“Globalist Corporations Want Cheap Labor And The Left Wants Cheap Votes,” Steve Bannon Exposes The Real Reasons That The Elite Support Illegal Immigration

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In a key speech to the families of illegal immigrant crime victims, Former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon exposed the real reasons that the elites in the United States support illegal immigration – cheap labor and guaranteed votes.

Speaking at a conference held by the Remembrance Project which is made up of families who have lost loved ones at the hands off illegal aliens, Bannon destroyed the notion that support for illegal immigration is based on caring about the actual people who cross into the country illegally.

“We could stay up here all weekend and do this,” Bannon noted as he read off a list of Americans who have been killed. “And each of the victims stories is heart-rendering. But what gets me is what about the American victims dreams? Why are illegal aliens called DREAMers and not the victims?”

Bannon noted that the Americans killed by illegal immigrants aren’t simply a tragedy that just randomly happened but rather are a direct effect of the elites in the country supporting them.

“And by the way, this just doesn’t happen,” Bannon said. “This is not some random law of the universe, this is not physics, okay. This is an act of commission. The elites in this country, the economic, political, and the media elites allow this to happen because they want it to happen”

“The multinational, globalist corporations want cheap labor, and the progressive Left wants cheap votes.” “This is not a conspiracy. And you are not wing-nuts. This is in broad daylight. And if sites like Breitbart and someone like Donald J. Trump had not given you a voice, it’d be totally hidden.”

As Breitbart noted:

Despite the benefits of mass illegal and legal immigration for multinational corporations and Democratic politicians — as immigrants are far more likely to vote for Democrats — the impact on Americans has been detrimental.

As Harvard University economist George Borjas has noted, “illegal immigration reduces the wage of native workers by an estimated $99 to $118 billion a year and generates a gain for businesses and other users of immigrants of $107 to $128 billion.”

Every year, at least 1.5 million illegal and legal immigrants enter the U.S. every year, driving down the wages of American workers and costing American taxpayers at least $116 billion every year, as Breitbart News reported.

Bannon also took aim at Republicans in Congress who continue to push for amnesty for illegal immigrants already here.

“We’re going to have a lot more victories,” Bannon boldly claimed. “And it’s obvious to everybody that we’re going to have to take over the Republican Party. Now the elites in the Republican Party can either go the easy way or the hard way, but they’re going.”

Speaking directly to the victims families, Bannon continued, “If you think about the last couple of days, this is why I’m saying it’s never going to stop, it’s never going to go away, you’re going to have to do this every day, day in and day out, you’re going to have to fight.”

“November 9th is just another day. We got a victory, we’re going to have defeats, right. But I know you’re going to have a lot more Judge Moores than we’re going to have Bob Corkers.”

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  • AntiCitizenOne

    Nope it’s about boosting Rents!
    Which is why they don’t care how productive they are in fact the less productive they are the more “they” skim in tax.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    This guy is a joke. Not even funny like Dawn.

  • darkhorse

    the REAL reason America and the EU has been flooded by 3rd world brown people is to totally destroy white countries, thus, white people…that is the reason. The words ‘MULTICULTURAL” and “DIVERSITY” are demon-spawn from the TALMUD mind – as is the word “RACIST” (coined by a Jew). The TALMUDS are getting rid of us so fast it’s making our heads spin…but are the fools waking up? Not at all…

    • Fingal Carson

      And the reason Europeans sit on their pink asses, drink, pop pills, and smoke pot and complain instead of doing something about this, since day one, is?

      • darkhorse

        things have been too good for too long…esp in America. People get fat and lazy when times are good..they don’t want to get off the couch…let someone else fix it! Yeah, don’t disturb ME – I’m tired from work and I need to watch TV and relax…this is the attitude…as er’re ll going down in flames. I blame the citizens more than the Satanic forces doing this to us…

      • Laurence Almand

        Most Europeans are trapped in their Socialist governments, run by pseudo-Communists. They are victims of the Welfare State mentality, which guarantees something for nothing.
        Do some research about the huge debts of most European countries, and you will find some astonishing figures.
        Greece was just one example of what happens when Socialist bureaucrats take over a country.

        • Fingal Carson

          Sure. My question is: WHY don’t Europeans STAND UP? I’m tired of the victim excuses. They are clearly weak people. We call Americans (multi-races) weak because they eat a lot and don’t stand up. But what about these freaks? No different!!! All weak!!!!!

          • Chuck Morrison

            What have you done, exactly, that makes you ‘not’ weak? Have you hanged a banker or a bought-off congressman from a lamppost? Until someone is ‘strong’ enough to do that, we will all remain ‘weak’. But maybe it’s simply time for a national strike, coupled with a push for local and national recall elections.

          • Fingal Carson

            Black and white fantasies. I don’t save the planet, so I should devalue my worth and compare myself to a bunch of welfare-dwelling, dope-smoking, ass-sitters with cognitive dissonance as their sole intellectual capability!! Some of us have greater purposes in life and can’t go end it all Sunday afternoon in Manhattan.

            What do I do? I engage in lucid thinking and touch on topics almost no one on chat forums on the internet talk about. Not even wasted pink dudes with their psychedelics and stoned hangovers can touch. I choose to help by spreading the truth and thinking in a truly liberal, not modern liberal, way. In the future, I plan to do certain things on a larger scale.

            People like me hope that one of these younger misfits will spend their energy offing a criminal of any sort instead of themselves first if they get enough truth lube to pull their heads out of their asses. I see no one of my stature coming from Europe. All my superiors and similars are literally from America. Occasionally Canada. Even the hidden corners of the UK. Europe? Just a bunch of libtards engaging in ‘identity politics’. America really is Atlantis, for now at least.

          • Chuck Morrison

            My response was really intended to convey, “Europeans don’t stand up for the same reasons Americans don’t. ” My only question is, when so much truth has been revealed indicating the .001% Lizard Class is clearly responsible for all the corrupt policies that destroy society with endless wars, famines, economic upheavals, etc.; why does everyone continue to honor and serve these same corrupt people? In other words, why can’t the sheep see that TPTB are making determined preparations to cull the herd?

            As to the rest of your reply, you have essentially told me nothing. Please give me a clue: were you a supporter of Ron Paul when he ran? I actually sent him money. I thought that might be more helpful to him than my ability to reason. Are you a big supporter of so-called “American Capitalism”, which should be called Rothschild Funded Cronyism? Does a bumper sticker that reads “Proud Vietnam Vet” make any sort of sense to you? Please, share not just the boast of lucid thinking, but one or two actual lucid thoughts, so we can see who you really are.

            Me? I pity all the poor souls who see the world crashing down around them, and don’t understand the true source of their misery. They prefer peace and cooperation to endless strife, and those of us gifted with clearer vision should feel the greatest empathy for them. Many are not “weak” , but “meek”, and I am sure the meek will inherit the Earth, so I don’t judge them.

      • Paul Robinson

        One country tried doing something about it. The Communists both known and hidden brought total destruction and genocide upon them.

    • blue579

      Have you seen videos of Barbara Specter speaking? She admits the goal is to destroy races and cultures as we know them.

      • darkhorse

        of course it is — DEPOPULATION… the Jews are going after the whites right now due to their hatred of them but the plan is to get rid of ALL but 500 million (Georgia Guide Stones)… Elon Musk (Jew) is part of this plan of eugenics, as is Bill Gates and others but Musk is into TRANSHUMANISM…it’s all there for those willing to see it…but most don’t want to KNOW it. Therein lies our downfall.

        • blue579

          Yes, I know. Hopefully hubris will be THEIR downfall – with some hefty doses of entropy spiked with chaos theory butterfly effects. That’s what we’re here for, imho.

      • darkhorse

        I’ve been saying that for a few years!!! Is everyone sleep? That info has been out there…

        • blue579

          Most people in alt are being programmed too and they don’t realize it. They’re swallowing red enteric coated blue pills. Naive to the level of cointelpro infiltration. Semi asleep in a synthetic “awakening”.

          • darkhorse

            Some of us know…like two years ago with Jade Helm mapping us with AI…no doubt they’re beaming us with whatever rays they have that penetrate our brains. I know that the metals from chemtrails lodge in our bodies making us ready to implode when the DEW hits us…much going on…evil certainly has total control but maybe it always did… They murdered The Christ, right?

          • darkhorse

            I don’t drink the cool aid of alien beings controlling us…sorry, that’s another Disney cartoon for the simple-minded, nonsense. And what is this “ascension” nonsense they’re talking about? Even the New Age stuff was a Jewish concoction to get Christians off the rails…who do voo doo?

          • blue579

            Agree, it’s pretty obvious a big long running alien psy op has been in the works.

      • darkhorse

        yeah…she’s a JEW who hates Whites esp white Christians. This is what I’ve been yelling about…did you just come onto the Daily Sheeple??

        • blue579

          I’ve posted here and there on Sheeple but most of my commentary has been on Activist Post and Black Listed News. There are some people here I see on those websites. Some I know well enough and like their commentary such as Lewie Paine.

          • darkhorse

            I remember him from Infowars around 2014 (?) and on… did he also get kicked off IW?

          • blue579

            I don’t know who is on Infowarz these days. I stopped being an IW disinfo bomb detonator a long time ago. My last big effort was exposing Assange when Wikileaks first came to prominence. It worked but eventually readers forgot, the learning curve didn’t hold. It was a lot easier when IW had its own comment system, fewer people and the censors weren’t around or weren’t very active. Sister site Prison Planet has always had more erudite commenters which is where I think he comments but I don’t have time to read much of Paine’s great eloquent insight.

          • darkhorse

            I live on sister site for a while after the final boot form IW … had no more names I could use…then got terminated from there also! I’m purposely blunt with the latter days…have no interest in leaving dignified comments…want to get them angry…they all need to be made angry…perhaps it will wake some up.

          • blue579

            Yes, break the spell. Though there are different ways to do it. That’s why we need a variety of allies, some methods work on better on different personality types, obviously. Gotta keep our emotions and ego in check, use emotions for energy not to get tangled up in energy sinks. Hard to teach people that. We do what we can and keep learning from each other. Helps to be able to think like an evil genius to predict what TPTB will do next as a subtle infowar tactic. My professional background is medical neuroscience, that helps sometimes.

            I gotta run for now to take my dog out for her walk before the sun sets. Thanks for the nice energetic exchange. Take care and hope to bump into you again some time. Blue.

          • darkhorse

            I got kicked off Salt Lake Tribune…LOL!!! And Deseret News won’t publish my comments..LOL!! Utah is a NO FREE SPEECH ZONE!!

          • blue579

            There’s an art to combating disinfo carefully. Not that everyone wants to do their word waltzes. I can without too much difficulty because I’m an academic at heart.

            We are getting choked off. Will we go quietly into that dark night and not fight for free speech, the First Amendment? Hope we can hold the line. Gotta resist the control grid. Max Igan has been spot on in regards to what our priorities should be now.

          • darkhorse

            you’re psychic, I see

          • blue579

            Probably not psychic. LOL. Just a savant at detecting patterns and disinfo. You already watched this Igan presentation?


          • darkhorse

            no, you said the exact thing I was going to say before re going gently into that dark night…with very big bat! Just skimmed it…will watch later..getting sleepy

          • darkhorse

            this looks good…will listen to it later..thanks

    • Laurence Almand

      NOTE: In the past there was an excellent newspaper called MIDDLE AMERICAN NEWS that told the truth about immigration and said the exact same thing. It also printed truthful articles about how the elites are destroying American democracy.
      Alas, the paper went out of business several years ago. Someone should start a national magazine for White Americans, a truthful publication that tells it like it is, instead of the Socialist-dominated stuff most people are forced to read.

      • darkhorse

        I agree…but, white people have to stand up for themselves en masse and they aren’t doing it…this is a nation of wimps where the ZIONIST SUPREMACISTS are getting rid of the whites, knock down our statues, put plays on Broadway about Alexander Hamilton with no white people in them!!! LOL!!! How INSANE!! Are whites protesting? NOoooo… They’re total morons who are allowing themselves to be destroyed because they don’t want to lift a finger…they wan’t someone else to do the work…sad, isn’t it?

  • taxpayer22

    “Globalist Corporations Want Cheap Labor And The Left Wants Cheap Votes,” Steve Bannon Exposes The Real Reasons That The Elite Support Illegal Immigration

    • blue579

      It goes a lot deeper than that. There’s a reason refugees are being brought into the US by the plane loads and their identities are undetermined yet they’re immediately put on a welfare gravy train – no serious vetting and the UN is playing a prominent role here. Check it out, from G. Edward Griffin’s news feed. Article link & embedded video >

      Whistleblower Reveals That A UN-Planned Invasion By Refugees Into The US Is Already Underway

      • darkhorse

        when the Jews decided to destroy America they made our country a WELFARE STATE…that’s all you need to do to insure destruction…oh yeah, and also to brainwash/mind-control the population so they’ll just sit and stare…

  • Fingal Carson

    Pretty much.

    It is, however, important to remember that all things are connected. People from the ‘third world’ do not value life. They believe they are here and that is it. They do not have morals or ethics. They do whatever feels good and blindly follow recent traditions. They live to die. Basically why they relate to poor liberals/rednecks, who live by the same. They do not demand better, they cheat and loophole the system that is. They do not want to reach a higher plateau this lifetime, they just want to waste all of their time ‘mastering’ their dime-a-dozen endeavors. They act impulsively and expect no consequences for their actions.

    Basically — white liberal/conservative or third-world trash or inner-city this or that. All the same. The genetic defects the folks up top want flooding in and taking over. They don’t want triple digit IQs. They don’t want any HUMANS who do have their head out of their ass. Any intellectually capable and spiritually evolved person who doesn’t sell out is a major threat.

    American suburbia was a disaster for them, so they broke it up and created the commuter towns for anyone making less than six figures. The cities had good areas, so they ruined them. The rural areas surrounded bigger towns or villages were tight-knit communities, so they destroyed them and the ones too close to cities became those commuter towns I just mentioned.

    It’s not about “WHITE PEOPLE” or even the “MIDDLE CLASS” like conservatives and liberals are always bellyaching about. It is about people. Anyone good. Anyone with a brain. Anyone with capabilities. Anyone healthy and human. That is the threat. That is what the war is waged against.

    In the third world, what they don’t have is not druggo, non-producing, going-extinct, melanin-deficient people to magically cure all aliments (which they don’t). Or people busting their ass working 2 s#!tty jobs for 45-50 hours a week but who have a union to let them call in sick whenever they’re low on personal days. What they don’t have is a civilization, and civilization is not exclusive to Europeans, or the “Middle” class.

    Once you people realize this is about HUMANS and CIVILIZATION, then gears in your brain will start working. The fact that the West is mostly European is actually a coincidence of the circumstances. Sorry! The fact that things reached their heyday when the “Middle Class” was thriving is a far closer call, but still no cigar.

  • Mark Williams

    This is nothing new! I have been saying this since Bush 2 refused to secure the borders!

    • Robin

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    • blue579

      Ah, but that’s that also the Establishment’s limited hangout. TPTB use immigration as a tool to water down western ideals of sovereign individuals and in the process work on their open border agenda to end national sovereignty to further centralize power. Even if one is a minarchist or anarchist, rather than a “nationalist”, this can be seen as a pendulum shift.

      BTW, Trump’s new position accepting the DACA amnesty is a foot in the door towards more immigration “with stipulations”.

      • Heather

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  • Airb0rne4325

    Anyone who didn’t already know this has not been paying any attention.

  • lilred

    Upton cinclair wrote the jungle quite some time ago. Corporations have been going to other countries for cheap labor for a long time. I heard the meat packing industry was strong in the us. Then corporations went to mexico and south america to bring cheaper labor back.

  • John C Carleton

    This is true, as far as it goes.
    Elites also pushing illegals on USA,Canada, Australia, European countries, in order to kill the cultures of these peoples and countries, replacing it with the trash/stone age culture of the illegals.
    Easier to them control these areas and people, in the “elites” wet dream of a one world unelected slave world, with them being serviced by the worlds masses.
    This effort is planed, world wide where British Empire/Vatican control exist, and is being carried out in a coordinated effort by a handful of baby raping deviants.

  • darkhorse

    WOO WOO…YET ANOTHER FALSE FLAG!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!! And it’s not even two weeks since the last one!! Someone’s foot is stuck on the accelerator!! At the current moment – it’s Texas… HAVE THEY NO SHAME?? Anyone who believes this crap is real should be jailed, slapped silly and put on trial – for stupidity

  • dav1bg

    The average alien received $250K in benefits in the first 5 years they are here. I guess the elite don’t care about the extra cost to society since they get a free ride on taxes.
    Suggestion: If they want the “cheap” labor, let THEM pay the tax burden for them..

  • Laurence Almand

    About time someone spoke up and told the truth about immigration, both legal and illegal. He is correct on both counts. Why do you suppose most agri-corporations approve of immigration?
    And why do you suppose Communist California has become a Sanctuary State? And also wants to allow illegals to vote and hold public office?

  • Chad Helm

    It’s also to create a permanent homogeneous Sub-Class of Humanity to be ruled, abused, and used by the Elite, and satellite weaponry, for whatever purposes they dream up.

    Doubt it not.