“God, Guns, Country”: Three “offensive” words that “could incite fear among the students”

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Rules are rules, you know.

Spring Hill Middle School in Longview, Texas is very specific about the attire the students wear. Principal Kathy Parker doesn’t want the kids unduly terrified by rebels who wear scary clothing. She’s backed up by the student handbook, which states that attire may not  bear “pictures, logos, phrases, letters or words printed on them that are obscene, suggestive, crude or immoral in the judgment of the administration,” including “nude/semi-nude figures, pictures or logos of alcoholic beverages and tobacco; obscene gestures; curse words; slang words; portrayal of drug paraphernalia; figures in suggestive postures; skulls and crossbones; and macabre words or graphics.

So it makes sense that 8th grader Christian Davidson was punished for wearing a tee shirt with a bible verse and the insignia “God, Guns, and Country”.

What on earth could a parent be thinking, letting a child out of the house like that.

Oh. Wait.

God. Nope, that isn’t mentioned in the handbook.

Country. Un-uh. That isn’t there either.

Guns. Hmmm….reading over that list again in case I missed it.

There is definitely an agenda afoot in popular culture to demonize guns. Heck, the mere mention of the word is apparently enough to “incite fear among the students.”

Young Christian staunchly resisted the principal’s demand to turn his shirt wrong side out or wear the inmate-orange tee-shirt the school offered him. He opted to have the school phone his dad, Andy Davidson, who, incidentally, just happens to own the company that created the offending garment. Davidson’s company is called Maker’s Militia and this is his mission statement:

Maker’s Militia is more than a clothing brand. We are a faith based movement with a bold political voice. We choose to stand united as brothers & sisters in Christ with our fellow Americans, in an effort to restore and retain our freedoms. We seek to ensure that the constitutional rights bestowed upon us by God Almighty, through the founding fathers of this great nation, are restored and upheld by all those we elect, and those who represent them. We are the resistance.

Not surprisingly (after reading that mission statement) the school did NOT find an ally in Mr. Davidson. Mr. Davidson did not, as requested, bring Christian a less frightening shirt. Instead, the father stands proudly behind his son.

“He stood his ground and it makes me proud…(Parker) said what my son was wearing was intolerable attire,” Davidson said…

Davidson said the principal said it was within her discretion to make this judgment.

“She told me she thought it was best to keep the shirt away from other students,” Davidson said. “She thought it was offensive and could incite fear among the students.”

Instead of taking off the shirt, Christian served an in-school suspension, meaning he was not allowed to go to class that day. Davidson called it “solitary confinement.”

What’s more, Davidson claimed that Parker said if his son’s behavior persisted — if he chose to wear the shirt again or one with a similar theme — he would face increasing punishments.

But Davidson doesn’t see how it’s a behavioral issue.

“It’s a First Amendment issue,” he said.

And Davidson said his son plans to wear shirts like this again, ignoring the threat of more punishment at school.

“He’s not purposely trying to disobey authority. I teach my son to obey the law until the law imposed is quite unlawful,” Davidson said.

“Emotional opposition to some words or ideas that some have do not legally or morally override someone’s rights,” Davidson said. (source)

We are all being subjected to an insidious, creeping mind control, especially children in the public school system. We are being taught what to fear in order to make us easier to control. When people become afraid of mere words on a shirt, we can be assured that the programming is working.

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  • RickE.

    “Messiah Obama, scissors, communist country” (liberal analogy to “God, guns, and country”).

  • AxeMan

    After reading this I will buy a couple shirts from them

  • AkCoyote

    Has anyone heard the radio commercial condemning those that say “That’s so gay”? Talk about mind control!!

  • nc joe

    God? I thought you idiots were about self-reliance. It seems you need a mythological character to get you through your day. you are no better that a drug addict.

    • RickE.

      Gee so sorry No Cock joe! Messiah Obomba is the correct one! I pray every night to him. I pray that he will disappear from the face of the earth. So far no luck.

    • Steve

      Actually we are more about keeping the government from telling us how to behave…more about saving lives by pointing out how the police state will shoot without just cause. More about allowing people to believe what they want, without fear of persecution, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else (for example YOUR mythological character)

    • rooster

      @ nc joe~ you must be a TROLL because those of us that come here have um what is it I am thinking about… oh yea I remember now its called respect for others! you may cont. in your “atheist” ways we don’t have an issue with it, why so hostile toward us believers? or is that your guilt showing? gonna pray for you now and just you try and stop me.

      [others] sorry for rambling on here, gotta go pray for joe now!

  • Legion7

    #1 he should thank the school for the advertizing, and #2, screw ’em. Sick of this stuff. My little boy went plinking with me and was so proud he knocked over all the tin cans with his bb gun. They had cops at his school today to reinforce the liberal brainwashing. I had to threaten him that “you might be taken away from mommy and daddy if you talk to anyone, especially the police, and you tell them you went and shot your monster-getter with daddy”. There used to be a time when kids weren’t getting gunned down by cops etc. This isn’t a crock as kids get taken out of loving families for learning about firearms and their safety. It’s “child endangerment”.


  • REB

    Good boy!

    • Andy

      +1 ! Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Bug Doody

    Strange that the only part of the constitution some people adhere to is a misguided interpretation of seperation of ” Church and State “. To those people that come for our freedom”s let me restate an old phrase ” iF i Have 1 Life To Live Give Me LBERTY OR DEATH”. May God HAVE mercy on our souls. B.D.

  • Bug Doody

    Oops,That’s Liberty. B.D.