Government Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse Arrives in America

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The US government has been scheming on how to provide for continuity of government for many decades now. According to Peter Santilli, an informant who is an ex-marine and worked on portions the contingency plans known as Rex 84, civil unrest will come after a financial collapse.

The Readiness Exercise 1984, a.k.a. Rex 84, outlines continuity of government wherein the US Constitution is suspended, martial law is declared and the US military command take over state and local governments in order to ensure stabilization of our nation at any cost. Any American who is deemed a “national security threat” would be detained in an interment or FEMA camp.

The author of Rex 84 was Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, National Security Council (NSC) White House aids and NSC liaison to FEMA.

Rex 84 is the plan; the triggers are a series of executive orders . It is the continuity of government under specific contingency strategies that are laid out in various operations guide manuals. Operation Garden Plot is a subprogram of Rex 84.

Twice before, Rex 84 was implemented – during the LA riots and on 9/11. In these scenarios, only small portions of the entire set of documents were used. Within the series of contingency plans, implementation of them depends on the severity of the situation.

Some of the plans include internment camps where all or portions of the active or inactive military bases would be transformed into work camps where all considered to be dissonant would be held. The NORTHCOM army manuals clearly state that NATO forces will be used in every phase of the operation.

According to Santilli, procedures to move conventional, chemical and nuclear bombs across the nation without detection have been facilitated without notice by the US military.

Back in 1986, during his military service where he was involved with weapons transportation, Santilli describes how an unmarked refrigerated trailer driven by a civilian driver was used to transport chemical or conventional weapons to various strategic bases both above and underground.

Santilli was a specialist in aviation deployed weapons, which made him the perfect candidate to the assignment of weapons transportation.

The refrigerated truck, allocated by the administration department on base, was directed to the commissary, where the unsuspecting driver believed that he was transporting food. The weapon was placed at the head of the trailer, and covered up with either food stores (like cans of soup) or body bags. In the event that the truck is stopped en route, the weapon would be well hidden and go undetected by inspectors on the public highways.

A US Marine Corp bill of lading was the paperwork necessary to move the commercial refrigerated truck through weigh stations on public highways without any question. Santilli remembers that there was not one incident where he had to enact any security measures to ensure the delivery was made.

Santilli, who was assigned to ride in the cab of the truck with the driver, says that his orders were to make sure the truck arrived at its destination. He was informed by his superiors that if there were problems concerning potential civil unrest, he was to radio into his superiors for aid by either air or ground support.

Should the situation warrant serious attention; crowd control methods would be implemented.

One possible scenario was the use of cluster bomb units (CBUs) that will emit upon detonation, a “sleep and kill” chemical weapon that will not disturb infrastructure, but is lethal to all living things within the effected zone. Santilli describes these particular 3 unit CBUs as shaped like water-heaters with a coned top and plunger-like device. Once deployed in the air, a parachute assists these CBUs to the targeted area. And when detonated, a deadly chemical gas will kill every human and animal in the specified cordoned area.

This is just one example, says Santilli, as to the lengths the US armed forces are trained to make sure continuity of government is preserved.

Santilli explained that the use of foreign troops on US soil, as described in Rex 84 and other subsequent manuals, would have a two-fold purpose.
Firstly, to provide extra security in designated areas, cities or highways; and secondly, as scapegoats were violent action used against American citizens should the US military be directed to attack civilians.

The refrigerated truck, carrying the chemical or conventional weapon with Santilli riding shotgun travelled to underground bases like the one at Yuma Proving Ground which is a ammunitions testing range for pilots. Nestled underneath the ground is a secret military base.

Santilli explains that his knowledge of Rex 84 provides that within the document, one of the scenarios that would cause a complete suspension of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and implement martial law would be a financial collapse. He says once the collapse occurs, the US government and defense agencies estimate they have a 72 hour window to activate all procedures to ensure continuity of government as well as a lockdown of the general population as civilian unrest, riots and outbreaks of violence are anticipated.

A source in the Deutsche Bank claims that in 2008 our financial and monetary system completely collapsed and since that time the banking cartels have been “propping up the system” to make it appear as if everything was fine. In reality our stock market and monetary systems are fake; meaning that there is nothing holding them in place except the illusion that they have stabilized since the Stock Market Crash nearly 5 years ago.

Since this time, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in conjunction with FEMA and other federal agencies have been quickly working to set in place their directives of control under a silent martial law.

The Deutsche Bank informant says that the cause for the bailout of the banks was a large sum of cash needed quickly to repay China who had purchased large quantities of mortgage-backed securities that went belly-up when the global scam was realized. When China realized that they had been duped into buying worthless securitized loans which would never be repaid, they demanded the actual property instead. The Chinese were prepared to send their “people” to American shores to seize property as allocated to them through the securitized loan contracts.

To stave this off, the American taxpayers were coerced by former President Bush and former US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. During that incident, the US Senate was told emphatically that they had to approve a $700 million bailout or else martial law would be implemented immediately. That money was funneled through the Federal Reserve Bank and wired to China, as well as other countries that were demanding repayment for the fraudulent securitizations.

To further avert financial catastrophe, as well as more debt or property seizure threats by the Chinese, the Euro was imploded there by plunging most of the European countries into an insurmountable free-fall for which they were never intended to recover.

All the money that those banks claimed they needed to avert collapse was also sent to the Chinese to add to the trillions of dollars lost during the burst of the housing bubble on the global market.

The only saving grace has been the US dollar being the global reserve currency. However, now this prop is showing signs of wear as foreign nations like China, Russia, India and Iran are dealing in gold as currency and purchasing gold on the market at an exponential rate.

In 1970, Henry Kissinger made a deal with the Saudi Arabian government that American debt would be purchased in exchange for cheap oil. Since then Iran has taken control over the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC) by their use of gold as currency which has threatened the direct value of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

This scenario with Iran coupled with the massive leaps forward in US military presence on American streets and the emergence of FEMA camps across the nation pose an obvious turn of events and explains exactly why we are witnessing the silent implementation of martial law.

The war with Iran has to do with gold, its use as currency and its exposure of the central banking cartel’s lack of gold which defines a fiat currency’s worth. And right now, the US dollar is absolutely worthless.

The Deutsche Bank informant says that the financial collapse that happened in 2008 will be realized here in America very soon. Once that happens, there must be full implementation of marital law to control the potential riots and control over citizens that will be desperate to feed their families.

The attacks of recent on the 2nd Amendment play a significant role in attempting “amicably” to remove the possibility of civilian retaliation against the US military’s presence throughout the nation. However, if they cannot remove the guns from our hands in time, they will continue on with the guidelines set out in Rex 84 with directives to kill any dissenters that refuse to obey.

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Contributed by Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism, an alternative news site dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporate-funded mainstream media. You can find Occupy Corporatism on their Facebook page .

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  • Ben

    We the people do not recognize their position that OUR Constitution can be suspended or circumvented. So a fight they will get. An entire country under martial law is quite different from a single city.

    • Planning for the worst

      There is not and will not be enuf “millitary” to control anything other than the ones that didnt prepare who will be on the streets begging and rioting. So my advice is hunker down, eat our preps, and stay out of site. Dont forget, you will need lots of water.

      • godsofold

        I’ll clue you in real quick. They’ll starve the masses which will make it much easier for even a small NATO contingent to control. Next, they’ll cut mass communication as they’re planning for now. How will the bumbling, starved American people organize to fight back then, when we can’t even do it now when things are relatively good?

        • Nam Marine

          Speak for yourself assclown!

          • Mom in MO

            Slow down Nam Marine. I think he is referring to the masses,not those of us preparing.When the masses run out of food, not only they be controllable,they will HAPPY to turn us in cause we aren’t starving. THEY will be the bumbling, starved Americans, not you and I that have seen it coming and prepared. That’s why I keep telling my kids to have enough gas available to get home, quick.

        • ernist_ t_ bass

          YOU are completely on target!”The pry it from my cold dead hands”people need to understand when the power goes off and there is no internet or Tv just Government controlled propaganda and Government controlled food distribution People will gladly turn in their guns for food or favor, they will even turn in their neighbors.You better be ready and have resigned yourself to whats coming before the lights and internet go out.

  • Mary

    Since taking office, Mr. Obama has more than doubled the national debt (from 600B to 1.4T) and plans to double it again with Obamacare. In the meantime, he activates martial law and war powers, and takes control of all communications via Executive Orders in case of financial collapse, which he is instigating. Mr. Obama needs to be impeached, all of his unconstitutional change undone, and all foreign aid diverted to pay off the national debt.

  • Well, there is a psychological explanation for teh way our government is acting now:
    The Corbett report – Psychopaths in Society

    I urge people to compare the traits necessary to win public office today and the checklist for what a psychopath is.

  • jay

    The key to the whole thing is to lock down major cities which can indeed be done. Lock down major highways and stop interstate trade. Then its just a waiting game. Drones will keep sn eye out in the rual areas. 72 hr window to get outta the city. Gonna be. A ride thats fer sure

  • Brad

    These articles would seem more valid if they just got some of the basic facts straight ! It has been nearly four years since the financial meltdown , NOT nearly 5 years. Also the bailout was over $700 Billion , not $700 Millon – quite a difference you must admit! Also, it is a well known fact that the bailout went to banks in the U.S. , Europe and yes, even HSBC Bank in China. But no funds went to the government of China. Fannie and Freddie and the U.S. Fed did buy back some of the toxic mortgage pools but from whom and in what amounts has never been disclosed by our “democratic” government !

  • SD

    I enjoyed the article. However I have a problem with the version the source gave. Special weapons were moved to Yuma as well as White Sands and other locations both military and DoD civilian sites for decomissioning and for storage and for possible future nefarious purposes. The problem I have is first why would the military use a civilian driver who unknowingly transported the weapons with his other cargo, only to place a soldier with him. That would arouse suspicion. Second they certainly would not risk their billion dollar special weapons to a regular vehicle with no fail safes. The military a transportation unit with drivers that have security clearance. They also have DoD civilian drivers with high level clearances if they want both the driver and the vehicle to look non military. They are bound by secrecy of their clearance and afterwards bound by non disclosure agreements. So why use someone else. Secondly they move these weapons in vehicles that appear like refridgerated trailers, however they are lead lined, bomb/bullet resistance and have built in failsafes such as if tampered with they auto lock and fill with CS foam and remain secure till overidden with a code or cypher system. They run these vehicles in a “loose” convoy of three identical vehicles only 1 of which contains the special weapon. They leap frog each other so they dont keep a pattern. Next there is a recon vehicle, a lead vehicle and a rear vehicle all bullet proof with special security forces armed to the teeth. They resemble normal vehicles and the security are dressed in civies (civilan attire) with non military haircuts. They stay in line of sight but not too close so as to avoid suspicion. These big rigs don’t stop at weigh stations. The extraction process of removing these weapons from storage to be moved via secure convoy (yet still secret convoy not looking like a convoy or military) is a technical and highly guarded process. They would not risk the billion dollar very deadly weapon to one man in the cab of a truck (a truck that is not made to handle the weapon or be secure). I know this because I was stationed at SIAD (Sierra Army Depot) was part of the PRP program (personal reliability program) and was involved in this process in the special acces programs and special weapons areas. I know that the general outline of the story is true, these weapons were moved. They may very well be used in a future scenerio that is not in the peoples best interest. However i believe that the source/informer inflated his role in the op. Good Article keep up the good work.

  • Nam Marine

    There is no such thing as an”EX” Marine! We wear that title of Marine until death! Get it right!

    P.S. Screw the Government!

  • Jerry Bangerter

    This is why the contstitution protects our right to own and bear arms. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the right to hunt or keep a sporting or target rifle or pistol per-se, but proptects our right to own and bear automatic and larger weapons. If you were a Syrian right now, would you have liked to have had such a protection in place before the stuff hit the proverbial fan???? Obama will never leave his throne even if Romney Wins, except to become CINC World. Keep your powder dry.

  • Education,Television, and Social Media,acting in concert with the divisive propaganda which comes from them, help mask that America collapsed, or at least began its collapse, sometime ago. From here in our current doldrums of syndicated disenfranchisement, things will eventually go either the unrest and civil war direction or the renegotiate and rebuild direction- probably some of both. More than anything, upon rebuilding, we need to find a staple product and/or stable system we can produce and market better than anyone else in the world. The concept of the service-based economy began the disillusionment of industry which led to the losing game that is our current bubble and bust theory of economics. To solve these problems, we must go back to simpler plans and simpler means, and people must relearn personal and professional productivity as opposed to ethics centered around convenience and entertainment.

    • ernist_ t_ bass

      SORRY MARY your rose color glasses are ignoring reality,whatever happens daily Survival will be the only Productivity you are going to pursue for many years.You want a tip on a staple to focus on read up on “Distillation” make the best “Moonshine” in the neighborhood.I may even barter you some “Bullets for Booze”…..