GOP Insiders: Trump Nomination Is More Likely Now Than Ever Before

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Trump has been entertaining the possibility of running for president for many years now. When he finally did run, his candidacy was met with laughter and derision, and understandably so. What conservative would want a blowhard reality star for the nomination, and in our current political climate, how could such a caricature of the wealthy elite be trusted by the American people?

However, the Trump campaign has stayed afloat longer than most pundits would have ever guessed, and his nomination is starting to look like a very real possibility. For starters, the GOP’s establishment pick is floundering in the race. Jeb Bush’s campaign is rapidly running out of money as donors jump ship over his lackluster performance. Roughly speaking, his campaign cutting about half of its expenditures. For now it looks like Ben Carson is the only candidate that stands a chance of beating Trump, since Bush has joined the rest of the struggling Republican pack.

And the GOP establishment seems to agree. Politico’s weekly bipartisan survey of political strategists and operatives found that 81% of Republican insiders, and 79% of Democrat insiders, believe that the likelihood of a Trump nomination is higher now than it was a month ago. 22% of Caucus Republicans said he had a 50-50 shot of winning, and another 22% said he had at least a 30% chance of winning, which is significantly higher than he when first started. Trump has proven that he has real staying power, and the longer he remains at the top, the more likely it is that he’s going to win.

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  • Gearmoe

    Trump has the overall support, GOP should move to get it done and focus on beating the Clinton machine. We can see she is being protected by the elite progressive socialists. This march to Communism needs to be stuck on her like glue. Bury her like the rat she is.

    • Mike

      don’t insult rats man, but I agree.

    • Mark

      Oh, puh-leez! Do you really imagine that Trump will change anything? That his promises are any more sincere? That he is any less beholding to his Jewish bankster pals?
      • born in Hawaii
      • has the birth certificate to prove it

      Make this viral on social media to underscore American disgust with meaningless, manipulated, fraudulent elections purchased by Sheldon Adelson and the AIPAC tribe.

      • Cracker122049

        My friend you just nailed it for sure! The elections are selections and we will loose every single time that this fraud is allowed to play out. There is no real justice to the average citizen anymore due to the rapant police state that we now live in that protects the real criminals.This next secession in futility will be just like the last few have been and the decline to socialism will continue as it always does.

      • I’d prefer Binney/Snowden if we are resorting to fantasy tickets.

    • The GOP is afraid he will disassemble their warfare state and cut their military-intelligence complex into little pieces and scatter it like JFK had pledged to, but Trump can afford his own real bodyguards, so assassinating him would be more problematic. I’ll be entertained by the rush to become the one sharing his ticket, which is where Rand Paul could exercise his father’s agenda.

  • They’re ALL freaks, who cares who is CEO of USA INC? it is a foreign-owned corporation whose shareholders profit on WAR WAR WAR,,droning families to pieces, shooting the ‘enemy’ in the head and laughing about pizza sauce all over the wall ( cops) , puke attorneys screwing the eyes out of the ignorant private sector when ALL these attorneys should be removed from view and shipped to the bastion of slavery: England.

    Trump / Bush / whoever are freakshows

    • Smarty

      I prefer to use Clorox. It’s cheaper than Lysol, and seems to clean better. I also like the clean, fresh scent it gives off and it makes my bowl sparkle !!

      • NICE !!

      • Cracker122049

        The only way to clean out this infected cesspool is by fire!

        • the Earth could open up a nice sinkhole under DC

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    • So, which freak do you support?

      • hey trucker, i deregistered from that puke and vomit slavery roll called VOTER REGISTRATION.

        ALL BAR pukes have zero immunity from hell

        • If you are willing to admit that you have no credibility, why should we care? Does that mean that you don’t have a drivers license, a vehicle registration, a social security account, or any of the other things that make you a puke and vomit slave?

  • Dan Morgan

    “Political pundits still don’t understand, Trump is not our candiate, he is our murder weapon, and the GOPe is the victim” – Blogosphere talking head
    Long live the Vulgarians!

    • Smarty

      YES !! Long live the Vaginas !

      • Dan Morgan

        Just the Hotties…

  • Only to the degree that the propagandists at the Republican National Committee can convince enough of the vomitstream media that he actually got more votes than Trump or Carson in the primaries.
    On the other hand, Dr. Ron Paul had a landslide victory in Iowa that the RNC and the media simply ignored.

  • Obama is nothing more than apparatchik. She is more like Stalin than he has the smarts to be.

  • Gearmoe

    If you are bent on not supporting Trump then who do you trust more to be of leadership qualities? Hillary? Jeb?, Bernie? Carson? I wonder how many people are even aware of what a leader looks like? Do you think a leader is like Obama? Many American’s have been brainwashed by the bombardment of the left progressive PC attitudes. Let me leave it like this; if you are in legal trouble trust this, you do not want a nice-guy attorney.

    • If Carson got in, we’d all be dead in as many mandatory vaccinations as we couldn’t dodge.

  • ccambridge

    Non establishment candidates are the only hope for America.

    • brutus

      And candidates with some courage to take a serious stand against the controlled wealth, wickedness and insanity that is overtaking this country.

  • sunshine

    You can’t stump the Trump! He’s got my vote too, although he’s probably just another Zionist shill. This may sound crazy, but he reminds me of the Presidential candidate in “The Dead Zone”, anyone remember that book?

  • Gearmoe

    MSM tonight on ABC has been beating the crap out of Trump. Making Iowa polls center stage, spinning his “I don’t know” about Carson’s religion, and so on. The bias in our media, the sensationalism has never been more obvious.