Germans Rushing to Buy Blank Guns over Migrant Fears

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After being flooded with well over a million third world immigrants over the past two years, followed by countless high-profile crimes committed by these migrants, the German people are more interested in self-defense then they ever have been in recent history. Though the police and the media are in near constant denial over how much peril Germany is in, the people are taking action, and buying whatever they can to defend themselves.

In Germany’s southernmost state of Bavaria there has been a record number of applications for weapon licenses, which give citizens permission to buy blank firing guns. The number of applications has risen alongside the number of refugees who have been settled in the region. While 2014 saw 2,379 applications, 2015 saw 5,748.

But those numbers have been dwarfed in 2016. In February 7,435 licenses were given to Bavarians, and in March 4,677 were given out. These numbers were revealed when the pro-migrant Green Party asked for them in Parliament.

According to Katharina Schulze, interior affairs spokesperson for The Green Party, “The explosive rise in the number of small weapons licences being handed out is very worrying,” She told Die Welt before adding “We don’t need the people of Bavaria to arm themselves. Possessing arms and practising vigilante justice are not an example we want to set…The danger is that more and more conflicts will escalate if more people arm themselves. We need to act against this.”

Of course, “vigilante justice” doesn’t come out of nowhere. It typically happens when the authorities fail to protect their own citizens. And in any case, citizens buying blank guns as a last-ditch effort to protect themselves is hardly proof of any kind of widespread vigilante mob behaviour. It’s only proof that the German people have been disarmed and cowed into submission by their globalist government.

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  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    ?BLANK GUNS?and

  • Mike

    what the f is a blank going to do other than make noise. That is not defense. Germans, go to the local black market and buy some real ones with REAL AMMO.

    • Uncle Sham

      bruce lee’s son got killed by a blank, LoL

      • Mike

        yea because it was pointed right at his head within a foot if I am not mistaken.

        • Uncle Sham

          yeah thats pretty much the only way to do it, has to be within a foot

      • nara

        Even in the military training, the blanks at very close range do have a kill radius.

        • IMJSBNME

          Yep… used to take the blank adapter to kill rattlesnakes and copperheads… helps to be a good shot, though… a pissed off snake is not a fun situation to be in.

    • nara

      They start underground manufacture of weapons.
      Old school history the WWII french resistance did in the beginning of WWII.

  • Smarty

    This is what the stupid fucking American sheep have to look forward to if they’re dumb enough to let themselves be disarmed….

    • Kristymwilson3

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      We aren’t. The liberal sheep don’t have a clue.

  • mayday911us.

    Well I kind a hope these blank firing weapons actually can be loaded with real rounds and be used.

    But I can understand why you’re buy them.

  • ExecutorOffice

    Karma for Krauts. DC is in for much worse.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Ever heard of zip guns?


      Yep…haven’t heard that term in a very long time….

  • Razedbywolvs

    Ahh No! Some one tell them there doing it wrong.

  • Sam300

    Blank gun?

    How will that protect someone? If it doesn’t kill, it is a toy.

    • StevetheHun

      If you hold it really close to the head, yeah, deadly.

      But this is pathetic!

  • Vows of Vengeance

    Katharina Schulze thinks people buying BLANK guns is worrying? What the hell is worrying about buying blank guns? What a stupid bitch. She never heard of cap guns? More than 7,000 kids own cap guns. Well, maybe not in Germany. They are so screwed.

    • aerodog2 .

      From the article, it sounds like you need a LICENSE from the Govt to possess a cap gun or blank gun.
      And yes, Katharina Schulze is a committed Leftist, who would deny you a Spoon to defend yourself with. That is the Leftist/Statist way.
      In the USA, she’d be a Democrat.


      Used to be about every boy had a cap gun when I was a kid…

  • Broos

    There is hope against our halfascist BushMasters STILL! If the Nazi Germans can be pacified into wielding blank-firing pistols for “self-defense” Anything’s POSSIBLE!! Pop guns Against Poppy … Hmmm !!!

  • frankw

    It’s pathetic what the German people have been reduced to.Seventy years of zionist propaganda and brain washing has taken its toll. Churchill once remarked, “..if you want to know what its like to fight a real war, fight the Germans.” Reduced from war dogs to pussycats, and I fear we’re next.


      Not Zionists… Leftists… and people want Hilliary to be president… she has already stated she wants to take law abiding citizens’ guns away.

  • Ste Margarita

    I don’t have problem with the bourgeois getting blank guns. In fact, I like the idea because it gives the working people an excuse..

  • pharmerdavid

    If I was living in Germany, I’d convert to Islam before it’s too late. Seriously, we all know the globalists are flooding our countries with immigrants intentionally, but using violence is NEVER ever the best solution (except in self-defense as I had to do a few times – I felt bad for the guy with the crushed windpipe though even though he probably intended to beat the crap out of me with his gang, or worse) – it’s what the globalists want. So what is the solution then? DOGS!!! Preferably two or three of them – more is better when it comes to using doggies for protection. It’s always better to deter violence than having to defend yourself, or retaliate later – always. It’s good to have a weapon to protect your doggies though, and a crossbow is quiet and effective, especially using a scope with laser rangefinder which extends the range considerably (illegal in most places). Of course I live in the one state where crossbows are illegal for hunting, but I despise hunting anyways – I’m a more of a catch-and-release fishing type of person (after I kiss the fish for being so pretty). When I was young, we used to drill-out the barrel of our blank guns, and put round pellets in them to be blasted out by the force of the blank, which really stung when it hit you. We had big neighborhood wars – weren’t our parents enlightened to let us do that (sarcasm)? We didn’t even wear eye protection! My granny confiscated my entire arsenal of toy guns when I was a lad – I hated her for doing it then, but love her for doing it now. Net guns are available too, although I’m not sure what you do with a Moslem person once you net them – maybe gas them with a vaporizer to chill them out (I’ve got plenty of ammo for that!)? Or deprogram them before removing the net, so their brainwashing indoctrination which fooled them to worshipping the evil entity is erased (good luck doing THAT!). Those poor Moslem people are the most brainwashed on earth – even worse than Christians, who also worship the evil entity “king daddy in the sky” (with a beard of course). The rabbi-rousers who created the monotheistic religions could be thrown into a colosseum with the Moslems – now that would be fun!! Just kidding (again – I’m such a kidder)…no worries SS… Dogs, net guns, and crossbows…! I’ll probably have the SS come knocking at my door for suggesting people defend themselves though – we are apparently supposed to lay down and spread ’em for the nice immigrants being brought to us for their safety.


    Blank firing guns and blank ammo cannot be shipped to California , Greater Chicago, New York City and surrounding boroughs, Washington DC, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Puerto Rico, with certain exceptions. Hawaii or Alaska can order blank guns but due to shipping restrictions we can’t ship blank ammo to Hawaii or Alaska(you must purchase your blank ammo locally).


    Got it? The Aussies are even having their single-shot black powder rifles taken away. And forget about a Bowie knife like Crocodile Dundee used – defending yourself is unacceptable! Might as well give them your daughter or wife to use, or ‘submit’ yourself and they might spare the rest of your family. Just kidding again – I love Arab people, even when they are Moslems – really. I’ll just get a secret ‘safe’ room dug under my basement floor, and hide when my property is invaded, like farmers in South Africa have to do…and I’m keeping my doggies with me. We are all going to be living like South African farmers the way things are going – doggies are the answer to the invasion problem – man’s best friend and protector!

    • mtmla

      Remember, people vote for these traitor muslim lovers….first step is to get these people off the office of power and change things, then use violence as necessary for protection along the way till you get your country back. The muzzies don’t belong in civilized society.

    • aerodog2 .

      Vis a vis your suggestion that Germans Convert to islam , remember to keep track of the Leftists and Gays who SUPPORTED the Politicians who are bringing such muslims in wholesale. When the time comes, and we all declare ourselves to be loyal muslims, I intend to be the 1st to condemn the Godless Leftists, the Gay Liberals, and the Shreiking Mouthy Feminists who act as improper Harridans and talk to strange men in the street. They have no morals, and bring shame upon their Family Honor. They are Haram!!!
      I’ll get quite a chuckle as I look at the faces of these Traitors who supported bringing in the Third World, just before myself and the other Truly Devout muslims sail them off a roof for their Godless, Homosexual, ‘Improper .Female’ behaviors.
      Maybe, just before they ‘Sail Away’, I’ll pull down the Beard and say “I told you so, Lefty!” That way they can see just who it is who is screwing them back!

  • Chris Sky

    How do you know your country has been pussified to the point it’s ripe for a third world invasion and conquest? You need a “license” for a “weapon” that does nothing but make noise! A blank gun is the useful equivalent of a rape whistle! Europe’s “men” are a joke. Russia is the only hope.

    • mtmla

      While Europe disarmed the Europeans, they armed the muslims in the ME to depose their dictators and create the mess , death and mayhem we see now. And European elected these people to lead them …to what??? To destruction.
      I remember several times reading Europeans comments about Americans being a bunch of savage cowboys with guns discriminately shooting and killing people, while the Europeans were so civilized and those crimes didn’t happen there because people didn’t carry guns…Well, it so happens that the criminals ALWAYS carry powerful guns and bombs, and the europeans are now a bunch of pathetic sitting ducks ready to be slaughtered and raped by muslims thanks to their own stupidity for electing traitor communists sell outs to the big ME oil monies and flooding the continent with millions of young barbaric beasts who still live in the 7th century desert and hate everything and everyone who don’t submit to their satanic cult.
      The result of all this madness is a civil war to try and protect Europe’s way of living ( is it too late already?) or submit to Islam and give away your young women and the men’s necks as submission to the satanic cult. If America( and the Americas) doesn’t stop the flow of muSLIME it will end up the same way. As Islam grows in numbers of followers,
      the attacks on the non muslims and their institutions will grow until the we have the same situation as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, to mention a few places, where only islam is accepted with the elimination of the other religions. Islam’s goal is to reign supreme and impose Sharia on everybody. Big parts of Europe are already sharia compliant while any opposition is silenced or people fined or put in jail for hate speech, by their own elected dhimmies. Islam on the west demands tolerance from every other religion, but islam does not tolerate other religions. It’s in their satanic book, the Koran,

      • Robert Ferry

        But other than that, do you have any strong feelings about the subject?

  • VietnamVet1967

    I say Everyone buy a Cap Pistol, what a joke

  • Kerry

    Worry of vigilante justice is admission of negligent government service from government servants. It is factual proof failure of policy, leadership, and moral high ground. Right to rule is revoked at first affirmation of utter failure. There is no one at your ships rudder you are in a severe storm, and the rocky shore is right in front of you. It is already too late when they are making effort against the people having to protect themselves instead of the threat the people are protecting themselves from.

  • jim_robert

    I say go make Katharina Schulze, interior affairs spokesperson for The Green Party go LIVE IN THE MUSLIM GHETTO. See how long she survives among the religion of (human) pieces

    • aerodog2 .

      Katharina Schulze should be dangling from a Lamppost for her Crime of supporting the Death of Germany and the German People.
      This only goes on because there are no more German Men, and the German Women/Girls/Boys are too stupid to accept that they are being offered up as sex toys for the Rapeugees.
      None of this stops until the People Responsible have reason to Fear if they KEEP doing it. Once it starts to COST politicians who speak in favor of this Lunacy, they won’t speak in favor of it.

  • Abracabastard

    You can convert a blank gun to fire projectiles but I’m sure most of the population will be too afraid to even do that. Europe is lost

  • bill lopez

    I’d rather carry a knife than a blank gun..

  • bill lopez

    I’m going for a finger gun and a loud “pew pew”

    • aerodog2 .

      Get a License.

    • Robert Ferry

      Big bars of soap and black shoe polish are flying off the shelves!

  • MrApple

    “In Germany’s southernmost state of Bavaria there has been a record number of applications for weapon licenses, which give citizens permission to buy blank firing guns.”
    They’d be better off with a hammer.

    • morecotwo

      Hammers were outlawed, didn’t you hear?

  • Montana Man

    A much better option: skunk spray.

  • Bruce Regael

    Blank guns? What–in thee–hell? Completely useless in the same way a bullhorn is other than “hope” it’ll attract attention to come to your aid. A complete waste of money to invest in. Just strap a machete to your back or walk around with a baseball bat.

  • Dan Morgan

    And American’s are rushing to buy “black guns”………

  • Heath

    “Anti-racists” SAY they are against white racists, white racism, and white privilege.
    What they are REALLY against is white culture, white civilization, and white people.
    They SAY they want a world without “hate”, without “racism”.
    What they REALLY want is a world without white people.
    What they REALLY want is a world without YOU.
    What they REALLY want is White geNOcide!
    Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White.

  • You violated my safe space!

    Firing a blank gun they’ll be charged with a hate crime for hurting the “immigrant’s” feeeeeelings.

  • You violated my safe space!

    What ever happened to that girl that was being raped and used pepper spray and got fined for using pepper spray? Europe and the USA have committed suicide with touchy feely sensitive tolerance.

    • aerodog2 .

      German Leftists HATE her for not submitting gracefully.

  • psadie

    OMG the German people are desperate to buy BLANK GUNS and they have allowed the globalists to make them into sad pathetic persons. Americans this is what’s waiting for us if we let the Progressive/Globalists take charge.
    TRUMP 2016.

  • SP_88

    A blank gun could be modified to fire a projectile by a skilled person. Although it is sad that they have to resort to such things.
    And if the authorities are not going to do their job and keep people safe, the people will have to do it themselves. The only problem is that the government has done everything they can to prevent people from defending themselves. A knife or a bat might be ok for some people, but what about women and the elderly? They may not be able to fend off an attacker with a bat or a knife, especially if the attacker has a weapon. A firearm would level the playing field.
    I understand that they don’t want to create more violence, but either way, somebody is going to get hurt or killed. But at least if people have a firearm, it is more likely that the bad guys will be the ones who end up dead. And I don’t think that this will increase the number of incidents, it will simply change the outcome from victims being hurt or killed to perpetrators being hurt or killed. And I’m ok with that.
    And they should have a policy of not giving weapons permits to foreigners. That way they won’t have to worry about the local people being assaulted by armed migrants who hate the local people who were only trying to help them.
    Once all the local people are armed, and after several incidents of attackers being ventilated, the message should get out that raping and beating people will not be tolerated. And I bet that the number of these incidents will drastically decrease. I have no sympathy for people who want to victimize women and children, especially if they know the consequences ahead of time.

    • aerodog2 .

      BUT, the ‘Authorities’ consider the Present German Population to be ‘the Bad Guys,’ and today’s Germans are scheduled for replacement.

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    I took a sword to a gunfight once – does that count?


      Only if you won….

      • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

        I’m still on top of the dirt. . .

  • Hunter

    Gonna need more than blanks, kids. You draw on someone, it better be for real.

  • nara

    Germany now, America next!

    Hillary will take down the 2nd amendment after the 2016 election!

    No AMMO, No joke!

    California Sacramento politicians are a test case of 11 anti-gun
    bills to go nationwide. The one for buying ammo to make residents
    register before getting ammo, cannot buy online, cannot go to other
    states to buy, is now making it a Jade Helm theory into reality.

    Which means if other Americans in other States, don’t help stand up
    for gun rights in California, this will be spreading to the rest of
    America! Everyone laughs at the fruit & nut State, but look what has
    happened to the rest of the country over the past 8 years. One Big Ammo
    Mistake America!

    Get your friends, relatives and other conservatives to write, email
    and call the California State governor’s office and the Sacramento
    politicians to reconsider & trash those anti-freedom laws ASAP!

    Politicians don’t need to confiscate physical guns, they limit ammunition, the military will do the gun confiscation.

    Since 1973 the Liberal Democrats have been in charge in Sacramento, your State is next!

  • nara

    Within a short range to a lot of newbie CCW, a knife at short range does have an advantage.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    I said it before if Merkel wants to keep Germany intact she needs to give all citizens guns and ammo to protect themselves. Its never been done before kill these low life muslims. Hey they have brought it on all by themselves. Quite frankly they are to stupid to live.


    Just make sure you are close enough so the wadding will do some damage… but get real… the refugee terrorists know that the pistols shoot blanks…Aim for the head or the groin…this will do more damage.


    or, for that matter…. a blank pistol to a knife fight… Only in Europe…LOL

  • JackSplat

    Can you even imagine living there, these Germen men have been turned into feckless eunchs by their leftie government, and have nobody to blame but thrmselves. I thoght they were great machinists, surely there should be an underground supply chain in place.