    there are lots of women in need of medication that stop their meds if they discover they are pregnant because the meds can cause birth defects that result in spontaneous abortions. maybe she went off and was looking for the right sort of help to allow her to complete her pregnancy? i guess she didn’t find what she was looking for?

  • afraida911

    Police are killing when ever can legally justify instead of as last resort when all other means have been tried. Knife is not reason to kill except when close enough to stab or makes a gesture indicating intent to throw the knife. In the Idaho case a leg shot or taser would have been sufficient to subdue the suspect. Did not need to be lethal. If she had a gun would have been justified. What happened to serve and protect. The only conclusion can come to is that police are looking for reasons to kill us rather than get hands dirty. My suggestion is to not be stupid in the first place and avoid contact with police whenever possible.

  • Bert

    Great, sounds like you have a decent agency. You’re very much in the minority.

    And you’re wrong about someone getting cut if there’s a knife. As for the 21′ rule being proven, I’d like to see some cases of what you’re saying. I’ve seen it proven repeatedly that it’s better to NOT have a knife when being attacked by someone who has a knife, if you’ve had the training. You have 2 hands, leverage and speed. If your Officer Nitwits would leave their piece holstered, they could easily disarm any average person coming at them with a knife.

    You can learn the basics in a half hour, and with a few days practice become proficient enough to have the confidence NOT to murder someone 20′ away with a pocket knife.

    I’ll add that the deputies I worked with many years ago didn’t have that training either, they just had enough guts to not murder people so quickly and tried other avenues because, back then, you’d have been prosecuted.

  • Bert

    Probably because you posted anonymously.

  • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

    She was mentally ill. Perhaps suicidal. You can’t expect someone who is not in her right mind to act rationally. They didn’t have to kill her. She was a tiny gal armed only with a knife. Could it be that these officers’ willingness to kill another human being without justification is derived from a disdainful attitude similar to your own?

  • Reverend Draco

    Scott Peterson got another charge tacked on because his wife was preggers when he killed her. . . so should this psychopath.

  • Reverend Draco

    I hope the cops in your locality have turn signals on their belts – otherwise, you’re gonna end up with a broken nose someday. . .

    Moral of the story – psychopaths on a ‘riod rage shouldn’t be allowed to go about armed.

    If you’re not a paid shill. . . you’re in the top 10 biggest fuckwits I’ve ever heard of.

  • Oracle Watchman

    Then you should agree that the world would be a better place had your mother felt that way about you before you were born, then we wouldn’t have to be assaulted by your venomous lack of care for your fellow man. And we are all adults here, we can make a logical choice in whether we need to stock up on quantites of foods and other supplies before all hell breaks loose on this planet. Fear mongering to you who lives in denial, current factual news to most of us.

  • Oracle Watchman

    Are you ignorant of the meaning of profanity as being irreverent? You are profane in you attitude toward your fellow man. You stupidly think you sound like a tough guy by wishing the death of a mentally ill woman and her helpless unborn child. You confuse mercy with weakness and in such you have substituted love with hatred, and good for evil. By your own words you have proven yourself to be of such low character as to be a pariah to society. Go back to your sociopath infested gamer sites and spew your vitriol where it is expected.

  • Bert

    Looks like you’re a cop, or just a fool (the former implies a great likelihood of the latter at any rate), so I’ll give you something to think about:

    People can only be policed to the extent they allow themselves to be policed. REMEMBER THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

    Citizens outnumber cops, military, government (local, state and federal) and all their family members, all combined, hundreds of times over.

    Just what the hell do you think is going to happen, Dumbass, when people decide they’ve finally had enough of your bullshit, get together millions strong, and exact some revenge? Do you think they’ll just march in protest and say “shame on you”, make you turn in your badge and gun and go work at some other job? Well, think again, stupid. What you, and those with the same mentality as you, are too stupid to understand is that what you’re doing is slowly forcing people into doing
    some terrible things in retaliation to all the bullying, murdering and corruption they’ve put up with from law enforcement for so long. When you take away from people the idea that they can expect justice from their own law enforcement, they’ll find that justice on their own, almost always via a huge, extremely violent mob. And the longer it takes for it to happen, the worse it will be, and this has been building for a century.

    What’s going to happen is people will go on a rampage and start murdering law enforcement personnel from the bottom to the top, without caring whether they’re personally guilty of any wrongdoing. You and your families won’t be safe anywhere because when a mob gets started, the rage within it has to burn itself out. People will do horrible things, things they’d never have believed themselves capable of, and you and those you work with, and your families will be the targets.

    So my sincere advice, Stupid, is to start policing yourself, and everyone you work with, start being honorable and decent, and actually DO THE JOB YOU WERE HIRED TO DO IN THE SPIRIT IN WHICH IT WAS INTENDED. You were hired to protect and serve, and your JOB should be limited to those two damned things, nothing else.

    Now of course this will be ignored by you, and every other LEO who might chance across it and read it, probably even laughed about, but I promise you, this isn’t something I just think “might” happen….you may as well call me Bertstordamus, because in this, I assure you, I am a Prophet though it would hardly take one to know for a complete certainty that if police do NOT stop acting as they are, there’s no chance that this won’t eventually snowball into a horrific, gruesome uprising against LEOs and quite possibly their loved ones as well.

    Now you just mull that over in your teensy brain for awhile, maybe you’ll see the light and turn into a decent human. If not, just keep on as you are and you, and all those just like you, will be cured of your corruptions via the other solution I mentioned.

    • Oracle Watchman

      What you are describing has already begun in such circumstances as when cops break into homes with a no-knock procedure (with a warrant or without), citizens are shooting the unknown intruders in defense of themselves, their loved ones, and their property, and the courts, judges, and juries are passing judgement in favor of the homeowner/citizen/victim. States with Castle Law, and Stand Your Ground laws have become a dangerous playground for break-ins by cops.

  • tom2oo

    obama America

  • chrism12743

    There is no excuse for this, LEO have ample access to Less than Lethal equipment. These two idiots didn’t even try to talk or communicate with the alleged perp. When I went through police academy we were taught to DE-escalate, not Escalate the situation. This is happening far too frequently to be an aberration, police training has morphed into something I can’t even begin to understand.

  • ron17571

    The cops again are to trigger happy. Don’t they carry batons? Mace and tasers?

  • No Dough

    Nasty again. and for those who may care check this sign and circulate he was not as fortunate as this girl.