General Motors is becoming China Motors

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General Motors is becoming China Motors. Forget the spin. The evidence is clear and convincing. Did U.S. taxpayers save GM for China? Listen to the candid comments of GM’s CEO.


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  • Keeshacat

    Does it matter which one? They will both do the same thing probably. I think I will vote Ron Paul but its probably already too late for America. Do you remember the Bible? America needs to turn back to the Lord!

  • Can you blame GM for trying to survive? The ungrateful parasites in the USA today would rather buy Japanese or Korean, even though GM products have been equal to or better(Saturn) over the past decade, but buyer perception, fueled by irresponsible auto writers from Consumer Reports, Kiplingers and others continually have a obvious disdain for GM products. My feeling is thank God I can still drive my American car and feel at home with my country, something all the import drivers cannot do. Imports dilute the national heritage. There is an American way that is in some ways not the best but overall has been quite good, witness the nostalgia over supercars from the past.

    • Anonymous

      @Lance, Wrong! GM makes bad cars and has from the 1970’s, The grease under my nails from the last 30 years of auto repair is all I need to know. ps saturn was the nail in the coffin for GM, Total Crap!

    • Nexus789

      @Lance, Your view in one way is why the US is in trouble. By accepting poor products the car manufactures got away with selling substandard products. But that is only one aspect of the decline of US manufacturing. The US has not up until recent made good cars and by not making good quality cars they had no export market and had their home market collapse.

  • Arizona

    I love my new toyota ,when I checked it with my radation meter the needle went clear off the scale,and it glows in the dark,I don’t even need a flashlight to find it at the market anymore at night.(although none of my friends will let me come over their house with it)IT glows so pretty,its like chrismas the year around in my driveway!hahahah????

  • Ed Lennox

    I had an Olds Diesel station wagon a disaster
    Three Chev Express Vans no repairs not problems
    GM put out a lot of crappy cars over the years and let the Japanese get under them on price and features
    GM would raise the prices radically if something started selling and usually kill the car
    Toyota takes a price increase every three months has no debt since it was founded Their is the bank of Toyota which makes money about a 20% return on 150,000,000,000.oo. The cars make about 10 percent which isnt great but solid
    Toyota takes care of the problems more than anyone your only as good as the satisfaction of the customer. Toyota has replaced engines on pickups with 100,000 miles no charge to the owner and provided a free rental and said nothing to the press. Honda sells probably more cars than anyone but when you the no one dont say anything just keep going they wont believe you anyway.
    Gm is unhappy with facebook and obviously didnt want to get it right so they announced that they were not going to advertise on facebook
    They dont have anything that competes with the Prius which is a loss leader for Toyota and a Honda Civic which is the care kids buy
    The President of Toyota America makes a Million Dollars a year what the President of Gm makes that is a Month
    Gm has had some great ideas cars and let them get away and has had the patents on a lot of things that we take for granted in in todays cars
    Gm probably had some money at one time but like most companys with money the hedge fund gus show up and start draining the capital just like Sears
    As long as computor trades and short selling is allowed on our corporations we are in deep trouble
    My friends and family saw their investments shrink by a third overnight because of a flawed stock market
    The housing market was tied to the car market in that the interest on a home equity loan was deductable so people would borrow money to buy cars
    which was tax deductable Home loans are unside down from the time their written and car loans is money you will never see again No car increases in value it only goes down. So in a few years the government ruined the housing market by making these truth apparent and thus a hit was taken by the car industry brillant
    At Toyota is used to be if you could figure out how to eliminate you job you got a promotion and months vacation and a raise
    Toyota also short sold into the markets and tested sold their cars for a year in Germany before selling them into the US market
    Gmac did a joint venture on an old model toyota in Fremont California under a GM lable Why do that Come up with something new the consumer is not stupid and the hip wears off very quickly Whats the price is this a good deal The oil companies are putting themselves out of business with high prices in the USA Why does the Usa need a deal on gas because we try to protect the world? A good deal for the USA probably not But we have some people making a lot of money why change just keeping sucking the last few bucks at the pump and kill the idea of getting ahead. Greed is like Golf a game you play but never will win. Good Luck
    When over trillion dollars of student loans are going out of control we need to solve the job problem now or we will have a generation of kids who started in life defaulting on their loans