Goldman Sachs: The Third Wave of the Financial Crisis Is Upon Us

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These days it seems like there is a never-ending stream of dire predictions for the United States and the global economy. Many of them have merit of course, since the fundamentals of our economy are being held together by little more than duct tape and string. However, any prediction that suggests that the system is going to come crashing down at a moments notice, is hard take seriously. It’s certainly a possibility, but it’s not the most plausible end to our way of life.

In reality, our society enduring a long-term collapse that may take decades to fully develop. There will be moments of rapid decline, much like the financial collapse of 2008, but overall we seem to be falling on a long trajectory.

Goldman Sachs admitted as much this week when their top analysts claimed that the third wave of the financial collapse of 2008, is rapidly approaching. Aside from how weird it is to hear a major financial institution admit that the crash of 2008 never ended, a fact that Austrian economists, conservatives, and libertarians have been saying for years, they also admitted that debt will be at the root of the approaching crisis.

This wave is characterised by rock-bottom commodities prices, stalling growth in China and other emerging-markets economies, and low global inflation, Goldman Sachs analysts led by Peter Oppenheimer said in a big-picture note.

This triple whammy has its roots in the response to the first two waves of crisis — the banking collapse and European sovereign-debt crisis — and it is all part of the so-called debt supercycle of the past few decades.

Central banks all rushed to lower interest rates in response to the first two debt-fueled crises, encouraging investors to lend in emerging markets such as China for a decent return.

Now that interest rates are looking as if they might go up, lenders are heading for the exits and investors are pulling out of commodities, which are closely linked to the fate of the emerging economies.

And Goldman Sachs isn’t the only establishment institution to suggest that something big is on the way. Even Bloomberg thinks that we’re about take a plunge into another recession.

Bloomberg’s new survey of economists’ recession expectations picked up for the first time in 14 months on Friday. Economists were asked the likelihood of a recession in the next 12 months, and the median came in at 15%, the highest since October 2013.

“We tend to have recessions every seven years, more or less in the United States, since World War II,” David Rubenstein, CEO of The Carlyle Group, told Bloomberg TV. “So at some point in the next year or two or three, you can expect a recession.”

But as Goldman Sachs admitted, the financial crisis of 2008 never ended, so we’re not really entering another recession. We’re merely passing an additional stage of a single crisis, because nothing we’ve done for the past 7 years has solved our problems. We’ve shuffled money around to different corners of the global economy, we’ve buried ourselves in more debt to keep our economy afloat, and we’ve bailed out the companies that helped caused the problem in the first place (including Goldman Sachs).

We don’t have what you would call a ‘healthy economy,’ which would be able to hold itself together when faced with the natural ebbs and flows of the marketplace. We have a ramshackle economy that is running on nothing but fumes and prayers. And soon we’ll find out how much life is left in this crumbling system, when the next wave of the financial collapse arrives.

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  • testguy111

    “Brought to you by Goldman Sachs

    the Jew-bank. like all the others”

    • Donna

      There in lie’s

      liars the problem

      • Mark
        • Don’t know if it is true but if it is, it is the best news I can ever remember: – Now I don’t know anything about that website but I did check that URL and it is down although that could mean anything.

          • testguy111

            the site is a joke or satire, or ‘future news’… it’s fiction

          • ahh, it was just a link I clicked on. I knew not to get too exited, lol. Thanks.

          • Mark

            Truly. It is difficult to sift the disinformation. This tickled my funny bone: “To facilitate the Russian purge of Satan worshipping Nazionists from the Middle East, the Pentagon has withdrawn all its aircraft carriers from the Persian Gulf.” An alternate explanation: The recent demonstration of the Russian ability to completely shut down US ships prompted the yellow-belly Israelo-American bullies to skeedaddle while they still could.

    • Their money is their power, don’t use it and they shrivel up and die, they are parasites.

      • We~see

        that’s what i been saying stop paying them stop working just take just like they do take and live fuck’em

        • Bitcoin has the power to end them. They need to control the money so they can criminally feed off of the supply and crypto currencies completely remove that ability. They will have to work/earn for bitcoin/crypto just like everybody else and the values of what you have saved cannot be stripped away via inflation. Crypto currencies are honest money.

          • We~see

            some one you know.
            knows where there is lets say, a type of ore that makes one wealthy is.

          • Good, man. Guard it and keep it!

          • taisen43255

            In all honesty how does Bitcoin work?

          • Sure, here is the best introduction IMO:

            Here is the largest resource on the net:

            Bitcoin is a crypto currency based on a math equation that has 21 million answers and each answer to the equation = 1 bitcoin. Solving the equation takes a lot of computer power and is called mining. Bitcoin goes 8 decimal places instead of only 2 like you are used to now and that makes it much more divisible and able to handle micro-transactions. No greedy banker can print more into existence, they would have to buy them outright or mine them just like anyone else which is why they are against it.

            If you go to there is a ledger of every single bitcoin transaction that has ever taken place. If I wanted to I could go back and see the time I got robbed for $600 and it will still be there. Oh, provides free wallets also so you could use that before you ever learned electrum.

            I buy my bitcoin at coinbase but there are many options, being a newer one, you can even buy bitcoin with paypal using but they limit you to like $400 a day or something. is a site where you can meet someone in person to buy or buy right off the website using your bank account but a lot of times you will pay a little more than the going rate because the seller has to make money. I use electrum as a wallet,, which is free and you only ever pay when you transfer and the rate is 0.0002 btc.

            To learn bitcoin my advice would be to take $10 or $20 worth of bitcoin and put it in an electrum wallet and then transfer the minimum amount to another wallet you just created. Copy the seed down(password) and practice recovering your wallet from the seed, making new wallet files, and again transferring between each other. I say this because I used real money with real amounts right from the start and I lost a lot of money by screwing up, lol. For instance, when you open up electrum and connect to a bitcoin server it will display what is called a watching wallet and a watching wallet is just a wallet used to connect to and view the transactions on a particular server, you have no control over the bitcoin addresses in the wallet. Well, I wasn’t paying attention and I transferred over $200 worth of bitcoin to the watching wallet so after that I could see my money but I could not get to it, it was gone even though I was still looking at it, tough break for me but I learned a lesson that day… PAY ATTENTION, lol. If you screw up with bitcoin it is on you, nobody can or will bail you out BUT it is YOUR money, no banker is printing more of it while you are holding it thus driving down its value. If you buy things online with bitcoin only you and the vendor are aware of the transaction so it is great for more private purchases like any kind of preps, heirloom seeds, etc.. Anything you would rather “they” not know about.

            This is the future so if you get into it now you will be miles ahead when everything else crumbles + whatever you are holding in bitcoin if/when the fed system crashed you will still have your bitcoin and the value could skyrocket quickly.

          • taisen43255


    • mattzcat

      Zionist bank. Jews are cannon fodder for them too.

  • Gearmoe

    But in fact this is the problem, we are all unclear as to where we are on the continuum. The uncertainty itself causes a lack of confidence driving the system down. Invest in Spam. Tastes better than squirrel.

    • testguy111

      none of them think it’s all going down yet. it’s just typical 2 steps ahead, one back.

      they shout ‘crisis’ so they can later solve it and be praised for being useful.

      every bank and every dollar note is draining every citizen like a parasite sucking blood every day.

      the constant crisis/solution fluctuation is simply there to cover up the constant, unchanging and unrelenting damage to every participant who is not rich enough to benefit from free fiat/fractional reserve banking money from the fed.

      it’s all theater so people don’t notice their houses are burning down.

      the only thing they truly fear is a replacement system, i.e. Bitcoin / cryptocurrencies

      (calling it a currency is a horrible misnomer I could rant about for days. it can mimic currency, but it’s something else: “money” free from the third party.
      instead of owning currency, you own a bank.
      instead of a dollar, you own programmable money that could act on its own if instructed.
      instead of fractional reserve banking and debt based dependency, you actually own what you own and no one else does AS WELL [like FRB works]
      it’s a completely different economy written in code, free for everyone with no middlemen )

    • SovereignPatriot88

      Because they have manipulated the economy so bad, the normal ups and downs of the markets are no longer predictable. Many investors had formulas and charts and graphs that they would use to predict to some extent, the best times to buy and sell and when to go in and when to get out. And they were based on the normal 7 year business cycle.
      But now, they can’t use any of them. TPTB have everything so screwed up that nobody can do business with any degree of confidence.
      If things were not so manipulated, the economy could work as designed. The greedy scumbags should have gone bankrupt by now. The stock market should have had a massive correction by now. And perhaps after some more selling off of market shares, things should be looking up.
      But the way things are now, the markets should be collapsed, precious metals should be going way up and people should be running away from the stock market and heading for the safe haven of PMs.
      But because PMs are being kept artificially low and the stock market is still sputtering along, people are just not sure what to expect next.
      And it’s the not knowing that screws people up.

      BTW, my wife makes a great homemade mac&cheese with peas and Spam. The first time she made it I said wouldn’t ham be better than Spam? But it is definitely better with Spam.

      • Check out the underground markets to see a true, free market in action, it is amazing! The ONLY centralized entity in an underground markets is a dispute resolution team who are nameless, faceless, and have no interests in either party.

    • Mike

      I will take squirrel any day.

    • varlog

      Invest in Spam. Tastes better than squirrel.
      LOL. I need a T-Shirt that says that.

  • Bigzers

    the gradual slide takes place as liberalism and political correctness creeps in slowly but surely over… years. Exacerbated now by the hordes of illegals and others – including college punks by the hordes (immature spoiled rotten kids) who are completely disconnected, don’t understand, and at the worst hate the US and all of its characteristics of freedom, free people, free moral people, real capitalism, real families, a God of justice and morality and the like… the things that make a society great. Then add all the rottenness of the left that has been given a green light to have its way against hard working, moral responsible citizens. The left in all its filth, deceit, immorality, dire mind numbing perversion, megalomaniacal control freakishness. It just seems that these days, it’s greatly accelerated.

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  • We~see

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  • way2inform

    Any word lately on the closed wal marts?

    • Guillotine_ready

      I have been waiting for some follow up on that as well

  • hon788

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  • CarolinaPride

    A stable economy requires jobs and we have none. You cannot survive when 40%, 95,000,000 Americans are outta work and you constantly import an army of permanent underclass cheap labor.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Create regional currencies, do not use the banking criminals system. You will inflation disappear and have much more buying power and connection to your community. When the feds come which they will, desperate people always lash out, just have them arrested and kept locked up. When more come repeat.
    This whole fraudulent economy is a game that is rigged against and has been for over 100 years. It is time to win the game and get the sickening trash out of our country. There is a lot of trash and it is a hard job, are you up to it, or is worrying and hoping better for you?

  • mattzcat

    Failure is relative to ones intended goals. Our government is doing quite well at theirs.

  • GenEarly

    Short attention spans expecting that next week the bottom is going to fall out. Now with 6 months perspective, this begins to fit in with the latest economic news like a hand in a glove. And still people refuse to prepare for their own survival….oh well.