Globalist Puppet John McCain Showered With Praise By Liberal Establishment and Hollywood Over Health Care Bill Opposition

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The liberal establishment, with help from Hollywood, is showering turncoat Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) with praise after his stunning announcement that he would once again go directly against his own campaign promise and oppose the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill.

McCain made the announcement in a statement Friday, saying that he could not in “good conscience” vote for the repeal of a law that he ran against during his last campaign.

“I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal. I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried,” McCain declared.

“Nor could I support it without knowing how much it will cost, how it will effect insurance premiums, and how many people will be helped or hurt by it,” his statement continued. “Without a full CBO score, which won’t be available by the end of the month, we won’t have reliable answers to any of those questions.”

After the announcement the liberal media immediately went to work praising the senator, with multiple “news” outlets spending considerable time painting McCain as some sort of hero standing up to the forces of Trump when in reality he is nothing more than an establishment puppet working for the very same masters who control the mainstream press.

Unsurprisingly, numerous Hollywood celebrities also chimed in with praise for McCain throughout Twitter, with multiple openly anti-Trump Democrats responding joyfully to the senator once again turning on not only his party, but the people who voted for him in the first place.

Some of the more pointed Tweets included:

While McCain has long been considered a Rhino Republican, over the last year and a half he has been involved in a plethora of shady conduct, most aimed at stopping the Trump anti-globalist agenda dead in its tracks.

In January it was revealed that McCain himself was the deep state operative who passed the infamous disinformation dossier on Donald Trump to the head of the FBI. McCain, apparently believed that the false information was so important that he specifically went out of his way to pass the documents to FBI director James Comey.

“The Guardian can confirm that the documents reached the top of the FBI by December. Senator John McCain, who was informed about the existence of the documents separately by an intermediary from a western allied state, dispatched an emissary overseas to meet the source and then decided to present the material to Comey in a one-on-one meeting on 9 December, according to a source aware of the meeting,” the Guardian reported.

As if that wasn’t enough, McCain then went on the offensive against Trump supporters themselves, using a wide-ranging interview with a liberal magazine to essentially declare war on the Trump agenda.

In the interview, published by New York Magazine, McCain attacked both Trump and his supporters in a variety of different ways including the admittedly botched roll-out of the travel ban, his speech to the CIA, and his supposed views on torture.

At this point it should be strikingly clear that Senator John McCain is working for the establishment deep state and is now willing to go completely against his own campaign agenda as long as it is made to hurt President Trump in the end.

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  • rowingtothedream .

    For every congressman there are 18 special interests that are lining their pockets. McCain is owned by Insurance industry. Why care about Americans we don’t pay him enough! So no more career in politics for McCain let him work for the insurance industry because he ALREADY does.

    • TexasRedNeck

      NO, lock him up he’s a traitor to America.

      • He’d be dead before they could draw up the paperwork.

        • TexasRedNeck

          You’re just trying to cheer me up, aren’t you ??

          • No, just hoping against hope that POS is about to depart the scene, permanently.

    • Roy Hobs

      “…..McCain is owned by Insurance industry…….”
      Does that not sound totally idiotic?!!!
      He is owned by the Jews…………plain and simple. How can an inanimate object rule anything?
      McCain is tied to the Bronfman family who is one of the top tier mafia families in the Jewish World Order.

  • John C Carleton

    He is a pedophile prostitute for zionism.

    All the Zionist cat houses approve of Zionist prostitutes, otherwise the zionist cat houses would go out of business.

    • darkhorse

      PEDOPHILE?? Now I learn this POS is ALSO a ped? How come I haven’t heard this one before?? Wow..

  • rich

    So Cher doesn’t even know how to spell ‘Senator’?? She’s a perfect example of the a-holes we read about in Tinseltown! A fake jerk living in a fake world and now feels she’s an expert on politics. What a sorry excuse for a human being!

    • darkhorse

      they ALL are…

    • Her spelling skills aren’t any more deficient than the average high school graduate’s.

  • YeahRightOkay

    …that brain tumor removal also removed his ability to keep his mouth quiet…everyone but Arizonans knew he was a demoncrud…now he can say it with a smile…(sic)…

    Time to repeal the 16th Amendment!!!

    • darkhorse

      I keep wondering how long We the People will keep taking the abuse from the controllers…

    • roger

      and the 17th too……………………..

      • I take it you would support a new constitutional convention, so they can repeal and replace what is left of the original?

    • Since the 16th Amendment was never lawfully ratified, all we have to do is ignore it. Read Bill Benson’s “The Law That Never Was” if you can find a copy.

  • Yoda Dunbar

    One thing I would shower on McCain, is acid rain

  • TexasRedNeck

    Cancer do your thing…………………….!!
    Dying and he still doesn’t know you can’t take it with you, just like McHillary she’ll still be demanding “donations” to see her in a coffin.
    Never forget that John Boy is bbf’s with the leaders of ISIS.

  • Ernie Engle

    Well, John you sang like a bird when you were captured by North Vietnam, you meet with ISIS and had your picture taken, you showed Trump what a POS you are when you voted down the last bill for repel of Obummer care, I would say you are a TRAITOR, but what’s new……

    • He is continuing with his original military remit.
      Treason is defined in the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3, as consisting “only in levying War against (the United States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
      All members of the American military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and to) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”
      When the military is committed to foreign actions without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution, that is a violation of the Constitution, arguably the action of domestic enemies.
      When a member of the military participates in an unconstitutional foreign military deployment, s/he violates both the Constitution and his/her oath to “support and defend” it, giving “aid and comfort” to it’s “domestic enemies,” committing treason by the definition given by the Constitution.

  • Name

    America has become McCain’s Hanoi Hilton.
    “Songbird” has always been a Globalist shill and traitor to America.

  • Hoping Against Hope

    Time to pay the piper pretty soon, McCain.

  • Pete Greco

    McCain is a total POS and Viet Cong collaborator. Thanks Arizona for electing this waste of humanity.

  • doucyet

    You reap what you sew John McCain. You and your kind are the cancer that has infected the Republican Party.

  • tonye

    Just wait three months…

  • Warren

    I want to see “Obamacare” repealed and replaced at least as much as anyone else. Being an AZ resident, I dislike John McCain’s politics probably more than most. However, in this case, I find myself in the extremely rare and uncomfortable position of defending his position. His stated primary reason for a “no” vote on Graham-Cassidy is that nobody really has any idea of the costs and effects of the bill they’re voting for or against. The bill has been so rushed that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has not had time to review it and publish some numbers that people can reasonably debate. Until the CBO has issued a report I’ll side with McCain and others that would like to see some data and analysis before taking a vote.

    Fire away.

    • immxdmta4

      My sentiments too. I’m sure McCain’s decision has nothing to do with his so called “conscience” though. Evil has no conscience.
      I’ve read parts of this bill and commentaries by those who were spot on when revealing the horror that obolacare was and THIS is RINOCARE. It is still socialized medicine which, if nobody has noticed, has destroyed our once great medical system in America.

      • Kent Ford

        yeah ,i agree with you on that point, i too am an arizona resident, and also dislike mcain, but on this issue, rand paul is also not for this mess, so for what its worth, i hope it goes down for now, untill its right, for the people……….

        • immxdmta4

          Yes, I’ve been thanking God for Rand Paul standing against this. I’m not a fan of his but I have no problem giving credit where credit is due. I’m usually all alone in my comments on politics because I do my research AND I demand high standards and will not settle. Glad I found a couple allies. God bless!

    • rich

      Obozo got his healthcare farce passed and nobody knew how much that would cost. What’s good for the goose……..

      • Warren

        Likewise what’s bad for the goose is bad for the gander. Repeating the big mistakes of “Obamacare” will do nobody any good. There needs to be some analysis of costs and effects before blindly passing it.

        • immxdmta4

          His response is the epitome is why we are in this mess in America! OY! You are the only other person I’ve seen come against this idiocy. Thanking God there are a few thinking people around.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          ANY “replacement” for Obamacare will be absolutely a repeat of past mistakes.

          The only viable solution, over both long- and short-term, is to get government out of healthcare entirely.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      “No matter how disastrously some policy has turned out, anyone who criticizes it can expect to hear: ‘But what would you replace it with?’ When you put out a fire, what do you replace it with?” ~ Thomas Sowell

      I’d like to see Obamacare repealed, full stop. Also, Medicare.

      • Warren

        Love to see it. Maybe it will happen on some other planet far away in time and space. On this planet that ship sailed over seven years ago. “Obamacare” became law in 2010. Numerous attempts to recall that ship over the intervening years have failed. Several attempts have even failed while the Republicans have had control of both houses. The prospect of a complete repeal passing both houses of Congress at this time is zero. Absolute zero. The best we can realistically hope for is a repeal/replace deal that isn’t too onerous. That’s where to focus the energy at this point. Make sure Congress comes up with some deal that’s better than “Obamacare” that we can reasonably live with.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          You can fly your white flag as often as you like – surrender on your knees if that’s what floats your boat.

          As for me, I refuse.

          • Warren

            And more power to you! Thank you for doing so. Please keep it up. It is necessary that voices like yours hold the high ground while others make a deal. If there were no voices on the high ground there’d be far less bargaining room below.

        • Since Obamacare is completely unconsitutional, the best deal is repeal without replacement.

      • Unless I’m mistaken, Medicare is entirely addressed in the Code of Federal Regulations, and I doubt that Congress would willingly reconsider it. We don’t need federal health care legislation, and Congress is holding repeal hostage to replacement.

  • B.K.


  • There’s a new stanza: die die die, die die McCain.

  • skylinechiliman


  • oldsgtjoe

    Obamacare is the biggest rip off for the American people with high deducible high premium its a win full for the health insurance industry, oh yes the polls that 54% of the people like Obamacare one more lies coming form the left, only ones who benefit are the welfare people, no money out there pockets,

  • Alleged-Comment

    This cowardly GOON caused the Forrestal Disaster. The Vietnamese BROKE this cowardly GOON and he began to RAT on fellow prisoners to save his own skin.

    You Arizonians did not put in a war hero. You put in a TRAITOR and a man who HATES your country for what you did to him.

    Make him a SPOILT BRAT and loathe the father he never had. DONALD TRUMP.

  • Jeff

    For crying out loud. In mid-July of this year Senator John McCain was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma, a very aggressive form of brain cancer. A brain tumor. The survival rate for something like this is ZERO. Most people are dead within 2-years. How is this guy even competent to remain in office? Just who is supplying the deciding vote on all these sanctions, and continuing resolutions, and increases in the military budget — McCain or his tumor?

    This past August, Senator John McCain turned 81-years-old. Since when did being elected to high office mean a death sentence for the country. Since most people over 50 can’t find work, how come this geriatric fool is still in office. There should be mandatory retirement.

    Here is Senator John McCain, the biggest advocate for this Neo-McCarthyism, and he looks like somebody out of the Soviet Era, a living corpse for the Russian Politburo yelling: “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!”

    We need term limits. Mandatory Term Limits.

    • ChuckInBama

      Terms limits for sure !!
      In the meantime, can’t this old bastard be droned?

    • skylinechiliman

      If I were 81 and nearing the end of my life, I’d me more focusedd on my soul (if he has one). But noooo…….he clings to pride, money and power. What an idiot. May the Lord save him.

    • Term limits wouldn’t stop either party from carrying on, as they always have.
      What we really need is prohibition of party affiliation in electoral politics.
      It would also be good to return to the original manner of presidential elections, where the biggest vote getter got the office, and the first runner up became the VP. We could improve on that by making the rest of the runners up top cabinet members.

  • Joseph Adams

    This traitor to the american people needs to go,he informed on other POW,S and was called the canary.He was no hero….

  • King Lear

    John McCain is a criminal. Hopefully the cancer will progress and this tumor will be gone from the body politic.

  • Jr1776

    The hero who went to zero ! Arizona must have a RECALL election and get this two faced swamp rat out !

  • Roy Hobs

    Why didn’t the author research McCain’s ties to the Jewish Mafia???
    “Globalists”…………….come on man. These monsters have names!!!

    If we don’t bring the “Jewish Question” back into public discourse as in the days of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, all of us and all of these so called “authors” will forever be ((( their ))) slaves. So why do we fear the Jew?

    • darkhorse

      We don’t…kick the fookers out of America! They did 911 and everything else…they are ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-WHITE….HATERS OF ALL GENTILES, MURDERERS OF PALESTINIANS AND STEALERS OF THEIR LAND…

      • Roy Hobs

        You and I don’t. But every “author” that attributes articles to this site, surely does. Bunch of cowards.

        • darkhorse

          They ALL work for the jews….

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    It’s good that he opposed the bill – all it is, is more government interference in an over-interfered-with aspect of peoples’ lives. . .

    Here is the healthcare bill they should be passing:
    “In America, it shall be legal to sell health insurance on the free market. This law supersedes all other laws, taxes, mandates, coverage requirements, regulations or prohibitions, state or federal.”

    The end. Love, Ann.

    Until the welfare program is decoupled from the insurance market, nothing will work. Otherwise, it’s like forcing grocery stores to pay for everyone to have a house. A carton of milk would suddenly cost $10,000.

  • John

    John McCain is a member of the Rockefeller CFR along with Bill Clinton, George Soros, David Petraeus, Joe Lieberman and Lynn Forester de Rothschild. See lists in the CFR annual report. Petraeus, Lieberman and Rothschild are also trustees at the McCain Institute.

  • Lori Jayne

    Someone needs to shoot this motherf’er

    • You shouldn’t suggest that which you are unwilling to accomplish personally.

  • Milly Vanilly

    At least the TRUE Enemy Muppets of the American people readily show themselves BUT the Overlords STILL must cower in the shadows like cockroaches.

  • SP_88

    McCain is a stooge for the deep state for sure. He’s a traitor and a crook too. But this healthcare bill is not an improvement over Obamacare, nor is it a repeal of it.
    There’s no point in ramming a bill through to replace a bill that was rammed through if it doesn’t even solve the problems with our healthcare system. Who knows if this bill will reduce the skyrocketing premiums people are paying for healthcare or if it will stop the systematic destruction of the healthcare industry. I highly doubt it will do any of those things.

    • McCain is a part of the Deep State and a stooge of the Shadow Government. It is all explained by Kevin Shipp on the video at

      • SP_88

        I watched the video where he explains about the deep state and the shadow government and how they are different entities altogether, one being in charge of the other.
        It was interesting and informative, but I feel like it lacked in detail. But that was probably because I was hoping for him to say things that he probably can’t say without suffering some sort of blowback from the CIA. I can’t help but be curious.
        Yeah, McCain is definitely a stooge. He is not a representative of the people, he is a tool for the deep state.

        • He said, in at least one place in the video, that he normally gave a minimum of 8 hours to that presentation. He was only allotted an hour by the conference host. You should do as I’m planning to, buy and read his newest book, From the Company of Shadows by Kevin Michael Shipp. At 306 pages, he probably is more comprehensive in print.

  • Sam Nelson

    If anything, this shows the underwear of a democracy and boy does it stink. Hey, come on, who are we trying to kid anyway, we sure cannot fool each other; why do we cry the blues day and night about America, about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, about who owns whom and how; about the Judges, the Politicians, the Police and the Military, about the whole stinking ball of wax we call the Land of the Free, home of the Brave? Because we know, we lost this game long ago – 1812, to 1871 to 1913 then our nation died 1923, but we will not be allowed to rest in peace, not as long as there is a single one of us left alive. People cannot imagine it because it is more diabolical than even the human mind can imagine. So, we go day to day denying, of course, people like McCain, John that is, slap us silly waking us up. Still, though we know what we must do, we refuse and just hope, some of us pray, those in the know just hold their breath. Waiting for that one thing to light the fuse, but hey, they say Merkel is as good as reelected, so how can there be any hope at all.
    If 9/11 wasn’t enough, they, the Politicians and Judges, with their palms greased with our wealth, ie, The Federal Reserve, turned against us even more than a few buildings and a few thousand dead, immediately; the destruction of laws, Habeas Corpus, and a hundred or more other protections we the people once had against them; hey, have you ever noticed those two upside down triangles in the seal of the National Security agency; yeah, we are owned, but wait a minute, how can that be; how about two centuries of brainwashing preceded by a few centuries of us killing each other and everyone else we could and get away with it; how could a few million of people control a whole world of people, “give me control of the money and I won’t care who makes the laws.” Come on, it is clear as the nose on our faces, we have been had and now we are owned.
    All that is required to turn this whole mess around and set us off in the right direction, looking for a future our children could love to live; all we have to do is end the Federal Reserve, that will automatically bring the reign of people like John McCain to an end. But those dog gone ball games, the checks in the mail, half the people working in the Governments, Welfare, Social Security, Pensions, MSM, Hollywood, the Publishing, the Educating of us; hard to pick sides but one thing is for sure, we, the people, pay for it all either with our land and minerals, with our armies and police, with our lives and the future of our children, ie, debt; we pay every gosh darn cent of our own demise, not a penny comes out of the rich peoples coffers, not a penny comes from the Banker King, we pay it all with debt; know this, when the Banker King and his filthy rich minions get for themselves a United Nations Army then they will come collecting -that debt….remember, what is ‘bail out’…oh crap, you gotta be kidding, right? Nope, not at all. Your money or your blood…we, us, alive today, probably won’t suffer the collection, our children and their children will though; as Trump is the last President so our children’s grand children will be the last of our species, what comes after them will verily resemble a human being.
    Yeah, you gosh darn right, it is bad, real bad, it is crazy insane that it has gotten this far, we are crazy insane if we allow it to go one step further…

    • Mike

      Spot on Sam. I find it amazing people can’t see it. They are intellectually lazy, and years of people TRUSTING others to do the research has got us to a point where something is going to snap. The NFL is seeing cracks right now. I could see it 4 years ago with the economy being a farce that the NFL was going to be in trouble.

      At some point the blinders come off and people don’t like to see whiny mega millionaires playing kids games. Where were these assholes when Obama was the President? The SAME SHIT happened on his watch! I’m no Jew Trump fan, but blaming him his ridiculous. He is just an extension of jewish policy.

      How about these black footballers cut to the root cause of police brutality? They get their training in ISRAEL, or get trained by former IDF personnel who teach them the way of the jew. Black cops are as bad as white cops, and most are accessories to crime. They do nothing good that people could do on their own without them. Traffic accident scenes could be handled by traffic management companies.

      That nurse being arrested was a CLEAR EXAMPLE of how they operate. They are a government sanctioned gang owned by the jewish mafia. They enforce the jewish extortion racket laws at the point of a gun. Those few cops that think they are doing a “community service” are in the minority, and probably haven’t yet woken up to the scam.

      Most people have NO IDEA how the system really works. They just need to keep reading. Hopefully this NFL thing will get people looking in the right direction. We can only hope they read something like this-

      • Sam Nelson

        Of course I agree with you one hundred percent but I especially like the Traffic Management idea, sounds like a winner. Why not, could save us a lot of money. Like the Flat Earth’ers we are (you have come to it, right, NASA, the history we are taught, all of it lies) we are more and more everyday, will we ever be the majority that is the question. If ever, wow, wouldn’t this mess get straightened out and quick. Thanks.

        • Mike

          I just stick to facts I can prove. I can’t prove flat earth, it makes sense to me, but I do know 100% sure that NASA lies, and has been caught lying. So one must ask why they are lying and making up stuff, what the hell are they hiding? It’s not just NASA either, it’s Russia and China. I love how they mix computer graphics with some “real footage” to trick the mind.

          • What is your proof that NASA lies?

          • Mike

            Go do your own research, everyone else has to. You need to watch HOURS of video not a simple 10 second clip, to see what they are doing.

          • In other words, you are just spounting and you have no proof?

          • Mike

            Try this for starters, then you are on your own.

          • It doesn’t take anything more than a pasted together video to prove anything to you, does it?

          • Mike

            Sometimes the truth is obvious.

          • It is always obvious to those too ignorant to identify it as otherwise.

          • Mike

            Just go look for yourself. Spend a few hours looking at all the evidence. As they say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.
            Or, just live like you have been told the truth your whole life, and forget about any conspiracy stuff. Pay your taxes, vote……everything is ok. You are way more valuable to them in that state of mind.

          • Sam Nelson

            “What is your proof that NASA lies?”
            What qualifies you to ask us such a question? We are here to do a job, this is business to us, our peoples business, our nations business, we don’t have time to play answer the trolls questions.
            You have eyes but you don’t see, a mind that you don’t use, a plan that is falling apart. You really are on the wrong side.

          • Who is us?

          • Sam Nelson

            disqus_3BrONUAJno – Sam Nelson • a day ago
            Who is us?

            If no other, ever: ME, MYSELF AND I, as long as I live. What will you people do when we do start going to the School Board Meetings, to the Governors Press Conference, to the Congresses, the Courts, asking: where are the blue stains on the walls, there are none so why must our children endure the Jews Holocaust Story Lie ever again? Where is it stated that NASA can make up lies and teach their lies as an education for our children? Who do all these people, the Teacher’s, the Congresses, the Judicial, the Police the Military, work for anyway and if it is not us then give us our wealth back, as in, printing our own money…and when we get our Military and Police back then we will pay that National Debt, okay? How about on the MSM talking head’s shows the question is poised why aren’t there any blue stains on the walls of the so called ‘gas chambers’ over there in Europe? Or why is there no curvature to the Earth, or, why is it our children are taught proven lies as truth and truth as lies?
            I have work to do go play somewhere else.

          • The truth is deadly serious. If you are playing, you are in the wrong place.

          • Mike

            Go watch the first ever news conference from the first moon landing, tell me if you see and hear anything weird.

          • linky?

          • Mike
          • Asking for what you could and should have supplied is lazy?

          • Mike

            Yeah, there is a really simple search engine called google. There is so much evidence out there once you look. I can give you 1 or 2 but there is literally 100s of bits of information in 100s of videos that when you add them up, it = FAKE MOON LANDING. Way too many questions with no answers, similar to the shooting that just happened.

          • Google is a very simple search engine, but if you use its advanced option, it can find things no other can, because it can access the dark web like no other.

          • Mike

            Here is another one, just a couple of things they cannot explain, and never will, because they can’t.

          • How can you, then?

          • Mike

            Using fucking common sense…..haven’t you ever seen those 3D images in books? Looks like a jumbled mess but if you FOCUS and LOOK at it you will see the image. All this shit is the same, just in a different way.

          • You are saying that horse manure is the same thing as the oats they ate, and that demonstrates that you understand anything about common sense? Your style of common sense had caused many wars. You are wasting your time trying to prove anything to me.

          • Sam Nelson

            “I can’t prove flat earth” something wrong with your vision, Mike? If you want to untie a knot you start at the weakest point of the knot, you tug and pull on the rope until you get that part lose, then untying the knot is so easy, the knot just falls apart. So it is with our people, they have been tied to lies, so many lies. Men on the moon, a spherical Earth, Planets, Stars, distances, there is a grab bag of bs out there, as we do one the other pops up, it is actually like a sporting event today, beat up one lie than jump on another one, they fall like crap from a cow’s rear end. In terms of what is all this science worth, crap, is an appropriate analogy. No blue stains on the walls of the so called gas chambers, now that’s a fact, a fact that just destroys the Jews Holocaust, lie, you see, Mike, this is what it is all really about: the survival of a whole people. Take it seriously or get out, what proofs do you need anyway!? You see, you can feel, no spinning, no motion, no curvature, sure college graduates may be dumb but we are not; we will, make them hate it that they ever allowed this Internet to be born…under estimated us didn’t they?

  • Rift

    It’s important to keep Obama care in place because less people are going to volunteer for chipping if they have to pay for it themselves.

  • He really is a Commie that helped the VC while he was held “captive”. He turned on his own unit- why do you think he wouldn’t turn on the average American???

  • Le Ruse

    Sure that Madonna will give him a blow job ??

    • With her mouth jewelry, she might give him an unintended circumcision sans anaesthetic.

      • Le Ruse

        Humm.. What about if he’s circumcised already from birth , by Shmuel the mohel ??
        Does foreskin with time grow again ??

        • No, it is spare and optional tissue.

          • Le Ruse

            Humm.. Remind me of the story, that during the Roman Empire, when they were going to the bath, they had second hand foreskin to put on their doodah , to show that they weren’t from the chosen tribe ??
            Those darn Roman antisemites ??