German Gov Claims Surge In Attacks Has Nothing to do With Refugee Policy

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As of late, Germany has been experiencing an unprecedented surge in terrorist attacks committed by Muslims. On Sunday a suicide bomber injured 12 people at a music festival in Bavaria, and on Friday a shooter killed 9 people at a shopping center. And before that, an axe wielding Afghan injured several train passengers.

So who’s to blame for all of these attacks? What’s the common thread? To you it’s probably obvious, but to the German Government, these are apparently just random unfortunate incidents. They have nothing to do with Germany’s refugee policy.

According to government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer, “We’re shaken by the events that occurred over the weekend,” but these attacks don’t offer a “clear picture” about motives. Stephan Mayer, a lawmaker for the Christian Democratic Party, claimed that “There is a rising nervousness among our public…the events of Friday have nothing to do with our refugee policy. It is completely wrong to blame Angela Merkel and her refugee policy for this incident.”

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere chimed in as well, saying that “I understand that these events are seen by many in a particular context, but they should each be carefully investigated and assessed. We should not hold refugees under a general suspicion, even if there are investigations in individual cases.”

So all of these attacks that have been committed by migrants, have nothing to do with Germany’s immigration policy. That sure seems to add up.

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  • Chris Sky

    so lets recap… 4 attacks, 1 week… all from “refugees”… but it has nothing to do with refugees?…. in other news… a two “refugees” in france, went to a church and beheaded a catholic preist… of course this also had “nothing to do with” with the “Refugees” or their “muslim” religion.

  • per sigurd hansen

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    Its only a matter of time before the Hard working people of Germany tire of being slandered by their own leaders. And if those leaders don’t remove themselves, the people will strike which the EU and German government cannot afford, And they possibly could turn on the migrants and streets will run red in Islamic blood.