Giant Video Billboard of WTC7’s Destruction Placed in Times Square for 9/11 Anniversary

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Beginning today, the organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has placed a massive, 45-foot video billboard of World Trade Center 7’s destruction in Times Square which is timed to run for the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and on through October 5th.

Against a backdrop of WTC7’s repeated freefall, the words “5:20 PM on 9/11, WTC7 came down in a classic controlled demolition. The government says fire brought it down, but anyone who watches the video can see otherwise” will appear. The 15-second spot will air every two minutes for four straight weeks.

An estimated 105,000 people a day will see the video. The group ran a similar ad earlier this year in Toronto’s subway system.

Some 2,250 architects and engineers have now signed a petition (here) that calls for a new investigation into the destruction of all three World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001.


Oddly, the building’s collapse was never mentioned in the 9/11 commission report.

Polls have shown that a third of New Yorkers and half of all Americans are still unaware that WTC building 7, aka the Salomon Brothers Building, was even destroyed on 9/11.

Of those who are aware of its destruction, many are still wondering how BBC News correspondent Jane Standley was magically able to report live on the WTC7’s collapse a full 15 minutes before it actually happened in real life while the building was clearly still standing behind her, as seen below.

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  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    –Mainstream Media Continue to Hide the Truth of 9/11–

    “On 9/11 your mainstream media deflected, diverted and obfuscated the truth of your country’s worst domestic terrorism ever. Like mynah birds being handed the script from the powers that be, they regurgitated the official story, never questioning or inquiring, never doing that which you believed was their duty. Cowed by the government, worried about shuttered newsrooms and slashed budgets and, Gawd forbid ruffling feathers, they spread the vanilla and placated an inquiring public. Well, time’s up. Thirteen years later, enter the alternative media. So, sit back and watch the firestorm of truth.” By LionelY2K


  • Undecider

    Why advertise? Don’t notify the “System” and give them an opportunity to shut it down.

  • Reverend Draco

    I remember when “the Authorities” said to “pull” Building 7.
    I wondered, immediately, how they were able to rig the building in the few minutes between the announcement and the building collapsing. . .

  • Larx

    I am really surprised that it has been 13 years now and there still hasn’t been massive protests demanding the truth about 9/11!
    Hell so many questions, so obvious that each attack was a lie and still no massive uprising.
    Planes hitting the building causing them both to fall, in buildings designed to withstand plane impacts. No super hot massive fires in the towers to melt the steel, like in the official story. Liquid steel in the rubble weeks after. Building 7 not hit by anything, yet falls just like the others. No plane parts or large engines, no luggage, no seats, no nothing in the pennsylvania crash. No released videos or even still pictures of the plane hitting the pentagon, despite it being the most surveyed building in the US.
    I mean come on people! How do you stand for this. I am not American and I can’t stand for it. I feel for the people of the US being blatantly lied to and decieved everyday about this. Thousands of your soldiers died in war because of this lie, thousands of your people died in the attacks and you still haven’t done anything to make the govt realize their lie is over?
    Billboards and internet blogs are all fine and dandy, but march ing for the truth down mainstreet USA is what will get worldwide attention. How about a million man march to Washington? Hell in every city to the governors office! The govt needs to know you guys know the truth and demand answers.

  • fatwillie

    You could show most 100 times more then this billboard, you could give them facts until then ran out of breath, but the blind, will always remain blind, and those with vision will continue to see. Just because someone has sight, and a brain does not make them capable of needing or seeing what should be seen.

    • whodowetrust

      It is very interesting that you not only need vision but the ability to process what you see.

      • Cracker122049

        Or the cowardice to ignore it,why do you think they have built and armed a police state that works hand in hand with the DHS scum? They let or borders be wide open and pull out the thugs in uniform at the first hint of trouble from the citizens.Law enforcement only protects the criminals calling the shots from the citizens that are continually shyt on

  • evoval

    50 years from now it will be no different than the murder of JFK. The same video over and over again with a government sponsored cover up and there is nothing anyone can do to bring the murderers to justice. That’s just the American way.

  • satan’s meat puppets don’t like truth/light

    • America Is Over!!

      Read the Obama prophecies… what is about to happen is very terrifying! revelation12 ca

      • we all die anyhow, nothing is terrifying unless you allow it to be

  • America Is Over!!

    Read the Obama prophecies… what is about to happen is very terrifying! revelation12(dot)ca

  • eagleflyfree

    controlled demolition…just like the first two towers.

  • betterboy

    building 7 looks like it was “pulled”. I don’t think the video is evidence though because even though it states “live” the video could be delayed and not live. I really don’t think the news people would be privy to such sensitive information – there must be another explanation.

  • warisaracketbysmedleybutler

    Some of you may already know this but we live in a society that is literally brainwashed and socially engineered from birth by institutions directly or indirectly controlled by the establishment, to mold the minds of the public to live in a mental prison, a matrix if you will. We live in the most brainwashed society humanity has ever seen. The government lies to you every day and even gets caught in their lies. Both parties do the same exact things, including treasonous acts and legislation and STILL the people believe what they tell them. This is the power of brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, and mind control in Western society. The people in control of the USA helped create the Nazis and Bolsheviks. They helped create Communism and Eugenics. The USA is the perfection of what they learned from both these guinea pig experiments in Germany and Russia. The next step in their plan for global domination and the enslavement of humanity is to intentionally crash the international monetary system and use the inevitable unrest to create their dictatorship. This is what George Orwell warned about when these people hijack revolutions to create dictatorships.