Gov’t Turns On Comey And Assange, McCain Upset, It All Ties Together

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Republican Senator John McCain is rather perturbed that president Donald Trump fired FBI director, James Comey. His disappointment, though, is hard to understand considering the turn on Comey by the government as of late.

Republicans, by and large, had a lot of great things to say about James Comey when he chose to look into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal during the presidential election last year. Oddly, the political right also seemed to really love WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange for releasing the “Podesta emails” which showed corruption withing the DNC and Hillary’s campaign team, themselves. So why the dramatic turn?

After yesterday’s announcement that Comey had been fired by Trump at the suggestion of Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, McCain said he is “disappointed” with President Trump’s decision. “While the President has the legal authority to remove the Director of the FBI, I am disappointed in the President’s decision to remove James Comey from office,” McCain said in a statement. McCain argued that such a move reinforces his calls for a special congressional panel to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. Trump said he fired Comey over the handling of Hillary’s email scandal. But there is probably a whole lot more to it than that. Because WikiLeaks has confirmed that Russia was not the source of the leaked Podesta emails, the source of the Russian hacking, it appears that this is all likely intertwined. But finding the glue to stick this all together has proven difficult.

McCain is still demanding a special congressional panel to investigate the Russian election hacking which Assange says didn’t take place. Then James Comey, the only human who probably knows all of what took place in Hillary’s email scandal is fired amidst calls for Julian Assange’s arrest by those in the government who previously adored him. It’s all too ironic to think this is just merely a coincidence. But without proof, all we have is conjecture at this point. It simply makes sense that there’s some sort of missing piece to all of this.

Senator John McCain (R) Arizona

Senator John McCain (R) Arizona

And, putting the pieces we do have together won’t be easy either. McCain said Comey’s firing amid the FBI’s Russia probe is all the more reason to form a special congressional committee that will independently investigate the matter, but there is no proof of Russian hacking. “I have long called for a special congressional committee to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The president’s decision to remove the FBI Director only confirms the need and the urgency of such a committee,” he continued. So, why the gap between McCain and Trump on this issue?

Trump also came out and slammed democrats for their emotions regarding the firing of James Comey. Hillary Clinton even blamed Comey and WikiLeaks for her loss. So why are republicans dead set on arresting Assange and firing Comey? If they helped the right win the election, why are they so upset, and what’s really going on? We could really use another information dump by WikiLeaks right now that would give us insight into these bizarre government decisions and political backstabbing.

The search for a new FBI director will begin immediately and the truth of this circle jerk is out there somewhere. Something is going on in the federal government right now, and we should all have a concern about it, regardless of how we did or did not vote. If this all seems disjointed, that’s because it is. All this ties together in some way and the government is keeping several key pieces of information from us.

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  • mrmodee

    That old dickhead McCain needs to retire, or expire.Truly a pile of steaming excrement.

  • Freespirit

    It is quite simple: Comey knows too much and so does Assange. BOTH, about Government corruption.

    In the mean time here is some good news for those who still love, FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE:

    My ANCESTRAL land and the REVOLUTIONARY country of my SPIRIT, flies the FLAG of PALESTINE, in the CAPITOL city of DUBLIN:

    The TRUE IRISH spirit of REVOLUTION, which I am proud to say also resides within me, and my family, will, hopefully, never change and WAS the spirit which produced the American Republic and the Republic of Ireland.

    It died, in America, when the IRISH became a minority, replaced by ZIONIST EDOMITE Jews in what Americans believe is their Government, but, in fact, is not.

    It is the the UNITED STATES Corporation

    Take back your country Americans the way PATRICK HENRY would have advised !

    • TrevorD

      Aaaah yes, so under reported and so significant. Good move Dublin, we wait on the next ones to follow. Lets not forget the 1000 Palestinian hunger strikers who have just been denied visiting rights by the tyrannical nasty Zionists who run Israel, control American and have tenticles the world over. BDS, boycott Israel…. Change is well overdue.

      • Freespirit

        I cannot confirm this and could be hearsay BUT my Grandfather insisted that the IRISH rebels helped train HEZBOLLAH, in the early 1900’s to fight the Jews.

        My Grand was in South Africa, fighting also, so it is probably true, just don’t know which years.

        He was a REAL REBEL:, to the core

        • TrevorD

          Cant help but love the Irish, could be very true. If true I am sure they did it with freedom in mind and a true understanding of the enemy that now sadly has become so much worse. Fancy a guinness?

      • Jennifergsamson

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  • Ken, Megapolis

    Trump is unpredictable and he fires you not for lack of professionalism but a sudden personal grudge that he will have forgotton about by next week.
    But may I remind you that an earlier article on the Daily Sheeple showed how the FBI have a good side because they caught a lot of paedophiles.
    Trump should not let his firey nature govern policy making and international affairs.

    • Freespirit

      Good sentiments Ken, BUT Trump is one of THEM, as I had predicted (BEFORE he was elected), on many sites, including this one

      How did I KNOW?

      I am from the OLD school and JUDGE people by WHO they associate with and OTHER ACTIONS – NEVER by their words. Too easy to lie with WORDS but impossible to lie with ACTIONS. He was SURROUNDED by Zionists in his Family and Businesses. That was enough for me to know what he would AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO.

      Some of us old fogies can still teach, IF the young are willing to listen !

      Remember this, if nothing else, Ken: “DOVES don’t fly with HAWKS”…..EVER !!!

      Take care now

  • Renee Ciccioni

    Just another distracting dog and pony show intended to distract from the fact that the military industrial complex is getting another round of billions to continue its violence world wide and the deregulation of corporate predators and the destruction of consumer protections .

  • Aussie

    There are so many good Jews and soon Israel will have a leader called David who will be called of God to lead his people through the very last days. Last time I checked the Rothschild’s who run most of the corrupt Federal Reserve and the rest of the banking mafia are English.

    The majority of the world are run by about eight thousand people and they are mainly inbred from royal heritage. This is why I don’t understand how a small minority of people the Jews get the blame for every negative thing that ever happens in the world? I thought people were smarter than that?

    The Fabian Socialist who run the entire world hate the Jews and the American people the most. Yeah sure there are probably some Jews among st the mix but they would be a small minority compared to the rest. It is called the Jews are a scape goat! for the Fabian Socialists.

  • Rich Hillegass

    Frankly, who the hell gives a flying ‘f’ what McCain thinks? He is way overdue to get out of Congress, the lying Rino. War hero?? Yeah, right. I’m more a war hero than he was since I fought in Vietnam BUT I wasn’t captured and spilled my guts to the enemy.