Generation Snowflake: Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings and the Wussification of Our Young People

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Why do so many of our young people instantly break down in tears the moment anything seriously offends them?

Have we raised an entire generation that has been so coddled and that is so spineless that it is completely incapable of dealing with the harsh realities of the modern world?  At colleges and universities all over America, students are now demanding “safe spaces” where anything and everything that could possibly make them feel “uncomfortable” is banned.  And “trigger warnings” are being placed on some of our great literary classics because they might cause some students to feel “unsafe” because they may be reminded of a past trauma.  In this day and age, our overly coddled young people have come to expect that they should be automatically shielded from anything that could remotely be considered harmful or offensive, and as a result we now have an entire generation that is completely lacking in toughness.  That may be fine as long as you can depend on Mom and Dad, but how in the world are these young men and women going to handle the difficult challenges that come with living in the real world?

Author Claire Fox has a great deal of experience dealing with these overly sensitive young people, and she has dubbed them “Generation Snowflake”

Claire Fox, head of a thinktank called the Institute of Ideas, has penned a coruscating critique of “Generation Snowflake”, the name given to a growing group of youngsters who “believe it’s their right to be protected from anything they might find unpalatable”.

She said British and American universities are dominated by cabals of young women who are dead set on banning anything they find remotely offensive.

Some time ago Fox was giving a speech to a group of young women during which she brought up the subject of rape, and she was completely stunned by what happened next

Some of the girls were sobbing and hugging each other, while others shrieked. The majority appeared at the very least shell-shocked.

It was distress on a scale appropriate for some horrible disaster. Thankfully, however, I wasn’t in a war zone or at the scene of a pile-up – but in a school hall filled with A-level students.

What had provoked such hysteria? I’d dared express an opinion that went against their accepted way of thinking.

In the western world, political correctness is often taken to absolutely ridiculous extremes in attempt to keep people from being exposed to anything that could remotely be considered “offensive”.  For instance, just consider a couple of examples from the United Kingdom

This hyper-sensitivity has prompted the University of East Anglia to outlaw sombreros in a Mexican restaurant and caused the National Union of Students to ban clapping as “as it might trigger trauma”, asking youngsters to use “jazz hands” instead.

Could you imagine banning clapping?

But this is actually happening.  Anything that might make someone feel the least bit “uncomfortable” is now being labeled as a “micro-aggression”, and at schools all over America “safe spaces” are being set up where young people can avoid anyone or anything that may make them “feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or challenged”.

The following is one definition of “safe spaces” that comes from Wikipedia

Advocates for Youth states on their website that a safe-space is “A place where anyone can relax and be fully self-expressed, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or challenged on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, age, or physical or mental ability; a place where the rules guard each person’s self-respect, dignity and feelings and strongly encourage everyone to respect others.

And this is not a fringe movement at all.  These “safe spaces” are being established at some of the most prestigious universities in the entire country, and in at least one case a “safe space” included “calming music, cookies, Play-Doh and a video of frolicking puppies”

At Brown University – like Harvard, one of the eight elite Ivy League universities – the New York Times reported students set up a “safe space” that offered calming music, cookies, Play-Doh and a video of frolicking puppies to help students cope with a discussion on how colleges should handle sexual assault.

A Harvard student described in the university newspaper attending a “safe space” complete with “massage circles” that was designed to help students have open conversations.

Are you kidding me?

The real world is tough, and we need to teach our kids to be tough.

Trying to recreate a kindergarten environment for men and women that are supposed to be adults is not going to help anyone.

Another big thing that students are demanding now are “trigger warnings” on any educational materials that may potentially upset someone.

According to, a “trigger warning” is “a stated warning that the content of a text, video, etc., may upset or offend some people, especially those who have previously experienced a related trauma.”

At Harvard, students are being told that they are now free to skip certain books if reading them would make them feel “unsafe”.  I wish that I could have used this excuse back in my college days, because then I would have had much more time to spend with my friends.  The following comes from the Telegraph

Literary classics are now considered potentially “unsafe” for students to read. Reading lists at some universities are being adapted to come with warnings printed beside certain titles: The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald (Trigger: suicide, domestic abuse and graphic violence) and Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (Trigger: suicidal tendencies).

In some colleges, professors have been known to tell students that if a book makes them feel unsafe, they are allowed to skim it, or skip it altogether, a Harvard Law professor told this newspaper.

Now that we have defined “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”, I am going to define a term that I used in the title of this article.

“Wussification” is the act of turning someone into a “wussy”.  And defines “wussy” in the following manner…

A person with no guts. A person who whines all day and sits around and cries like a little baby for years over nothing. Will blow anything out of proportion and create drama to forget about their sad miserable lives.

If our young people need cookies, Play-Doh and videos of frolicking puppies to deal with the challenges in their lives right now, what in the world are they going to do when the things that I talk about in my new book start happening to America?

The real world can be exceedingly cold and cruel, and our young people need to be equipped to handle whatever life will throw at them.

Unfortunately, we have raised an entire generation of overly coddled boys and girls that have never learned to become men and women, and as a result society as a whole will suffer greatly.

So what is the solution?

Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The American Dream.

Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream , The Truth and Economic Collapse Blog.

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  • Louis Lewis

    But they are fine that their ‘leaders’ are sociopaths who indiscriminately bomb, drone, invade and murder over lies. Nothing wrong with that. But God forbid someone chalks the word TRUMP on a sidewalk.

  • rh2

    Safe spaces, huh? Don’t come around me then, you pathetic non-beings! As for the author asking for a solution to dealing with the easily offended, I have one. How about giving the precious, delicate flowers of both genders (there are TWO only!) a good swift kick in the panties – every day for as long as it takes for them to snap out of their ridiculous mindsets. Let them come to grips with harsh reality as experienced by most of humanity. Stop coddling the feeble-minded darlings!

  • Tatiana Covington

    What is the solution here? Natural selection! Come quickly, Lord Darwin.

  • mike1458

    In my lifetime I have seen us go from the Greatest Generation to generation snowflake – how we have fallen.

    • Bruce O’ryan

      Says a lot about their parents. They must be so proud.

  • Clementine

    ““safe spaces” where anything and everything that could possibly make them feel “uncomfortable” is banned.”…… so this means NO ONE is allowed in that space? If they are so easily offended then simply seeing someone else’s skin color could send them into fits. This is all by design to make FEMA’s job easier when they line them up for the camps! A bunch of pussies will not rise up and defend anything… except all of their excuses for being sniveling little bitches! PATHETIC!

    • Bruce O’ryan

      And the bullies of the world will have a complete stranglehold on them.

  • Rebel w/out a Cause

    Along the same line, the major US corporation I just retired from recently rolled out an HR initiative in order to help their line supervisors handle the stress they were experiencing. Three of the major elements were:
    1. A safe room.
    2. Couches.
    and 3: – wait for it… – coloring books.

    • I have a 20-something coworker who colors on the clock. Pisses me off to no end. I keep asking if shes bored and assigning her more work.

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    Any sentient being over the age of puberty knows, or should know, that 1) life isn’t fair, and 2) the world doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your feelings. So why are we raising an entire generation to think otherwise? Worse, why are people who should know better giving in to this bullshite? Tell the little darlings to shut the f* up and deal with real life and the fact that, regardless of what Mommy told you, you ain’t THAT special. And God help us when this crap filters into the military…

  • It is not Paranoia

    Do they get bullied by nerds? 🙂

  • berrybestfarm

    These kids will really fall apart when they come face to face with the reality that we live in a world where it is literally eat or be eaten–something the tyrants and their minions understand all too well.

  • berrybestfarm

    The only truly safe space we can create is in our own minds.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Societal regression ultimately precedes it’s collapse.

  • fuck you and your “jazz hands”. Take that to your safe space and smoke it, snowflake.

  • WTF did I just Read???? YOU have just crossed over….into….THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!

    • Rey d’Tutto

      We wish.

  • Bruce O’ryan

    I’d prefer Bigfoot in the next stall to any of these…creations.

  • Abe

    I wonder how much of this is due to all the chemicals in our food (GMO’s, Coloring preservatives, etc), water Fluoride, chlorine, drugs, etc), and vaccines including banned rat poison, embalming fluid, aluminum, mercury, etc!? I forgot to mention tele tubbies and shit like that on the idiot tube! Oh yeah “W’s” No child Left Behind, and Barry’s Common Core”. “Even if your a loser your still a winner”.

    Look at our last 4 Presidents! 2 pervs, and 2 pussies! No wonder were down the drain!

    Back in the 50’s and 60’s when I was a kid, we were free ranging! Every family had the own Morris Code ring on the dinner bell to get your ass home. Even when it was -10, -20, -30 degrees my old man would still make me go out and play for at least ten minutes.

  • Rey d’Tutto

    George Carlin said it best when he listed “The seven words you can’t say on TV”