George Soros: “It’s 2008 All over Again”

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Surging volatility in global equity, currency, and credit markets and significant stress in a major world economy have George Soros on edge. Speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, the billionaire hedge fund manager warned global markets are facing a crisis and investors need to be very cautious. On the heels of the second trading halt in four days, Soros exclaimed “I would say it amounts to a crisis… which reminds me of 2008.”

Volatility is surging everywhere…

And as Bloomberg reports, Soros is worried…

Global markets are facing a crisis and investors need to be very cautious, billionaire George Soros told an economic forum in Sri Lanka on Thursday.

China is struggling to find a new growth model and its currency devaluation is transferring problems to the rest of the world, Soros said in Colombo. A return to positive interest rates is a challenge for the developing world, he said, adding that the current environment has similarities to 2008.

“China has a major adjustment problem,” Soros said. “I would say it amounts to a crisis. When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.”

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Of course, this is not the message central planners and TV anchors want the mainstream to hear. Every dip is a buying opportunity, and “long-term” is how everyone should invest… no matter that your assets dropped 20% in a week… long-term!!

How about this long-term?

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  • Aug Ust

    Ever stop to think its people like George Soros that are behind the economy

    • Who else would it be but the ultra rich trying to steal everything they haven’t stolen yet?

    • Smarty

      Na…he’s to busy investing in nambla…

    • jadan

      Speculators are scum.

  • Americadies

    A complete financial collapse will be a fine way to start the cleansing of the earth of the liberals and their feral packs.

    • It won’t cleanse the world of anything but the value that the economic hitmen collected for harvest. Their employers aren’t concerned with political labels, just economic value they can steal that they haven’t already. Political labels are a convenient way to keep the ignorant occupied while their pockets are picked clean.

      • Americadies

        Maybe the people will rise up and hunt the elitist white liberals who have caused all these issues.

        • Do you mean the people who cower before them when they are around?

          • Americadies

            Well if not America is doomed by the cancer of liberalism.

          • There is no cancer more pernicious than the ignorance of the history of the classic liberals who created our constitutional republic.

  • The only thing that Soros should be worried about is that someone might slam the doors on the safes of the world before he gets a chance to pilfer what is left in them.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    “Soros is worried.” Bullsh*t!! He will be one of the few-just like last time-to cash in on the chaos. His chirping is purposeful. His financial prestige alone gives extraordinary weight to his carefully chosen words. He will scare the markets into his self fulfilling prophecy-and his outrageous profits.

  • Bruce Regael

    Quick George Soros! Inject some more money into 3rd world nations to invade us all to distract the people with civil conflict when everything implodes, rather than come for the heads of people like yourself.

  • Eric

    George, your ultimate goal is your dumba$$ World Order, so what are you complaining about?

  • Dan Morgan

    Easy to predict economic problems, when you’re causing them.
    Too bad this Nazi collaborator didn’t get what he deserved after WWll.

  • Aug Ust

    It is 2008 All over Again

  • Jon Geissinger

    REALLY! I should pay attention to this man who is the financier of Nully’s little Coup d’Etat in Ukraine?

  • MUW

    If Trump is going to win the Presidential Election the Endless War Corporate Oligarchs will collapse the US Economy after he is elected and blame Trump just like they did Carter. If Hillary/JEB wins they will collapse it on Obama’s watch and blame him just like they did Bush! Either way they win and we loose (they think). Vote for Donald Trump for President and let US put them in prison this time around!