Get Ready for the Communist Full Court Press

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by Henry Shively

In signing the 2013 NDAA, the soviet socialist insurgency began censorship of the airwaves, another legislative attack on our Bill of Rights.  This is the communists deciding what information we American nationals will have access to.  Press TV is an Iranian news source and has been removed from US airwaves because it is anti-Zionist, which paves the way for sites like From the Trenches World Report to be removed from the internet because we are anti-communist, anti-Zionist, and anti-soviet insurgency into the United States.

This is an absolute attack on our 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  This is a group of communists in Washington DC declaring that the world view of the Iranians will be silenced, as it stands in opposition to the world view of their Zionist masters.  Think about the arrogance in telling American adults that they cannot listen to what Iranian adults have to say, while simultaneously introducing ten pieces of legislation, which represent, by definition, ten more infringements upon our unalienable 2nd Amendment right.

Last year about this time we at From the Trenches were shouting at the top of our lungs that the 2012 NDAA with Sections 1021 and 1022 was a declaration of war being put forth by the international communists who have infiltrated and taken over our government.  Just take the fact of military arrests and no due process and it must be seen that any proposed legislation is not but a dictate that can only be answered through armed resistance.

This is what you call a “worst case scenario” and I believe it is one our founders foreseen.  This is why the Bill of Rights is worded in such a way as it cannot be misinterpreted, as unalienable means absolute and without exception.  No argument for further argument can stand the test of reality.

These international Bolsheviks are intent upon the subjugation of we American nationals through mass extermination.  Our choice is simple – kill or be killed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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From the Trenches World Report is intent on uncovering more documented facts to bring to light that which the common man or woman is not meant to see. We are in a war for nothing less than our right to individual thought. We will be reporting on that war From the Trenches.

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  • ncjoe

    Communists? Really? Get your head out of your ass and in the 21st century.

    • Anonymous

      hey ncjoe. Thats exactly what i said 3 days ago. google cpusa. It is for real. It is not something new. They have been here a long time. There is a book from 1958 called “The Naked Communist”. In it you will find 40 things that the communists wanted to accomplish and if you read these goals of theirs you may quickly realize that communism is not dead…They simply call it something else and they have accomplished many many of their goals right here in the good ole USA.

      • Jean

        For those who haven’t read the Communist Manifesto, or looked at the planks of the Party platform:
        The communists don’t run any national candidate BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS HAVE THE SAME PARTY PLANKS.

        So Joe – maybe you’ll notice it’s a little dark and look around?
        The red pill hurts, but the blue pill is cyanide.

  • Locus

    Easy to spot those in the International Corporate Mafia, just look for jumpsuits with ‘International Corporate Mafia’ written across them.

    ‘Trenches Report’ sounds shrilly paranoid and seems to use jingoistic terminology to the extreme. The message can get lost in such noise and it starts to sound like the obvious and dreary kind of propaganda, they should practice writing about everyday things such as daffodils and barefoot kids in Summer until they regain their sense of literary balance.