Gov’t Employees Under “Total Surveillance”: Anti-Whistleblower ‘Insider Threat’ Surveillance Program Revealed

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The US government uses an “insider threat” task force that has effectively placed thousands of its employees under “total surveillance” on the chance that they may leak sensitive information, the latest document released by Chelsea Manning shows.

After Manning – then identifying as a man named Bradley before coming out as a transgender woman – leaked a trove of classified information to WikiLeaks in 2010, the US government created the National Insider Threat Task Force to try and identify federal employees and contractors who may potentially be responsible for a major leak in the future.

Manning recently obtained a 31 page document dated April 2014 that outlines the internal surveillance program, penning a column in the Guardian calling it “unsustainable, ineffective, morally reprehensible, inherently dangerous and ultimately counterproductive.”

In the document, also published by the Guardian, the government attempted to analyze Manning’s motivations, describing her as “very disgruntled” during her deployment in Iraq, struggling with her self-image, and as an advocate for homosexuals. It seems to suggest the possibility that an individual’s gender identity could be a factor in whether or not they leak information. Manning is also described as associated with “hacker groups” and an advocate for the public availability of all government information. Based in part on the analysis of Manning, the report says that officials should be on the lookout for eight characteristics and motives as they try to identify potential insider threats: Greed or financial difficulties Disgruntled or wanting revenge Ideology Divided loyalties Vulnerable to blackmail Ego/self-image Ingratiation Family/personal issues According to Manning, these categories are so subjective that they could be applied to “virtually every single person currently holding a security clearance.”

“The mission of this taskforce is breathtakingly broad,” she wrote. “It aims at deterring threats to national security by anyone ‘who misuses or betrays, wittingly or unwittingly, his or her authorized access to any US Government resource’. Unfortunately, the methods it outlines amount to thousands of government personnel being effectively under total surveillance.”

The intense surveillance will likely work against the agencies, Manning added, stifling innovation and creativity while also making it harder to prevent corruption.

The Federation of American Scientists obtained documents showing roughly 100,000 government employees, including in the military, are already under “continuous surveillance,” the Guardian reported. The organization’s Steven Aftergood said that the personality characteristics highlighted by the government are very similar to those used to hunt down suspected Cold War spies.

Instead of continuing the insider threat surveillance, Manning suggested the creation of a transparency task force that would be composed of various departments, inspector generals and another body that could facilitate communication between leadership and employees who have concerns.

Manning was convicted of leaking classified information in 2013 and sentenced to 35 years behind bars under the Espionage Act. She is planning to appeal the decision based on the arguments that her actions exposed abuse by the government, and that her motive was to act as a whistleblower.

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  • When the very people we trust to keep us safe can’t protect us from their employer, it is time to scrap the whole pile of poo and return to the Constitution, which is what a non-violent revolution has always been. Of course, the non-violent part might be difficult when we are dealing with neo-cons and marxists like Obama and Hitlary.

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  • Razedbywolvs

    I think we surpassed the Nazis. It’s a American tradition to build it bigger and better than any one ells…. unfortunately this includes social engineering.

  • Guillotine_ready

    When the corruption is so thorough, the crimes so numerous, the participants so self interested that they cannot even trust each other then we have a problem that is screaming to be dealt with.
    I understand the desire for a peaceful revolution and change in our governance, but when you understand gov claims a monopoly on violence and uses it each and every day to enforce its control of the people and all of the resources then it is clear they will never yield peacefully. Only when they fear consequences worse than losing power, prestige and monetary rewards, then they will either kill or try to escape.
    We have been taken for a ride the entire time this nation has been settled by Europeans, though we are told we are free we never have been for even one day.
    Freedom is the one thing that gives meaning to every part of our lives, and we have been robbed of it.
    It is time for change, not in some other nation but in the worst rogue nation in the northern hemisphere the US and its allies.
    Voting is no solution as anyone with an IQ over 5 should realize by now.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    I have never met Manning but I come as friend to this good person.
    I keep trying to lose my job by posting here LOL. I havenae the guts tae walk awee LOL.
    It is no longer cost effective to have a job. Prices of everything keep increasing I would rather be on benefits tending a vegetable garden and milking a cow by hand than sign my life away to a corporation ruled by people in Israel and America.
    I also sign a pledge to never have another vaccine. Had a few coughs and colds but nothing serious. I’m good.
    I seek not a gun but I believe that the majority of British men without criminal records should own them.
    Other things? You tend to find me praying over them?

  • Stop calling the tranny a she! Stop calling him Chelsea! He’s Bradley! GET WITH IT!

  • SP_88

    More lies to cover up the fact that they want more control over the people. They don’t want any more whistleblowers coming out with evidence of their corruption or violations of our rights and privacy.
    They used keeping us safe from terrorists as an excuse to get Apple to create a backdoor to the iPhone. And this is using national security as an excuse to stop whistleblowers from exposing government corruption.
    Slowly but surely they are closing in on us. They are dotting i’s and crossing t’s. A little bit here and a little bit there, and eventually we won’t have any freedom left at all. Every move they make brings them closer to totalitarianism. Eventually we will become a military dictatorship where we won’t even be able to scratch our ass without the government’s permission.
    And it’s happening slowly enough that people who aren’t paying attention are not seeing it as it happens. And only by comparing our level of freedom now to a decade or several decades ago does it become noticeable. And the further back you compare it to, the more obvious it becomes, but the fewer people there are to notice it, because the younger people weren’t alive back then, and so they will think you’re nuts when you try to convince them of it.
    By now the frogs have gone past simmering and are beginning to boil. It won’t be much longer before they are floating upside down in a pot of water at a hard rolling boil. It’s time to hop out of the pot and piss on the fire, while we still have the chance.

  • Unapologetically White

    “stifling innovation and creativity”…you know these are government employees, right? Right?

  • DarwinsRight

    …don’t drink the kool-aid!…..make it into suppositories instead…after all we’re Amerikans!