Good Cop Quits, Crosses Blue Line After Video Shows Fellow Cops Allow K9 to Maul Innocent Man

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by Matt Agorist

On the night of June 24, 2016, Frank Baker ‘fit the description’ of a ‘black man’ in the area, so he was attacked by police and their K9. For several minutes, Baker was beaten, tasered, and viciously mauled by their K9. Also at the scene that fateful night was officer Tony Spencer — whose dashcam recorded the violent assault on Baker, who was entirely innocent.

That night, Spencer and his partner responded to a call, which ended up being fake, about a man with dreadlocks wearing a white t-shirt and armed with a gun.

When they arrived on the scene, Spencer and his partner saw Baker and realized he did not look like a suspect.

“There are about 50 people who would have matched that description that night,” Spencer said of Baker. “He is not acting agitated. To me, he does not appear to be engaged in a fight. He did not appear to have run from a fight … so we continue to roll through.”

However, just after they passed Baker, two less experienced and far more violent cops showed up, pulled out their guns, and unleashed a dog.

Because police said Baker was slow to respond when showing his hands, officer Brian Ficcandenti let loose the K9, ‘Falco.’

“I’m thinking he (Ficcadenti) saw something we didn’t see or missed and is now performing a felony-style stop,” Spencer recalled. “As I turn the car and see the dog pulling out this man from the cars, I recognize it’s (Baker). I can clearly see there’s nothing in his hand as he comes between the cars.”

While having his flesh literally torn from his body, Ficcandenti is heard encouraging the dog. “Get him, buddy. Good,” said the officer. “Get him.”

The dashcam then captured the following beat down — after Baker had been mauled. When officer Brett Palkowitsch exited the vehicle, he ran over to the innocent man and began kicking and stomping Baker’s ribs.

Baker’s legs were so severely injured during the attack that he spent weeks in the hospital recovering. He also suffered several broken ribs and collapsed lungs.

According to his attorney Robert Bennett, the dog tore “hunks of flesh” as its teeth bit “down to the bone” of Baker’s legs.

After watching his fellow officers do this to an innocent person, Spencer could no longer stand it and decided to become a good cop. He crossed the thin blue line and testified against the officers who nearly killed an innocent man.

“It was very difficult because it was something I had been programmed throughout my career to never do,” Spencer, 46, told Ruben Rosario from Twin Cities.

“But I decided that the right thing to do was tell Mr. Baker’s story,” he added as he looked away momentarily, tears starting to form in his eyes, explained Rosario. “I owed it to him. How do you explain to that guy what happened to him was justified?”

Spencer, who felt horrible after watching his fellow officers do this to an innocent man, he visited Baker in the hospital.

“He had these big tears in his eyes,” Spencer noticed. “He was still having trouble breathing. And then he tells me: ‘I know there are good cops and there are bad cops. The thing is I know what you guys are up against out there. I know what St. Paul cops deal with. I live in that area. I love my St. Paul cops. The dog thing I almost get because I did not come out as quick as I probably should have. But those kicks he did were bogus.’

Sadly, the officer who released the dog was not fired and remains on the force. As for officer Palkowitsch, who kicked the innocent Baker as he bled out, he will likely be getting his job back. Neither of the cops faced any charges.

“We are the department that brought (cop killer) Guy Harvey Baker to jail alive,” Spencer said. “That’s what the community expects of us. The younger cops don’t understand the legacy of the department. In our darkest hour on our worst day, we brought in that guy alive. And he did not have seven broken ribs and two collapsed lungs, did he? And he killed two of our cops.”

Because of Spencer’s testimony, which was described as the entire department against him and his partner, Baker received the largest settlement for police misconduct in the history of St. Paul. Attorneys for Frank Arnal Baker said Monday that they have a verbal agreement with the city for $2 million for the case. The agreement, they noted, has yet to be signed by all parties, reports the pioneer press.

Officer Spencer is the epitome of a good cop as he was unafraid of pointing out the crimes of his fellow cops against an innocent member of society — whom they ostensibly protect.

However, that good cop is now gone and he will, like he alluded to above, be replaced by “younger cops [who] don’t understand the legacy of the department” who are more prone to destroy first and attempt to justify later.

Below is a video showing the type of legacy the new cops intend to leave for the St. Paul police department — and it is terrifying.

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  • Mad Lou

    Wow, so there is 1 good cop in all of America….my bad, I didn’t think they existed. Because if there are good cops, then there wouldn’t be bad cops. Think about it, sheeplets.

    But of course, the terrorist thug pigs (who should all be executed publicly) get their jobs and get to laugh at racist jokes and beat up and terrorize more innocent people. That is America, right? Of course, this nation has a huge population of idiots/morons/sheep who are probably blaming the innocent victim (he didn’t get out of his car! he didn’t comply! He didn’t do what the thug terrorist pig fucks told him to do so he deserved it!). And these are the morons/idiots who think kids got killed at Sandy Hoax, Legs were blown off by a Boston Smokebomb, and 50 cumeating homsexual perverts got blown away at Pulse (sadly that is also a hoax). Stupid idiots who let their children get groped and molested by the TSA Gestapo Goons (I feel so safe when my child’s penis gets fondled by a pervert with a special costume!).

    Sign. Rant over, facts complete, as usual.

    True Factual Patriot

  • John C Carleton

    If a person has any integrity left, any self respect left, there comes a time when the zionist stitch of control freak USA Federal Empire, becomes too much for ones nostrils.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    An innocent man sustains life-threatening injuries at the hands of out-of-control cops, a decent cop quits the force in disgust, the city pays out $2M for the actions of two thugscum piglets who get to keep their jobs with (so far) no consequences for their actions. Worse, this kind of thing seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

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  • Jimmy B

    All canine units need to be disbanded across the country. What if they trained Tigers and Lions instead of dogs? Would they unleash them on people? Of course they would. Using a meat eating animal to attack fellow human beings is an abomination. Giving that same meat eating animal, human rights, (they call it a police officer), is so thoroughly disgusting and inconceivable, that it boggles the mind that any compassionate human being could support it. The dog knows not that it is fighting crime. The dog knows not that it is a “police officer”. All the dog wants to do, is to please its master for a treat. All people attacked by dogs from the police have the God given right to protect themselves with deadly force; to kill the animal with extreme prejudice; the animal wants to rip their flesh apart, kill, and eat them.

  • jimmy joe

    So, who gets to “decide” that nothing happens to the very violent dinks?? We should ALL get to know their names AND faces, so we, the public, can exact justice in our own special way!! At night, when the only people witnessing the justice, will have seen NOTHING!!

  • randy wellman

    if the citizens of that city haven’t jerked those cops out of that jail and run them out of town on a rail, then they are just as guilty as the cops…..bad cops survive BECAUSE of bad citizens. pathetic….why do we even NEED the “good cop” to testify?…. i say give all the good cops in america lots of praise…BOTH of ’em!

  • (((cops)))

    Add this to another reason of why I will leave America and renounce my citizenship.

  • dav1bg

    It is really up to the good cops to Police the bad cops. Its the same with doctors but they won’t.
    Old saying I once saw; only a moral population can govern itself. this is because you cannot make enough rules for every evil thing that can be done by immoral people.
    And they will twist the words of that law to change the meaning to get out of it. We see that today in our judges.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      “Only a moral population can govern itself.” EXACTLY. The United States Constitution was written for such a population. Unfortunately we no longer have a truly moral population and haven’t for some time. What we have is a population of moral relativists and opportunists. The cops who perpetrated this outrage and their fellow cops who support their actions probably figure, “So what, the n* probably did something he needed to be beat down for anyway.” Moral relativism, it paves the road to hell.

  • frankw

    Those kinds of cops make the SS look like amateurs,although I believe they share the same sort of mentality.

  • Unfortunately, I am only 17 years of age. I also fear for my parents who are willfully ignorant of what is happening. I don’t even know if there is anything here in this country for me, both in terms of freedom and entrepreneurship. I also do not want to have to be here when the country goes up in flames, considering that I may probably be on the chopping block for what I have looked at in the past.