Gold Digga: Broke Kanye West Asks Zuckerberg For One Billion Dollars… Fans Start GoFundMe Page

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The fact that he is Shakespeare, Walt Disney, and Google (his words) embodied as the single greatest rapper of all time aside, one can’t help but laugh at the latest plight of walking Yeezus Kanye West.

According to reports Kanye is broke. Worse than broke actually. He is some $53 million in debt, presumably spent on furs, cars and booty botox for his wife Kim Kardashian. Just five hours ago, in fact, the West/Kardashian clan announced that they are adding $20,000 worth of flooring and sparing no expense on their new home.

That, of course, totally explains why Kanye had to hit up Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for a loan. No, seriously, he did.

And how much money is Kanye looking to borrow?

Just a cool billion. According to Kanye, Zuckerberg needs to stop donating money to charity to build schools in Africa and help him out instead. Here’s his totally unbelievable Twitter chain:


But that’s not even the funny part. What adds even more hilarity to the situation is that a GoFundMe page has been started in his name. As of this writing generous fans have donated $862 to help Kanye out. But with the bailout come scores of comments from the general public:


Perhaps Kanye should have taken up former pharma CEO Martin Shkreli, who just last week offered $10 million to exclusive ownership rights to Kanye’s latest album “Pablo.” (Incidentally, that’s a whole other really hilarious story, as Shkreli apparently got scammed out of $15 million in bitcoins when he tried to buy the album through one of Kanye’s “boys” via Twitter.)

In any case, God’s Gift to the world is so broke he’s asking billionaires for money so it’s only fitting that we drop Kanye’s Gold Digger track for your entertainment:

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  • NonYo Business

    KW… Eat shit and die

  • Lapsed Altruist

    Ohhhh America. Betcha miss Elvis.

    • Reverend Draco

      I never liked Elvis. . . but compared to this pig, he was Pavarotti. . .

      • Lapsed Altruist

        Presley had a 2 1/4 octave range so almost Pavarotti. Saw him in Buffalo in June 1976 and the man shook the rafters. In a way, from a historical perspective, Presley is somewhat responsible for West.

  • lazWbiPdit

    1. Characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance.

    -but this guy takes it to a new dangerous level.

    • Lapsed Altruist

      Having grown up the scapegoat for an entire family of malignant narcissists and psychopaths I can say with confidence that it’s a personality disorder rather than mental illness, which makes it much more dangerous. Mental illness can be cured and most that suffer seek help desperately. Personality disorders are forever because no way in hell will they admit that they have a problem. Dr. Hare stated that though not all narcissists are psychopaths, all psychopaths are narcissists. It’s all about them and people are nothing but props in their self-starring movie. Anyway, 96% of psychotics think that they are just fine. That said, West is a pompous goof. Nothing more.

      • lazWbiPdit

        You are correct. It is a personality disorder. I should have remembered a woman I knew once, my boss, and she had Personality Disorder, she was a pathological liar, extremely narcissistic, and her word was worthless. She could say anything then deny it even seconds later. She had a lot of empathy for others in some situations so I ruled out sociopath.
        I also have a sociopath in the family (a bully and he fits Hare’s 15 or so characteristics) and I never considered him mentally ill, just evil.
        Thanks for the insights.

      • lazWbiPdit

        I am also curious, Lapsed Altruist, how do you deal with your family knowing now what you know, do you have any communication with them? Have you cut them off from communication as the experts suggest? Where do you get support? How do you deal with psychopaths?

        • Lapsed Altruist

          It’s very difficult to give you a short answer. My people are in a class all their own. My father, a proud psychopath, has a large body count. In SW Ontario in the mid 60’s to early 70’s he and his two brothers were pulling young women from up and down Hwy 401 and from over the border in Buffalo and Detroit. In fact, during this timeframe dead women were turning up all over SW Ontario. The law figures there may have been as many as five serial killers working that area and I know three of the. I was there, as a wee child, from 3 years old, and saw what happened. Over and over. My father was ‘training’ me to be just like him. The brothers cut him out in 1971 after a night where I was to go in the trunk of my father’s car with a young woman wrapped in a purple flowered bed spread. They cut him out but he carried on raping and murdering young men rather than women. He called it ‘womanizing’ them and to this day claims he was a womanizer. That’s a trait of the psychopath, wrapping a small truth in a huge lie. Only six women his whole life and only to make babies. Victims. The only reason he had women at all was to produce offspring so he could f_ck young minds and being his first born son I was his primary target. Several bodies in the Port Severn area, all in the water. I met two of these young men the same day he murdered them. He has called Gacy a ‘sloppy amatuer’. He idolizes Jim Jones. I remembered nothing until just a few years ago and the revelations almost killed me. I suffer from C-PTSD caused by outrageous trauma from age two. One helper has called it ‘soul murder’. Since the Pandora’s Box in my head exploded I’ve been working tirelessly to bring it all to light. Nobody wanted to know. Easier to call a man crazy than admit that there are extremely evil people out there. At first I was disbelieved however they are coming around. The Martha Mitchell Effect really messed things up. I’d ice him myself however instead of becoming like them I developed great empathy. That was used against me by these monsters as well.

          My mother is full blown NPD. She knew what was happening but ignored it and stayed with him. After all, how would that make her look? No help there.

          My younger brother wanted to be a cop. Always threatening that when he got the badge he was going to mess with me and mine. He failed the psych testing. Full blown NPD and power tripper too. They turned him down. He is a true identity thief, having stolen items of mine, items that defined who I am, and now claims it’s all his.

          My reputation has been destroyed by these freaks. With them it’s all about projection. Put all their filth on me to make themselves appear normal.

          They are all still breathing. My father is on his death bed with stage 4 lung cancer and is suffering. That’s good. My mother is on an oxygen tank and is not long for this world. She’s suffering. That’s good. My brother is a failed ‘actor’ and lives off his wife’s money. I have plans for him.

          Best way to get away is to go full No Contact. Best way to avoid being sucked into the madness in the first place is to learn the signs. Then RUN. There is a man named Sam Vaknin, an admitted mailgnant narcissist and borderline psychopath, who has numerous videos up on yout-be that are indispensable for those who want insight into how these beings think. They are not human but they know what mask to wear for what type of victim they have their sights on. Very scary stuff.

          My primary therapy is CPTSD counselling. I’m also pulling together pages and pages that I bled on to paper as the Pandora’s Box was spewing it’s horror and writing a book. I have a lot of support with it and according to those in the know the book will move. I’m a miracle, in a way. I have looked far and wide for others with a similar story and find none. According to my circle of support likely all have either acted out and are doing life, have committed suicide or have gone completely insane. I’m not special by any stretch and I think that all the trauma being buried in the recesses of my mind and only recently coming out probably saved me. I do wake up in the night ready to get in the car and remove these monsters but I stop to think what would all my friends and my wife and my children and grandchildren and support people say? To know I gave in to the dark side and became like the monsters I am fighting? I won’t let them down like that.

          So much for a short answer. I could go on and on for pages and pages but I’ll leave it here….If you encounter somebody that gives you that feeling in your gut that the individual is not safe, you know, that the smile is faked and the eye contact goes beyond normal, a predatory stare, you had better listen to that feeling. They have an uncanny knack for pinpointing your weaknesses and they will use that against you. And NEVER give any info regarding your hopes or dreams or fears or something you had done not quite on the level. They will use that against you and no mistake. What you don’t tell them they will make up anyway. It’s what they do. If they are talking to you they are lying to you.

          They are the evil that walks amoung us. The only thing human about them is the mask they don to suck you in.

          Like I said. Difficult to give a short answer.

          • lazWbiPdit

            Thank you so much for your response. Everything you say rings true. I really appreciate your advise and experience.

            I have always known something was wrong with my mother and brother but it is only in the last couple of years that I researched and still learning about psychopaths. I was in denial. I lived my whole adult life messed up by these mofos, not really knowing why. I was bullied and controlled and it was a struggle to accept the truth.
            I understand the lying and have had my character assassinated repeatedly with fabrications.
            I was their victim and I understand now that I am no longer willing to be their victim. That was the turning point. That was the start of my healing. They got scared and I guess threatened when I withdrew.. They thrive on control and when I stopped talking to them for the most part, they attacked viciously. That’s when I realized they were actors who are absolutely empty inside. My brother stole everything from me, poisoned ALL of my relationships of friends and family.

            You are right, because all my hopes and dreams that I shared with them they turned those things against me, taunted me, denied me, they knew my weaknesses. What I feared, they brought into my life. I think that they use people for entertainment, and to get what they want. They seem to love to lie and manipulate then sit back and enjoy the spectacle of the chaos they create. They have no compunction about destroying others, they even seem to relish the act. I was always underestimating my brothers evil.
            They are so believable and charming to those that don’t know their nature as they are excellent actors.

            I also came to the conclusion that they are not quite human. I learned that they mostly use their “reptilian brain” stem and not much of the emotional brain that most people use.
            The emptiness that I saw in my brother the first time I realized his life is all an act was astounding. He must have recognized that I was seeing him as he really is, and he just dropped the facade (for me) There is nothing behind the facade, no feelings, nothing. It was like meeting pure evil. It was scary.

            I have a lot of work to do but not communicating with them was the best first step. They try hard to suck me back into their convoluted emotional abuse but I recognized my victim status and now refuse to be their plaything.

            Thanks for your story and best of prosperity on your book and life. Your story and advise has helped me. Thank you

          • Lapsed Altruist

            Our stories are quite similar. These ‘people’ are textbook to say the least yet they believe they are the one and only. Be joyous that you escaped with your sanity and your life. They will always try to suck you back in and they will always trash talk. They are cowards that work in the dark, whispering around corners to any critical thinking impaired fool that will listen to and believe all they say. They pick their confidants carefully. Funny thing though is that the freak looks at their supposed ‘confidant’ the same way they look at everything else outside themselves and it’s only a matter of time before they get the same treatment. They are that plausible and that’s the danger. I’m doing my thing in the light, for all to see, like any normal individual would. And never, ever, consider yourself a victim. You, the person that finally saw it and got out, are the VICTOR. Keep it No Contact. All the best to you and yours, also.

          • Wags71

            jesus man, that’s intense. Did any of them get caught? Did you turn them in?

            I thought I had it bad with my ex-wife. I’m still expecting a hit man to come off me someday. I agree that the best advise is to run. It must drive her insane that she’s unable to torture me anymore.

          • Lapsed Altruist

            I’ll try to nutshell this. SW Ontario law enforcement is aware of the Ontario victims but claim that all the years having passed makes it difficult to dig anything up and the victims are not the type usually reported missing, the vulnerable, the addicted, you know what I mean. Bodies went in to the Niagara River or the Welland Canal. Always water after 1968. The last one I witnessed, in ’71, my uncle burned her because the ice was bad on both that night. With the assistance of a friend of mine, an American with solid contacts, I had discourse with a couple of federal stateside suits but was told that, what with terrorism and everything, cold cases are back-burnered until further notice. Even espionage is on hold. The RCMP is aware of one young man, one I can prove, Georges Paquet, 23, murdered early July 1978 by my father. He essentially disappeared off the face of the earth and I know that Kimberly-Clark Inc still has his pay and his vacation pay and I know he never filed another tax return. To be honest, I have zero faith in law enforcement. For the most part they are nothing more than armed civil servants and by definition are by and large lazy, stupid, and unwilling to do the hard work in breaking a case. They want it all handed to them. It’s too bad, really. What I know would clear up a good number of missing and cold cases and there would be promotions for sure. F_ck ’em. I’ll write the book instead. Names will not be changed either. Too bad the major players in this thing, mostly in their 80’s now, will be dead and in hell before the hammer drops. My younger brother however will be around for some time to come and when the truth outs about him he will likely wish he’d never been born.

            As for your ex-wife and your vigilance regarding a hit, stay vigilant. You just never know. Two words. Situational awareness. That has saved my life many times without me even knowing it.

          • Wags71

            Wow, that’s some of the most f’ed up shit I’ve ever heard. You could definitely write a book or tv series out of that.

          • Lapsed Altruist

            F’ed up is right. Believe it or not I really wished that I WAS crazy. It was all buried for so long, that’s CPTSD, new trauma buries the previous, and now it’s all there and all dots connected. It’s no lie when I say that the shock, the flooding and horrifying flashbacks almost killed me dead. Friends asking me if I was dying, I looked so ill. If I had come out of the fog ten years ago I may have had time to pull it together and make sure they paid. I could still get a confession, I know how, but that would mean dirtying my hands on filth. So, it’s the book. My main goal now is to ensure that those victims I saw lose their lives or met and never saw ever again get noticed. That those they left behind know what really went down and that the system failed to do the work to bring them home. Simply because somebody is not reported missing does not mean they never existed.

            And you’re right. If your ex meant you harm it would have gone down by now. Psychopaths and sociopaths and malignant narcissists have zero self control. That’s a fact. You did win in the end just as I did. You’re still sane. Still breathing. That’s victory.

  • Reverend Draco

    Yes you are.

    • jaguar

      Oh shut up Draco…you are always such an idiot..

      • Reverend Draco

        Stop talking to your mirror. . . idiot

  • gato felix

    I’m having trouble wraping my mind around this! LOL!! this guy is the poster child for whats wrong in this country, self-absorbed, egotistical and narcissistic, idiots running rampant, all over the country!!!

    • Reverend Draco

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that the Toxic Tardashians are somehow responsible – at least in part – for this.

      I mean, they ruined Bruce Jenner, poor guy. . . Kanye, illiterate ghetto trash that he is, never stood a chance.

      • gato felix

        Lol! Was talking about that with co-workers and that was what everyone, agreed on, kartrashians took him to the cleaners!!!!

  • jaguar

    He’s groveling like the hoodrat he is…..

  • Really

    This guy is delusional.

  • curenado

    What a ridiculous vain loser

  • whiteberry

    Blew all his money on himself and is now expecting handouts… I hope someone hands him a bullet between the eyes. No talent stain.

    • jaguar

      And this proves Kim Kardashian is an idiot for marrying this BEGGING pimp broke ass loser!

      • whiteberry

        Spoiled skanks don’t need brains…

  • Reverend Draco

    I set up a gofundme as well. . . I decided that, if ghetto trash like Conway Yest can beg for millions. . . so can I. . .

    Here is my campaign. .

    If Kanye can do it, so can I

    I’m as talented as Kanye. I’m much smarter, have more style, and a better education.

    I figure, if he can use the internet to beg, so can I.

    Once I get the first thousand dollars, I’ll use it to take out an ad begging
    Mark Zuckerberg to donate money to me as well. . . Twitter is so impersonal!

    Once I reach my goal, I’ll use the funds to take guitar lessons and pay for a vocal coach – I don’t want anyone to think I’m just in this for myself. . . oh, no – I want to share my god-given talent with the world.

    I’m the Einstein of the music world. . . the greatest part-German artist of all time, and I’ll prove it just as soon as I make off with your mone- I mean, as soon as I complete the abovementioned guitar and voice lessons. . .

    Don’t do it for me. . . do it for Kanye! He’s Yeezus, for crying in the mud!
    I know he would want me to succeed.

  • Reverend Draco

    Sounds like it’s right up your alley. . . you’re just as illiterate and ignorant as he is.

  • Justa Grunt

    I have a shoe box full of doberman poop I would like to donate to mr “I had millions and blew it on bling bling” kanye

  • doucyet

    May I take your order? Yes……oh! Hello Kanye, I’ll have a double cheese with fries and here’s a quarter for your tip jar.

  • Wags71

    Not interested in the racist crap, but as a white middle aged man, I have no clue what his appeal is to anyone. And I can appreciate a lot of other rap and hiphop. I just don’t get it. His performance on SNL left me completely clueless. It was literally the dumbest “music” I’ve ever seen performed. I don’t feel like this about anyone else.

    This is a serious curiosity, so please don’t reply with any racist crap. What am I missing? I feel like it’s just a giant joke on humanity with someone in charge saying “let’s see what garbage we can get them to love next”

    • sunshine

      If you don’t want “racist crap” then there’s nothing anyone can tell you. Music is an outward expression of what’s inside a person. Has it never crossed your mind that the reason blacks perform this type of music is because….it is reflecting what’s inside (which isn’t much)?

      You are partially right with this stuff being a giant joke on humanity. Of course, if I posted the quote, you wouldn’t take notice because it’s “racist”. But here it is anyways, for the benefit of anyone else with “ears to hear and eyes to see”:

      “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is RACIAL TENSION. By propounding into the consciousness of the Dark races, that for centuries they have been OPPRESSED by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negros to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to inter-marry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” – “A Racial Program for the 20th Century” by Israel Cohen

      (On June 17, 1957, the above passage was read into the U.S. Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy.)

      Seems pretty straightforward to me. But it’s probably “racist”. So disregard!

      • Wags71

        There’s a difference though between Kanye and just about every other hip hop artist. Others have talent. He is just completely bonkers. His fame doesn’t line up with his talent.

        • sunshine

          Oh well that’s where we differ. I don’t think it takes any talent to repeat an idiotic phrase over a childish beat, laced with profanity. It certainly can’t compare to anything whites have ever done. But that’s just my opinion, I guess.

          • Wags71

            That’s not even what he’s doing anymore. I can’t even explain it. He’s acting like he’s trying to be a 4 year old Andy Warhol and fails.

            I don’t want to get drug into the argument of the fact that you only like your own race’s music. You need to watch/listen to it to know what I’m talking about.

          • sunshine

            Watch and listen to what? Do you think I am unaware of black music? I don’t live in a bubble, I have heard plenty of it. And I never said I only like my own race’s music. I like Latin music, Indian music, all sorts of diverse stuff…but it is complex, or at least beautiful. It isn’t tuneless shouting over a beatbox like almost all black music seems to be nowadays. I have heard older stuff by blacks, before it was all rap, and some of it is OK but generally I am not a fan of their stuff. It just doesn’t do much for me. Besides, with all of the furor over “cultural appropriation”, I am loath to support black people, as they’ve made it clear that they don’t want anything to do with whites. I will honor that desire by spending my money elsewhere, I am racist but I respect their wishes.

          • Wags71

            I’m talking about Kanye and nothing else. The new Kanye music is not in any way like anything you’ve ever listened to. If you hate hip hop or rap, you’ll need a new word for this stuff. I really didn’t want to get into a “all rap sucks” discussion. That does not have anything to do with what I started talking about.

          • sunshine

            OK then, good luck with that. I doubt you’ll find any Kanye fans here. Sorry that reality is racist, have a great day!

          • Wags71

            All hip hop and rap does not sound identical. jesus

          • sunshine

            Did I say that? Yet, to be considered “rap” and “hip hop” it has to fit into certain parameters. Rap is spoken rhymes set to music. It may not be identical but it is similar. Same with hip-hop. There are various subgenres like trip-hop or whatever but it’s still similar.

            Look, if you like that stuff, good for you. If you like to spend your money to support people that hate you BECAUSE you’re white, then knock yourself out. It’s your money and your choice. I do wonder how a person enjoys listening to music made by people that openly and proudly hate white people. Is that racism, or is it only racist when a white person does it?

          • Wags71

            I don’t spend money on it. I like some of it. Kanye is in a COMPLETELY different category than anything you’ve heard. You are being just as racist as the people you’re describing. You have literally not even read anything I have written. Nothing you have written has had anything to do with what I wrote in the original post, which is exactly why I wrote “not interested in the racist crap”. I wasn’t calling you out so there was no need for you to respond to me at all.

            Go ahead and be racist, I don’t care. You are free to do and think what you wish.

          • sunshine

            You wanted to know why it was promoted, I gave you a reason. It may be a “racist” reason, but it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not it is true.

            Thanks for your permission to be racist. You must care, because “racism” appears to be a big problem in your mind. “Racism” meaning not pretending that blacks are just like whites. Of course it would be “racist” because everything boils down to genetics, of which race is a massive part. I doubt you will find anyone that can give you a real answer, although I can predict the answers you’d get would be things like “He’s mentally ill”, or whatever.

          • Wags71

            When you said “I don’t think it takes any talent to repeat an idiotic phrase over a
            childish beat, laced with profanity. It certainly can’t compare to
            anything whites have ever done.”, can you expand further on how making generalizations like that is not racist? I could point out that Maclemore and Eminem are white.

            Or when you say “I am loathe to support black people”, how is that not racist? It’s a fucking statement based only on race.

            I’m loathe to support assholes.

          • sunshine

            I’m not a fan of Macklemore (who believes in “white privilege”) or Eminem either. Nor do I like Justin Timberlake or Amy Winehouse (who was Jewish, not white). From a technical standpoint, the vast majority of “rap” cannot hold a candle to the intricacy in classical music, or any other musical form that requires the ability to actually read music, and/or play an instrument. Conducting an orchestra, or playing in one, is in no way comparable to reciting childish rhymes. I don’t see how this is controversial.

            I am not supporting people that make it crystal clear that they don’t WANT my support, and hate me for my skin color. What kind of insane person would support someone that hates them?

            It’s not “divide and conquer”, it’s genetics. Obviously people that developed in hot, sunny Africa will be incompatible with people that developed in icy Europe. Different environments create different people with different mentalities, genetics and adaptability. We are not interchangeable cogs in some great machine. You can think that without the “assholes in charge” we’d all be holding hands in a multicultural utopia, but it simply isn’t so. This isn’t “redneck racist programming”, it is mirrored in nature. It’s an immutable natural law! These shadowy controllers don’t FORCE blacks to be violent and commit crimes vastly out of proportion to their numbers in Western society. They didn’t make Africa what it is.

        • Reverend Draco

          The terms “hip-hop” and “talent” are mutually exclusive – an honest person would say that they’re in diametric opposition to one another.

          If a person has talent, they stay away from hip-hop – if a person is ignorant, illiterate, and talentless, hip-hop their only hope.

  • Enough is enough

    This is got to be a joke. With everything going on in the world today. This pile of #@?! is asking people to bail him and his wife out of debt. Live with in your means!

  • Ed

    Kayne. here’s a tad of advice—go buy yourself five lbs. of salt (brand of your choice), with or without iodine supplement—-then asks kim to shove it up your ass as politely as she knows how !

  • Tatiana Covington

    Sure, Kanye, here’s 1B in Confederate money! Go broke and die!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Gold Digga rhymes with Dumb… ??????