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by Avalon

Like him or not, you must admit Glenn Beck has the practical sense to deal with a crisis when faced with one. Rather than try to ignore the horror many of his viewers experienced at the viewing of the Agenda 21 Coming Soon TV Ads, he took the time to personally address the issue.

As is typical with Beck, he started off with a sincere tone, seeming to understand the issue. Then his training kicked in as a Master Mind Manipulator saying “He’s going to make his show more like the Mickey Mouse Club”, which immediately took the discussion to newly undiscovered intellectual realms.

In typical style, Glenn Beck started talking to his audience as if they were children. To any normal person tuning in at this point they would probably think they were having an LSD flashback. This is where the long and winding road of Glenn Becks pseudo-intellectualism really shines.  Adding that “We’re going to have Logic Day” sounded reassuring, but that promise is pie-in-the-sky ranting.

Inviting his audience to “Let’s use logic…” sounded like an easy task, but after being led down the Alice In Wonderland World where up is down and down is up, it seemed to monumental a task for his well trained audience.

Feigning ignorance at the issues involved in Agenda 21 at the beginning of his diatribe, he then goes into a repetition of the main principles – here’s where his double speak mastery shines.  Mentioning the 9/12 Distraction Project in California seemed aimed at regaining his stuttering confidence at this point which was topped off by taking credit (believe it or not) for actually, in his own words, “… for reversing a lot of Agenda 21.”

Note: No specific examples were cited (because there aren’t any…)

At this point, it’s like a psychological Time-Shift of sorts. Again, in his own words; “And then, ads that you haven’t seen (suppressed laughter) anyplace else. And really spooky ads! That you haven’t seen any place else.”

Stage Direction: Look off into the distance while appearing to be in deep meaningful thought

“Why would they be running on my network!?”, Beck declared and then started to slowly crack a smile. Of course, this is the big question that has stupefied his audience. The  audience was asking this in most of the emails.

It should be pointed out that many people, according to Beck himself, terminated their subscriptions in addition to being confused, outraged and horrified at the Agenda 21 Coming Soon ads.

Appearing to be talking spontaneously at this point and appearing calm, it was likely anything but spontaneous (having Teleprompters and a pre-rehearsed script– something most of his audience are sadly ignorant of). Asking his audience to, “think of the world we live in” seemed like an easy task, so somewhat promising results were soon to follow his brilliant question and anticipation ran rampant – you could hear the audience’s minds in overdrive at this point.

Here’s where the Mea culpa begins – it’s worth repeating. “You’ve known me for how long?” was the intro to this segment of the mind warping explanation. Adding, “You trust me enough to subscribe to my network” (Observation: Notice the phrase “You trust me enough” – incorrect tense plainly meant to confuse his audience.)

The interview is a fascinating study in mind manipulation techniques  and should make anyone wary of his hypocritical mumbo-jumbo that had no justification to explain a simple oversight or complicity and/or approval of having the ads run during his broadcast – whether by cable or through his own network.

The video segment was captured by a YouTuber and posted to inform the public at large for criticism, comment and news reporting and has been removed from YouTube. (posted for less than 1 hour) It seems fair to report on the situation that Glenn Beck finds himself in regarding this disgusting UN video that implies ungodly Eugenic Policies nearly identical to NAZI Germany and implemented by Adolph Hitler personally.

Life unworthy of Life was a slogan used in Germany and popularized once Hitler came to power.

Now, let’s take a look at Glenn Becks strategy…

At the point where Glenn Beck mentioned his 9/12 Operation, he also asked his audience to google Agenda 21 Glenn Beck – which seemed a rather benign request – or was it? Taking Glenn Beck up on his challenge to comply and expand my consciousness, I googled Agenda 21 Glenn Beck.

What appeared next will not only shock you, but will demonstrate the nature of his modus operandi. What is about to unfold is one of the most insidious and reprehensible marketing strategies to hit modern publishing.

As most of us are aware of throughout recent history, in order to influence a generation, one need implant or infuse certain new ideas that are unacceptable when introduced, but through a scientific and subtle propaganda, become acceptable and are then incorporated into mainstream society. Take for instance Smoking by Womenwhich was extremely unacceptable in Victorian Era Society – better known as pre WWI (1837–1901)

A very well known academic named Edward Béarnaise, whose uncle was Sigmund Freud, established today’s modern advertising techniques – namely, public  relations and consumerism – appealing to a person’s emotions rather than reason or real needs.

For a real eye-opening interview, check out A seething mass of desires: Freud’s hold over history – Ivan Tyrrell explores with Adam Curtis how Freudian ideas are flourishing in business and politics today and insidiously influence all of our lives which details the scientific nature of today’s marketing of ideas and products.

Quoting directly from the interview:

Tyrrell: Didn’t the profession of public relations begin as a direct result of Bernays’ reading Freud’s book and realising that it offered a way to manipulate the masses?

Curtis: Yes. Bernays was in the propaganda business and he wanted to sum up this notion of Freud’s and promote it, but he didn’t want to use the word ‘propaganda’, which had bad connotations — especially since the war, when people realised that propaganda was used to present selected information or promote a doctrine and that it was basically misleading, dishonest and exploitative. So he coined a new term, ‘public relations’, for the same thing.

He began to argue that the future of marketing, advertising and politics was to find ways of appealing to the emotional side of people through symbols, through the language of metaphor, in order to get people to react in the way that you wanted, quickly. He was one of the main architects of the modern techniques of mass-consumer persuasion, using every trick in the book, from celebrity endorsement and outrageous attention-grabbing PR stunts, to the eroticising of the motorcar. He showed American corporations how they could make people want things they didn’t need by systematically linking mass-produced goods to their unconscious desires.

Tyrrell: But why did the big corporations pay him so much attention?

Curtis: They believed they had a huge problem. Mass production had become so efficient and was becoming bigger and bigger, and those running the corporations were worried about overproduction — that people might actually stop buying things once they had what they needed. So when Bernays started saying, “I can connect with people emotionally and manipulate how they feel about themselves so they will buy whatever I make them unconsciously desire,” they listened. Up until that time, the working classes only bought things that they needed. But, with Bernays’ input, people started to be sold something not because they needed it but because they would feel better if they had it. The new creed was: you buy things to express your inner sense of self.


Curtis: I think that, from the 1920s onwards, people have become confused, by people like Edward Bernays, about the difference between needs and wants. For example, one of his most notorious ‘successes’ was to make it socially acceptable for women to smoke. He believed that you can persuade people to act irrationally if you link products to their desires and feelings, so he linked smoking to the women’s suffrage movement, calling cigarettes ‘torches of freedom’.

Tyrrell: Yes, that was absolutely fascinating, and horrifying, when you think of the massive rise in cancer among millions of women, as a result. Can you elaborate?

Curtis: By the mid-1920s, smoking had become commonplace in the United States but tobacco companies realised that cigarette sales would soar even higher if they could entice women to smoke in public. At the time, women had just won the right to vote, widows were succeeding their husbands as governors of such states as Texas and Wyoming, and more were attending college and entering the workforce than ever before. While women seemed to be making great strides in certain areas, socially they were still not achieving equality with their male counterparts. As far as smoking was concerned, women were only permitted to smoke in the privacy of their own homes. Public opinion, and certain legislation at the time, did not permit women to smoke in public. In 1922 a woman from New York City was arrested for lighting a cigarette on the street!

It was George Washington Hill, president of the American Tobacco Company, who recognised that an important part of his market was not being tapped into, and he hired Bernays to expand the sales of his Lucky Strike cigarettes to women. Bernays applied his talent to the problem. Recognising that women were still riding high on the suffrage movement, Bernays used this as the basis for his campaign. He consulted Dr A A Brill, a leading New York psychoanalyst, to find out the psychological basis for women’s smoking. Brill said that cigarettes were equated subconsciously with penises, which women were envious of. He gave Bernays the idea that, if he could connect cigarettes with the idea of challenging male power, smoking in public could be sold to women, who would then have their own penises. So he came up with an idea for presenting cigarettes as ‘torches of freedom’.

Bernays proceeded to stage an event at the annual Easter Day Parade, held in New York and attracting thousands, to introduce this totally irrational notion to American womanhood and it caused a national stir. He got a group of rich debutantes to agree to hide cigarettes in their clothing and, at a given signal, light up together. He then informed the press this would happen and of course photographers were present in droves and stories appeared in newspapers throughout America.

Bernays’ efforts had a lasting effect. He persuaded female film stars to smoke ostentatiously on screen, thus endorsing smoking cigarettes as respectable and desirable. Thereafter, women began to smoke in millions because he had linked smoking to feelings of independence, power and freedom. It may have made some of them feel like that but, of course, they were just being exploited and made poorer and unhealthy by becoming addicts to a powerful drug. 

Source: A seething mass of desires: Freud’s hold over history

The important idea to understand here is that it would appear that Glenn Beck is ‘carrying the torch’ for the Globalist Agenda in a self serving and very dangerous way. When googling Agenda 21 Glenn Beck, what comes up are a few links to his site and (drum roll please) his new book Agenda 21 (categorized as a thriller) with a plot only worthy of mention on page 6 – yet it is ranked 335 in sales at Barnes & Noble. Having been published on October 20th 2012, it boggles the mind how this book could be ranked so high.

The Psy-Op doesn’t stop there though. The publisher of Agenda 21 is Threshold Editions, who also publishes for luminaries such as Glenn BeckLynne CheneyMary CheneySean HannityMark R. LevinStephen MooreKarl RoveHerman Cain and Dick Cheney.

In fact, cutting to the chase here, it is more likely that the Agenda 21 Coming Soon video was produced by either Glenn Beck himself as a promotional tool or the cable company itself, given that this video is basically running only on his network or when his show is aired by the cable company – as he was alluding to.

A Google search of the United Nations site produces no results. However, a Google search of the internet using the terms Agenda+21+Video+Glenn+Beck  lists primarily or results.

ISBN-13: 9781476716695

Publisher: Threshold Editions

Publication date: 11/20/2012

Pages: 304

Sales rank: 335

Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.00 (d)

Will the facts about who produced the Agenda 21 Coming Soon video be released by Glenn Beck, Threshold Editions or BlazeTV? As a subscriber, I would demand that Beck give the real facts on just what his coincidental publishing of Agenda 21 and the seemingly exclusive airing of the video. Seeing that his audience was shocked and horrified enough to send in so many emails (no count was mentioned) and that many also terminated their subscriptions, it is not surprising that nothing is admitted to – reference here to the idea concept of integrity

Maybe this time, the Truth Agenda will prevail and Beck will show some integrity…


To get the facts on Agenda 21 and to research further, a few links follow. If you come across additional information, please feel free to add those links in the comment section. This matter is of such a serious nature that as humanity, we need to unite our efforts to expose this Eugenics and De-Industrialization Program before it’s too late.

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Each coastal State should consider establishing, or where necessary strengthening, appropriate coordinating mechanisms (such as a high-level policy planning body) for integrated management and sustainable development of coastal and marine areas….”


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The rise of smoking among women has been attributed not just to social factors and to women’s increasing economic resources, but also to the tobacco industry’s marketing of cigarettes to women as a symbol of emancipation.1214 This theme inspired a variety of marketing campaign slogans, including Phillip Morris’ well known 1968 advertisement for the Virginia Slims cigarettes campaign, “You’ve come a long way baby”, which underlined the achievements of the women’s movement in the United States.15 A 1991 internal industry document describes the creative strategy behind this brand, targeted specifically to women:


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