Google Building “Utopian” Alternate Reality with Artificial Intelligence (Video)

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This is a story that should make your skin crawl if you care about your humanity.

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Source: Google to Build World’s First Digital ‘UTOPIA’ With Parks in Sky & AI Weather

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  • We already have augmented reality provided by the mainstream media.
    5G will give government more reach than it could ever grasp.
    Anyone who can call 1984 utopia probably should be watched closely.

  • Milly Vanilly

    Once they ‘plug in’ to your brain, you won’t even have to be awake for them to access your consciousness & sub consciousness. This is absolutely nuts. Then of course THEY could alter your behavior & thoughts immediately & your are just another piece of computer hardware in THEIR WORLD…a Computerized Zombie.

  • TrevorD

    A step to far, watch and wait for their artificial life bubbles and sick plans to burst with a much stronger force than the evil that motivates them against Humanity and its natural evolution. Tick tock….

    • Milly Vanilly

      ‘Artificial life bubble’ sounds a bit like those pods in The Matrix movie,
      Along the lines of the stories about the wealthy people being cryogenically preserved in special labs for FUTURE cures of their illnesses, When the companies TOOK their money & went out of business the power was shut off & the bodies were LEFT to rot.