Grandma Starts Crime Watch: “This is a Glock Block. We don’t call 911.”

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This Is a Glock Block

After failing to chase down a thief who stole her beloved bronze statue from her front lawn, Coy Tolonen had enough.

The 65-year old, fed up with rising crime rates in her area, organized a new kind of neighborhood watch and she’s calling it the “Glock Block.”

Later that evening, the grandmother of three said she realized a door to her home had been jimmied open, possibly by the same man she said stole her statue.

“It just made my blood run cold because our grandkids are playing here a lot, and one of them could have been snatched just as easily as the statue,” she told

“These guys need to know if you’re going to pick on a little old lady, then lots of the ladies I know are packing [guns]. They’re sweet ladies but if it’s their life, I’m sorry you’re going to lose yours,” Tolonen said.

The breast cancer survivor said she wasn’t going to let anything jeopardize the safety of her or her family in their home, and so the “Glock Block” idea was born.

Tolonen began printing flyers for her neighbors to hang in their windows, with a picture of a gun and the warning: “This is a Glock Block. We don’t call 911.” She said so far more than a dozen neighbors have shown interest.

“We don’t want people to feel bad if they don’t want to post one. We respect their rights too,” Tolonen said. “I just want criminals to think twice. I want my grandkids to be able to play in the yard. It’s time that we step up.”

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Her idea has been received well by many residents of her small Oregon town, with numerous Glock Block members now posting warnings signs on their doors and windows:

Glock Block Party

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  • AkCotote

    Way to go Granny!!

  • Row Weil

    Simple, Moral, Effective.

    Awesome idea.

    … and a great antidote to this wussy ‘Neighborhood Watch’ garbage.

    • Al Kipf

      No doubt! Neighborhood watch = call statist cops (take a chance on one them shooting you), sit on hands and wait. Go Granny Go!

  • cindy

    Awesome grandma packing heat 🙂

  • Apex predator

    unfortunately those signs will be about as effective as an ADT security sign in your lawn…I would recommend shredder ammo…j/s

  • Derek the Donkey

    Gr8 work

  • gunslinger1964

    Thumbs UP way to go let’s take a chunk out of crime !!!!!

  • deadaim

    Here in so, Oregon people are arming themselves , you cant find guns at the gun stores, tried five shops today trying to find the wife a new 22 mag, none to be had, store manager told me to go to the gun show . Tax levy failed and the Govner is threatening to send in the Nat. guard. We dont need no stinking National Guard, and we dont need no stinking 911!!!

    • Jason

      You also do NOT need your gov.
      Tell him so.

  • LoneStar1861

    Glock w/15-round mag = “The Great Equalizer”

    • Jean

      Except the (standard) 15-round-mag is illegal in many places now, UINLESS you’re a cop. And the cops can spray’n’pray without repercussions.
      We mere mundanes can be charged for hitting the target, let alone “collaterol damage” of other citizens.

  • Jean

    I like it – EXCEPT, I’d prefer a Colt 1945 or 1911. 9mm roo small, .45 cal will leave nice, big holes, and even knock the pigs around a bit.

    ’cause you KNOW the city’s swinest are going to take issue with her being armed.

    • Jean

      Oh, and WRT piggy – ALWAYS Triple-tap. 2 to the heart, one to the head… Maybe we should reverse that, two to the head, through the eyes, and one in the center of mass to knock them down.