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Georgia Students Must Gnaw Their Food Whole or Risk Felony Charges

Kimberly Paxton
November 4th, 2013
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chicken sandwich

A Georgia girl faces felony charges after her lunchroom crime spree was halted.

Alyeese Williams was arrested at Stephenson High School in DeKalb County, Georgia because she brought a weapon into a so-called “school safety zone”.

Clearly, the hazard of choking to death on a large hunk of chicken is far preferable to a student bringing a fork and knife to school with which to slice the meat.

Williams’ mother told Atlanta TV station WSB-TV  her daughter had the knife in her purse to cut some chicken she brought from home and planned to eat for lunch.

The mother said her daughter had no intention of causing anyone harm and should not face such a harsh charge.

Williams has been released on her own recognizance after going before a judge on Friday.

She has been suspended from school. (source)

It’s good to know that school officials are on top of things, isn’t it?

Alyeese’s transgression is quite similar to a spate of other “crimes” in schools across the country recently. Also in Georgia, a high school student was arrested for possession of a loaded tackle box, which may keep him from realizing his dream of joining the military. An Arizona boy was kicked out of school for drawing some terrifying prospective Halloween costumes, and in other alarming artwork, an autistic boy in South Carolina who drew a bomb was also duly punished. On the same vein, a Texas boy wearing a t-shirt with the alarming words “God, Guns, Country” was dealt with for “inciting fear”, as was a Virginia boy wearing a threatening Duck Dynasty t-shirt.

It’s all in the name of safety, of course. Benjamin Franklin was prescient when he said, “Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.”

With school administrators that take such inane perceived “threats” seriously, we can be assured that we are well on the road to a national school system that will crush rebellion and quell independent thought, killing liberty in the name of creating the perception of safety.

Meanwhile, who will keep our kids safe from the overly zealous liberals who are creating an atmosphere of fear over non-threatening objects?

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  • Lee

    I could cause more fucking Violence with two sharp pencils

    • Jean

      Looks like there are a few gfood targets listed in the article… If anyone’s close by, they should meet your loaded pencils. ;-)

  • JR

    Whatever you do, HOME SCHOOL!

  • Musashi

    Please end the pain….we just fucking suck.

  • It is I only


    • tom jodel

      Amen Brutha! AMEN! Long Live the O!

  • Diana Boles

    While visions of 1984 lunchroom dance in my head… the same gruel, same plates, the same cup, gray walls. The state cannot tolerate any individuality among the workers that might distract from the business of production. I’d cry if I could see any hope of this changing. Homeschool, people. Save your children.

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