Chinese Businessmen Build Giant Gold Mao Statue In Rural Province

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They say history is written by the victors, and in the war against the people of China, Mao Zedong was clearly the winner. Several decades after his death, a gigantic 120 foot gold painted statue is being erected in his honor, within a rural county of the Henan province. Given the actions and beliefs of this man monster, his new statue is rife with irony.

For starters, the 3 million yen ($460,000) statue is largely being funded by local businessman and entrepreneurs. Obviously, those are the sorts of people who Mao would have had shot during his rule. The rest of the funding has come from donations by local villagers, whose ancestors were likely killed by Mao. The dictator’s economic policies were so disastrous and authoritarian, that they led to the starvation of millions of peasants. The rural province where this statue is being built, was actually ground zero for one of Mao’s worst famines in the 1950’s.

The gaudy gold statue is really just a testament to how brainwashed and repressed some Chinese citizens really are, which is clearly a legacy of Mao’s reign of terror. It is an ode to his cult of personality, and how collectivist systems are always held together by small groups of brutal and romanticized strong-men.

At its core, these systems represent the pinnacle of elitism, and only a society that is oppressed by these elites, would ever build such a statue. In that sense, this structure perfectly captures the embodiment of communism.

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  • Aug Ust

    Fuck China

  • Mark

    “…just a testament to how brainwashed and repressed some Chinese citizens really are…”

    Unlike the average American? (laughing)

    • sunshine

      I heard once…the difference between the Chinese and the Americans is the Chinese know they aren’t free, but the Americans think they are free. We’re all controlled and manipulated, and we know who is pulling the strings…

  • ccambridge

    What are his hands covering? His Mao Tse Dong?!?

    • brutus

      That’s what can be expected of psychopathic perverts.

      • Tom

        Mao used to have a private room off the Great Hall where he was known to take whatever hottie he wanted from the crowd for a few minutes of fun. I’m sure he didn’t get turned down very often.

  • Nexusfast123

    Got to find something to do with all that surplus rebar and concrete.

  • Jo Syphus

    Who is more brainwashed? You Americans don’t even fathom how your perception had been altered. Listen to Chomsky who has his own dog in this fight.

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient
    is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very
    lively debate within that spectrum….”

    Talk to me about communism or circumcision and you’ll choke.

  • Tom

    Looks like another nice place for the pigeons to leave their droppings until the people pull it down in the next revolution. How many statues of Saddam are still standing, or Lenin?

    • sunshine

      Hahaha YES! I remember laughing when they unveiled the “Blasian” MLK!