GESTAPO: NYPD Raids Wrong House, Tasers and Arrests 86-yr-old Man for Cooking Soup

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Editor’s Note: WHAT THE HELL?! The police in this country act like a gestapo, and then always try to blame it on the innocent civilians they are terrorizing. It’s despicable and disgusting. Protect and serve, YEAH RIGHT! We live in a total and utter corrupt tyrannical police state. Period.

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New York, NY — (RT) John Antoine, an 86-year-old tasered by a police officer while cooking soup, has been cleared of charges, a court ruled. The elderly man’s apartment had been raided by officers searching for his granddaughter’s boyfriend, said to be suicidal after running out of medication.

The incident took place while Antoine was cooking soup at his Brooklyn home back in October. Standing in the kitchen with a knife in one hand and an onion in the other, little did he imagine that a group of five armed police officers was about to break into his apartment.

The officers were looking for the 23-year-old boyfriend of Antoine’s granddaughter, as the young man was thought to be emotionally disturbed after he ran out of medication.

“Just imagine you are a human being, to get this thing on your neck,” Antoine told NBC New York. “That comes as a nightmare.”

“The police came in and say, ‘You so and so, put down the knife,’ and I said, ‘Why are you coming in my apartment? What do you want?’” Antoine told NY Daily News. “They wouldn’t tell me.”

Seeing Antoine with a knife, an officer demanded that he drop it. But when the retired pipefitter turned to put the knife back on the table, he felt a sharp pain – one of the officers had fired a Taser into his neck and leg.

“I felt like I was dead,” the 86-year-old later said.

He was later taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors found him mentally fit.

However, the suffering of the elderly man who just wanted to cook soup in his apartment was not over – officers said he was being charged with harassment for his refusal to drop the kitchen knife.

“The individual he [the officer who Tasered Antoine] encountered inside the residence was armed with a large kitchen knife and was in immediate proximity to both the sergeant and a three-year-old who was present in the residence,” an NYPD spokesman said.

Police added that Antoine “refused to comply with the sergeant’s commands to drop the knife, instead making statements to the effect, ‘I am not going to jail, I’m not going to the hospital.’ ”

The charges against the pensioner were finally dropped on March 7, five months after the incident. There is no information that any charges have been pressed against the officer who attacked Antoine.

The NYPD spokesman told NBC that “the responding sergeant demonstrated a level of intelligent restraint that is to be commended.”

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  • I forgot

    The cop is obviously mentally unstable.

    • Mike

      most cops are. it is a requirement these days.

      • Reverend Draco

        The best psychopathy 45 years and a trillion dollars can buy.

        • Patricia Schofield

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  • Helluva3ngineer

    He deserved it. Stupid slave, thinkin’ he could feed himself an shit? Surprised he made it this long. /sarc

  • Reverend Draco

    Who’d’a everthunk it?

    A heavily armed coward pisses his pants at the sight of an old person cooking.

    The general rule is. . . “I have a gun, what do I have to be afraid of?”

    In Coproachland, it’s, “I have a gun and will piss my pants at a moment’s notice.”

    It’s kind of like how, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” became, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but WAHHH! He said a WORD! He ruffled my rump and MUST BE PYEWNISHT!”

    • Cracker122049

      As time goes on we read about these bastards doing this with regularity, Heros my ass, punk ass gang members that are protected by the courts!

      • archer

        What do you expect, they work for the biggest criminal organization on the planet, the U.S. government.

      • Reverend Draco

        A Hero, by definition, is someone who acts “above and beyond the call of duty.”

        Someone who is “just doing my job,” is not a hero – again, by definition.

        Someone who acts in a cowardly manner is, by definition, a coward – not a hero.

        I suppose “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

  • jim_robert

    Good to know at least laws to don’t apply to Hitlery and Slick. They could do ANYTHING and get away with it

  • Smarty

    Soup Nazis….

  • Smarty

    How I wish I was an attorney. I take this case pro-bono and absolutely fucking crucify anything and anyone related to this incident that I could possibly think of and then some. I hope the media attention of this travesty allows for someone to do that. What a bunch of total fucking assholes. A tazer can easily kill an 86 year old man, or anyone for that matter. Remember when tazers were first introduced? The line of bullshit we were fed was that it was “only for extreme cases” and wouldn’t be a common thing. I knew it was a line of shit. Tazing is now as common as mosquitos and getting worse by the second….

    • Gambeir Bay

      My cousin devoted himself to becoming an attorney.
      He quit that. Reminds me of the numbers of people I found who have given up careers in education to truck driving because of the control, corruption, and inability to have any real freedom or to obtain real justice. The system is Kaput and it’s time for a revised schedule called liberty.

    • roger

      so true

  • Dan Morgan

    Cop will claim he was in fear for his life. If he wasn’t then. He should be now.
    What a Dick.

  • doucyet

    Drop the onion or bang bang bang…………….I’ll shoot!

  • Broos

    “Our” gang of New York on a fraudulent fishing expedition!

  • archer

    He’s lucky he wasn’t shot 14 times.

    • roger

      nah. the fucking NYPD could not hit a target that many times. they have a proven track record of shitty marksmanship…………;)

      • archer

        It’s usually 2 or 3 out of 14, but one of them can be a bystander.

  • Tabbytha

    So apparently In the US you can’t cut things with a knife when children are in the kitchen now? An old man in the KITCHEN with a knife… it didn’t occur to these brainiacs that he might be cooking something due to being in a KITCHEN? He probably didn`t immediately drop the knife because of surprise, and it is such a natural everyday thing to be holding a kitchen knife in the kitchen… cops see danger in everyday actions that stagger the mind of the people they confront… then they taser or shoot the bewildered not doing anything threatening person for being a threat… then they are let off the hook by other twits who obviously can`t think clearly either. Since when is having a knife near a child in the kitchen when you are using it to cut food a threat the child needs to be saved from, I wonder… And why do they think it`s perfectly OK to taser old people when the taser might give them a bloody heart attack… traumatize the poor kid near grandpa as well as possibly killing him for not doing anything wrong! These guy are afraid of everything these days, even stumbling into everyday activities they perceive a threat! The conditioning of these police through corrupted training and lies have them nearly jumping at their own shadows! The social engineers must be having a field day with the cops too, they never used to be this paranoid!

  • CharlesH

    F**KING pigs – oink oink oink

  • T starkey

    What ever happened to knocking on someone’s door, and asking a few simple questions. Have you seen this person we are looking for? Do you know where he is? If he tries to get hold of you can you give us a call, because we are worried for his safety! Oh that might be good police work from back in the day!

  • Jackie Puppet

    I generally support law enforcement, and feel bad hearing stories when NYPD cops get executed while sitting in their cars, but this crap makes me second guess. There definitely are good cops, and those hiding behind their badge that belong in a prison’s general population.