Germany Admits They Have Lost Track of 130,000 Refugees

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Most governments pride themselves on their ability to keep track of their citizens. They want to know where you live and where you work, they litter the streets with surveillance cameras, and they want us all to carry IDs at all times. So what does it say when a country like Germany loses track of thousands of people? Since governments are normally really good at controlling and surveilling their populations, it means that they’re quickly losing control of their country.

The German government recently admitted that they don’t know the whereabouts of over 130,000 refugees. That is 13% of 1.1 million recent arrivals to Germany. When they first arrived, they simply didn’t go to the reception centers that they had been directed to. The government knows when and where they first arrived, but these people never registered for asylum.

And that’s just what the German government will admit to. The number could be as high as 600,000, most of whom have likely moved on to other EU nations. And this situation is only going to get worse from here. The refugees are pouring into Europe at twice the rate they were last year, and 2015 saw twice as many asylum applications as the year before that. If Europe doesn’t shutter its borders completely, then they won’t be very European for much longer.

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  • Germany gave up many of its third reich premises after its defeat in WW2.
    This country has never had a requirement that we carry ID, even after decades of trying to institute a national ID card, the most recent being the attempt to convert the states’ drivers licenses into a national ID card through the Real ID Act, which is finding too many holdouts to succeed in corralling all of us.

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    I forgot how to say ‘oops’ in German.

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      Ups, hoppla, huch. 3 choices.

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        Danke schön!

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    130,000 men = 10 Battalions.

    • Mordechai Papelow

      its a fully army . army =100,00-150,00 men

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    Damn… that picture makes me physically sick every time I see it!

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      Reminds me to go to the range…practice makes perfect.

  • Tatiana Covington

    They should have been tattooed! It’s been done before. And lost, with modern methods of tracking and surveillance? Such as injectable chips and handheld chip readers? I don’t think so!

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    Merkel has sunk her nation. She and her zionist cabal should be jailed for the mess they’ve made out of Germany and the rest of the EU.

    • mogsworth

      I agree ‘Frau Merkel’ has done irreversible damage to her reputation and Germany’s standing in the EU but, I seriously doubt your assertion she has a Zionist cabal. Do you know what Zionist means? It means ‘to found and support a Jewish homeland in ISRAEL!

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    Germany lost track of the refugees and the Fed. lost track of all the German Gold they had stored for them. Oops sorry we can’t seem to locate all the gold we had stored for you. Give us a little time and we’re sure it will turn up HAhahaha.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    Germany sounds a lot like what’s happening in America.

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    They were flown to Mexico to cross the border.