Germany Buckles: Angela Merkel Orders New Border Controls

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While the German government was previously willing to welcome hundreds of thousands of Middle-Eastern refugees with open arms, it seems that even they are buckling under the pressure of the migrant crisis. Over the weekend, Germany reinstated identity checks along their border and cut off railways that led into the country from Austria. Their decision marks a temporary end to the passport-free travel to Germany that is enjoyed by EU citizens.

Their decision arrived a day before EU ministers were supposed to meet and figure out what to do with the thousands of refugees that are already in Europe. The magnitude of the crisis grows by the day, as Germany’s Vice Chancelor reassessed the number of migrants that are heading for their borders. “There are many signs that Germany this year will take in not 800,000 refugees, as forecast by the interior ministry, but one million.”

Germany isn’t alone in their decision to clamp down on their formerly open borders. Austria, Slovakia, and the Netherlands have all instated new border checks, and Denmark has announced that they will no longer accept any more refugees. The Prime Minister of Hungary has even ordered the construction of a 108 mile barbed wire fence along his nation’s border, as well as the criminal prosecution of any illegal immigrants. “Illegal border crossings will no longer be misdemeanors but felonies punishable with prison terms or bans.” One by one, the nations of Europe are locking down their borders in the face of the migrant crisis.

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  • How can the European Union survive if its key premise, open borders for all EU citizens, is trashed?

    • LiberalsRLost borders……is death of a nation…oh wait we are doing it here too…oh wait we are dying as well….Hmm well that sucks…..

      • Reverend Draco

        No nation in the history of man has ever survived multiculturalism. Of all the problems that led to the fall of the Roman Empire, multiculturalism was as much to blame as any, and more to blame than most.

        We’re seeing this now with the whole Hyphenated-American thing.

        • Razedbywolvs

          The ottoman empire.

          • Reverend Draco

            What about the Ottoman Empire?

            It’s gone, too.

          • Razedbywolvs

            It was multicultural, Still holds the record for longest run without a regime change (600 years).

          • Reverend Draco

            Oh yes – it does hold the record, no doubt. . . but it also wasn’t particularly multicultural, in the sense that everyone considered themselves a part of the Empire; “Ottoman,” not “Egyptian-Ottoman.”
            Just as in the early days of Rome, everyone considered themselves “Roman” rather than “Visigoth-Roman.”
            In our case, “American” as opposed to “African-American.”

        • Nick

          Yup much like Highlander “there can be only one”. Culture is a pretty Darwinian thing, the stronger culture will overcome the weaker one.

        • LiberalsRLost

          exactly…but the progressives of both parties refuse to acknowledge it…….because the re-election to a powerful office is intoxicating…..

      • There is an difference between open, unpatrolled, and uncontrolled.

        • LiberalsRLost

          Please distinguish.
          Here in Murika:
          1-Open border is a GOP/Democrat/Soros sponsored dream for a North American Union like the E.U. failing concept.

          2- Unpatrolled is what we have in the USA by the willful unspoken diktats of the 535 elected officials in the District of Corruption.
          3- Uncontrolled is what this present administration is implementing by reducing amount of physical resources for our Border patrol agents, reduced budget, reduced weapons and training and pretty much setting them up for failure. All while maintaining a facade of empathy and concern so the public can say: Gee look he is trying, sure must be tough.

          So not sure what your point was about the three attributes but our nation is intentionally being opened up for failure. The North American Union was initiated by Bush and the present Bankster puppet is continuing with the program.

          • The agreement signed by Bush, Paul Martin, and Vicente Fox in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 created the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), which is the forerunner of to the North American Union, which pretty much died when the last of the partners left office in their respective jurisdictions, by August 2009. The North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) is abut all that survives of the SPP, and it consists of 30 corporate representatives from some of North America’s largest companies, which is anything but trilateral.
            The SPP website is down, as is the likelihood that the slowing educating American electorate will buy the North American Union’s requirement to bring Canada and American standards of living down to the Mexican, as would be required to make the union work.
            The Border Patrol still patrols the border and well into the country beyond their allowed perimeter of 25 miles, but they are just watching what is happening since they seldom arrest anyone anymore, aside from motorists far from the border, in violation of the 4th Amendment and various SCOTUS decisions.

          • LiberalsRLost

            Good summary and as one can see the open border scheme is still in play to bring down the living standards of the USA to that of Mexico…very disgusting indeed…

            I hope I have gone to glory by then

          • Obama’s opening of the border has more to do with his communist revolutionary goals than with those of the New World Order hegemonists. Obama was trained and indoctrinated from birth by Marshall to pursue the Marxist goals of Saul Alinsky, whose book, “Rules for Radicals” he has publically idolized multiple times.

  • SovereignPatriot88

    What do you expect when you have this many people trashing every place they go, starting trouble, throwing rocks, importing weapons and not to mention the threats coming from the middle east to send in ISIS members to wage jihad on the world. They couldn’t have made their intentions any more clear. Shut down this invasion and send back the ones that are already there. Let them solve their own problems.
    Now if America will follow their example and not accept these ISIS invaders, we will be doing ourselves a huge favor.

    • Nick

      You know Obag won’t have any of that. He will be sending carnival cruise ships to pick them up in short order.

      • sunshine

        This made me laugh…for a minute, then I realized how plausible it really is.

        • Nick

          Yup. Hell he’ll probably book Neil Diamond to play it live too.

  • Nick

    Wow Merkel is one ugly wench and she does look like the spawn of Adolf, maybe Merkel being a turkey baster baby lab grown from Adolf’s seed it isn’t such a “conspiracy theory”.

    Joking aside we all know Germany and most of the EU nations don’t have the resolve to enforce their borders. The first picture of a “migrant” with a black eye or a booboo from a border guard will end those “border controls”.

    • sunshine

      Um…no. Merkel is nothing like Hitler, who cared about the German volk and the preservation of Germany. What you think you know about Hitler is very, very wrong and it would be a good idea for you to actually read his book, and hear his own words, before you regurgitate lame slander, and bash him. Just a suggestion!

  • Frank

    Now the EU countries are getting a taste of what the United States government has been (allowing) for the last few decades – for the lack of political will by government officials to take action to stop illegal immigration. The US would be smart to follow the example, build a fence and aggressively patrol it and stop illegal immigration. But no, Mexico is the model that the US is following – lots of money in the country, with the one-percent super-wealthy living large and everybody else in their servitude.

  • Dan from Janeville

    Once bitten, twice shy!