Glenn Beck: I Believe Alex Jones Is A Fascist

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Joining a choir of liberals, self described “conservative” Glenn Beck called Alex Jones a “fascist” on his radio show just after the Morgan-Jones showdown on CNN. An interesting comment from a self declared comedian who has for many-a-year studied and emulated Jones, realizing that truth attracts listeners. By doing so, Beck hopes to perhaps jump on the bandwagon of hard-hitting talk radio.

In the weird setup of his “Blaze” show (the master sitting just a little bit higher than his two minions, complacently smiling at them- even allowing them to bring in a point of view from time to time), Beck discussed Alex Jones’ performance on Piers Morgan. After making his usual sophomoric ape-sounds, echoed by his two lady-friend’s snarls and giggles, Glenn Beck does his standard impression of a more or less “serious” commentator, stating that although he thinks Piers Morgan is no friend of the Second Amendment, Alex Jones is a “raving fascist.” After airing a clip from the confrontation between Jones and Morgan (from 09.30), the first thing Beck says is “this guy’s a real danger.”

At some point, one of Beck’s minions (the one decorating his desk with a skull) fell completely through the floor in his attempt at verbally sledgehammering Alex Jones:

“This is how they want every tea-partier to seem like that guy: the screaming moron, the fat moron that you see screaming at the street corner.”

After this pathetic meltdown, Beck looses all composure, bluntly stating that he believes Alex Jones to be a fascist:

“That sounds like the ravings of a fascist. That’s what that sounds like. And, quite honestly, I believe what that guy is”, Beck stated.

Consider Glenn Beck. Here’s some rotten fruit that fell out of the apple-basket to appease conservatives nationwide. And what’s worse, the man has for many years now copy-pasted Alex Jones in order to gain traction among a great part of the American people. In any case, if anyone’s “fascist”, it’s warmongers like Glenn Beck who cheered on George W. Bush and the neocons when they set out to turn Iraq into a parking lot, leaving a pile of countless dead Iraqis and US soldiers in their wake.

Re-posting his opinions of Alex Jones on the website, he did not repeat his “fascist” remarks, but did regurgitate his disgust for Jones for his views on 9/11:

“Now whether you like this guy or don’t like this guy is up to you. He has proven himself to be a dishonest conspiracy freak. I mean to the point ‑‑ he’s the guy who is ‑‑ he is the author of the 9/11 conspiracy theory. Anyone who thinks that Popular Mechanics is a CIA front probably should ‑‑ probably should get a nap in, maybe around 4:00 this afternoon.”

Perhaps Beck is still upset with Alex Jones, when the latter exposed him of being a shill of the new world order, trying to appease libertarians into this idealized, sweater-wearing type of conservative who walks around all day radiating conservatism whilst doing nothing to stop the global mega-banks from consolidating absolute power. Without resorting to drastic labels like “fascism”, here’s what Alex Jones had to say about Beck in 2009:


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  • Hosehead

    Zionist shill Alex Jones a fascist? WTF? Talk about giving a noble cause a bad name!

    • NMBC

      Zionist shill Alex Jones a fascist?

      Although liberal media advertizes Alex Jones as a conservative in order to get conservatives to follow him. Alex Jones is absolutely not as you see he hangs around with Charlie Sheen and other extremist liberals. He blames the US for all his problems, except for his masters.

      I do not always agree with Beck, but he is right that Alex Jones is very dangerous and promoting civil war, not only just promoting himself as the other guy misled you to believe.

  • umx3

    I gave up on Beck after reading his shoddy blog and saw how many ignorant people frequent it – though, there are a few who try their best to raise the intellectual standard. I’ve even seen some of his blog writers out-right lie in their stories. The biggest problem with Beck is that he’s still an addict except now he’s drunk on power. I hadn’t known about his fued with Alex Jones, though. I’d believe Alex over Beck every time. Beck is a waste of time and energy and I really can’t believe anyone would listen to his radio show that I turned off after not even 5 minutes of listening to – it was that bad. Maybe if I was 12 or 13 I’d find it amusing, but I’m an adult and grew out of baby talk. Alex is much kinder to Beck than I’d ever be.

  • David

    Beck is a “has-been.” He is so jealous of Alex Jones and Jones’ innate ability to track the NWO that he cannot stand it any more. So, Beck goes into “trashing mode.” It’s pathetic. I’ve watched both shows, and I’d choose Jones over Beck any day. Jones is a true patriot, Beck is an ego-driven money chaser.

    • laura m.

      David, etc: Beck is a NWO paid shill obviously like Rush L.,Hannity,O’Rielly, etc. Beck is promoting himself and the Mormon church, period.

  • Beck, Faux and lots list support when they sidedins with the banks against the people.
    The banks are a free market, really??? Charging people what they will, seeking out the riskiest borrowers to bundle bad loans into instruments no one could understand, after being told they made the mistake, tough after the securities recieved triple ratings by rating agencies. REALLY?!

  • Ann Honey Moss

    This is the pothead calling the kettle crack. Glen Beck is one of the biggest whack jobs to ever have been given a bully pulpit. He never did answer the rape charges against him either. a lying duplicitous fool.

  • Johnn

    I have learned a lot watch Beck and have stuck up for him many times, but for awhile now I’m not so sure about him, I just today canceled my GBTV/The Blaze tv subscription and started My Alex Jones Subscription. I have been a Alex Jones fan a long time as well, But Beck is not doing it for me anymore, the radio show, yes is boring with the three of them just talking about stupid stuff, a waste of 3 hrs time for me. I LIKE ALEX JONES FIRE & FEARLESSNESS, this is what we need,Wake up America before its to late. plus he’s so far ahead in informaton that Americans need about the Globalist,Fema camps etc, all of it, well good by Beck for calling Alex Jones a FASCISTS, the last thing MR Jones is,is a fascists..Like he’s for a system of government marked by a centrailization of authority under a dictator, this was the last draw for me with Glenn Beck.

    • PISSED

      I completely agree… I really like Beck back in the day. I’m guessing he has grown to big for his own pants. His latest venture is Beck Land… after Disney Land. All off the backs of his listeners. I’m canceling my GBTV subscription the end of the month. I’m thinking the Elite got to him and or have threathened him. When was the last time you heard him talk about what is globally happening… and now he is shunning away from even mentioned the Presidents name. REALLY????? AND… why would you talk shit against another patriot that is trying to stand up for Americans??? Beck is LOST…

    • CB

      I agree! I used to really enjoy listening to Beck and watching his show but now it is too boring! He dominates the conversation with his s l o w talking, while Pat & Stu just sit there like dummies; I actually feel sorry for them. What is their purpose anyway? BTW, I think they are boring too. They seem to want to entertain us, it isn’t working, I don’t need to be entertained! I just discovered Alex Jones and am now listening to his archives, love his ranting and his style of presenting the info as well as how courteous he is to callers and guest. I love his passion and his love of America too! This is war and we need to get fired up and I am pissed off! Beck’s station bores me (with the exception of Wilcow who is great), terrible programming, he acts really silly at times and other times bored and tired- well, he bores me! I am tired of hearing about what they are going to eat or what they watched on TV, shut up with your silliness! Alex Jones is so much more interesting and informed. Also, stop insulting him, now is the time that the conservatives should be united; stop playing into the hands of the enemy! So what you disagree on minor things, the important thing is to focus on the enemy! Stop it and get some fire in your belly! Glenn Beck was interesting to watch when he was on FOX, except when he resorted to silliness and trying to be “cool”. The Blaze needs some interesting guests too and the blackboard, which was his trademark, for me. Also, stop dressing like a 1970’s college student, you look stupid! My husband won’t watch you because he thinks that you look like an idiot, he can’t get past the sweaters, rolled up sleeves, and caps-it looks goofy. I’m done ranting now.

  • ncjoe

    Finally, something almost intelligent fom Beck. Maybe there is hope that the collective intelligence of America is not as deficient as many of the posters here make it appear,

    • Lowtolerance

      That post explains much. You truly misunderstand the entire universe. And I don’t even like Jones.

  • Esteban Antonio

    Glenn Beck is a corporate puppet

  • Casey

    Divide and conquer.

  • David B

    Glen is a Alex want to be that has no balls!! He has all his sponsors to answer to!! He has money but no balls!!

  • TN Rifles

    Glenn Beck…uh yeah..crawl back under your rock.
    What a dumbass

  • TN Rifles

    Glenn Beck…uh yeah..crawl back under your rock.
    What a dumba$$

  • Agmand

    I wonder what Beck’s understanding of fascism is.
    Maybe he should expand on the issue.
    “I think Alex Jones is a fascist, BECAUSE when he says / does X, that is by definition fascism”.
    Obviously, Beck and I learned about fascism from different teachers.

    But, it’s okay, because I think Beck is just one of the entertainers / show business types, who is doing his level best to cash in on the patriot movement. It takes all types, some are milking the left, some milking the right, just like the political consultants.

    • Locus

      It doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t have to make sense, in Beck’s hands the term fascism is merely a blunt object with which to pummel opponents.

      How could Jones be fascist, railing on about the bankers so. Fascists -love- bankers, as bankers comprise the cabinet-level economic branch of government when one is funding war machines.

      Alex Jones is a very excitable fellow, he was completely swept away by Y2K Armageddon hype in ’00… his style is reminiscent of one William Cooper of the 80s and 90s, and I believe Jones has found his calling, there is a place for take-no-prisoners activism in modern times. And he has managed to shuck some of the sillier causes he has espoused over the years.

      Congressman Ron Paul deserves major credit here, as mentor to Alex Jones and others, Paul has contributed a consistent and focused revival of Constitutional values, and debate on the framers’ original intent.

      Boogeyman rundown:

      William Cooper: NWO Illuminati (old skool, I actually had his book, Behold A Pale Horse)
      Alex Jones: New NWO Bilderberg Group (well, sorta. But can these bankers really NWO their way out of a paper bag? I’m skeptical.)
      Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. – British Octopus/MI6 (huh? weird. Redcoats in trench coats)

      Interesting wide weird world we live in!

  • iamtheresistance

    Both of these guys are not to be trusted. Let me qualify that statement by saying that both make some excellent points, and as such it is worth tuning in from time to time, but both appear to be “true believers” that are being manipulated and everything they say needs to be verified via multiple, unconnected sources.

    The argument used towards Beck that he is meant to discredit the conservative and libertarian “movement” can be used equally towards Jones. I mean, I had to turn off Jones’ interview with Piers Morgan because he looked like a raving lunatic, and I AGREE with most, if not all, of what he said!! How do you suppose that played with people on the fence on the issue??

    People who initially said they identify with the Tea Party movement ideologically initially fled once unsubstantiated claims of racism was applied to it, because they didn’t want to be associated with such people (which was the specific purpose begin the tactic). Here we have a guy lose his marbles on national TV, to be replayed via YouTube clips ad infinitum, as “proof” that supporters of the Second Amendment are gun-toting lunatics. I’m sorry, but you can be passionate while leaving “crazy” in the closet.

    Both these guys damage our credibility, and yes, I think it’s intentional. So take their bullet points, do your own research, and then present the facts as widely as you can…

  • But dont you have to be running a country to be considered a facist. People have the choice of wheter to read it or listen to it.

  • SKIP

    I gave up on Beck when he allude to the “fact” that there were black signators of the Declaration of Independence and that a large part of the Republican Roman senate was black!!! WTF would he suggest such a thing.

  • Justcause

    Glen Beck, what can you say about a guy who does everything he can to demonizes anyone who actually is what he pretends to be. Call Alex Jones what you will but when the tyrant government comes for you after they take the guns you may have an ah ha moment and say, darn I wish I had paid more attention to this guy that is literally laying his life on the line yelling the British are coming, the British are coming!

    Who believes the cruelty that is being perpetrated upon the world in the name if the USA will not be brought home someday to us. Open those sleepy eyes and look past the computer screen, they are coming.

  • I have no doubt that Alex Jones is a defendor of the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. That’s good enough for me, no matter what you may think of him.

    He talks a great deal about false flags and false patriots. In my opinion Glen Beck is a false flag operation, and a dangerous disingenuous viper of the worst kind. I do not trust in his true motives.

    Food Freedom!

  • johnny

    Glenn beck is a shithead, plain and simple.

  • ManCavePatriot

    Glenn Beck, addicted rodeo clown = perfect CIA tool.

  • BubbaT

    Beck is a flaming tool. Hang around his site awhile and you’ll see it. Listen to his lame radio show and you’ll hear it.

  • merlin

    Alex rules. Beck drools. Nuff said.

  • Georgev

    Glenn is looking to grab the brass ring when SHTF but he is wrong about that too. He’ll be a boot licker that will be used and thrown to the side by the tyrants in charge . He’ looking for their favor. Alex is a real person doing what he can to get the word out about what Glenn cannot talk about the NWO.