Government to Grab Disability Funds

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The Congressional Budget Office is reporting that at some point during the next 24 months Obama AND Congress may well  raid Social Security funds to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, possible topping a trillion dollars in the next 15 years.

The Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI), and Disability Insurance (DI) both have their own trust funds. The OSAI fund is big, and there’s enough in the pot for benefits to be paid out for at least the next decade or two. The DI pot however looks as if it will be gone within the next couple of years.

As the law stands once the DI is gone, literally on the day it runs out, DI benefits will be cut by 30% leaving millions of disabled Americans with a massive drop in income. The CBO have not commented on how they think this could be avoided.

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  • Wolf

    There are no fucking funds. Worthless paper promises by our scum in government mean nothing.

  • SKIP

    Where I live some years ago, a 70+ year old man walks into my branch of bank and robs the place, he waits outside for the police and he explained that his wife has passed, he is loosing his home for inability to pay, he is in poor health and cannot afford medical treatments and is a veteran. He says it is now the federal government’s job to look after him in federal prison (robbing the bank is federal) since he had been supporting the fed for most of his entire life. I have a different take on it though, I am anxious for the total collapse, especially the total collapse of black run Amurkistan.