Gangs Plan Hurricane Looting Spree Via Twitter

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Scores of Twitter users have flooded the social networking site announcing their plans to go on looting sprees once Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, as the New York National Guard announced it would put troops on duty in Long Island to prevent such activity.

1,175 New York National Guard troops have been mobilized to “provide command and control and logistical support” in New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley and the Southern Tier. According to NBC New York, the troops will also be on hand to “protect against looting.”

They might well be needed given the fact that a deluge of Twitter users are using the website to appeal to others to join them in exploiting the chaos generated by the superstorm to ransack stores.

Given the recent phenomenon of “flash mob robberies,” where groups of people arrange to burgle a store en masse in order to overwhelm security and staff, the tweets should be taken seriously. Last year police warned that flash mob robberies, organized mainly through Twitter, were on the rise.

“Of 129 retailers surveyed by the National Retail Federation, nearly 95 percent said they were victimized by organized criminals in the past year and 85 percent said the problem has worsened over the past three years,” reports Fox News.

In addition, much of the rioting and looting which rocked England last year was also incited, organized and coordinated via Twitter. At one point, Prime Minister David Cameron considered slapping a ban on the social network.

Examples of tweets from individuals planning to go on looting sprees include the following;

“Bout to do some looting when this hurricane finally hits….gonna get a new laptop and tv…this hurricane might be the best thing to happen.” (SOURCE)

“If this hurricane gets real bad I’m looting stores ! i always wanted to do that.” (SOURCE)

“I’m gonna go looting once this hurricane hits Utica.” (SOURCE)

“Has #HurricaneSandy made landfall yet? My bitch ass is ready to go looting!” (SOURCE)

“helllll yeah I’m gonna go looting after the storm hits.” (SOURCE)

“Who wants to go looting with me when Sandy hits?! I need some new shit! (SOURCE)

Read more examples below.

Many of the tweets are written in such a way as to suggest that looting under such circumstances is justifiable. None of the tweets express any concern at a law enforcement or National Guard response.

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  • canucks

    Shoot on site…

    • Gina


      • SKIP

        Mition seconded and reloading.

        • SKIP

          MOTION! sorry:(

  • Longwhitecloud

    Amazing that they are announcing it on a service that can be used against hem as evidence in court.
    Either the law system is so badly broken in the states that they know theyll never get caught, or their level of stupid is so great that jail is actually an inevitability.
    Well, I say jail, but we all know that in a state of emergency it’s shoot to kill time.
    I guss it will clear out some of he mud at the bottom of the gene pool.
    And of course since they’ll be out in the streets there’s a good chance the storm will get them.

    • Gina

      I’m betting their that stupid. But I saw a photo from NJ where there was a shark swimming next to someone’s front porch. My money’s on the sharks.

  • brandon

    Yeah, sorry but 1,175 nasty girls to police New York City is laughable at best. They might as well be telephone operators for 911 calls. All the mayor/governor needs to due is warn people staying back that home owners have the right to shoot and kill suspected looters trespassing on other peoples property while under a state of emergency.

    Of course that wont happen because we’re too scared people might go ape shit with that level of confidence, so instead we make them fear to pull the trigger even if to save their own life.

  • I certainly would be amused to see these looters actually find a way into some of these areas with 5 foot and more water.

    • canuck

      Yes.. swimming with the New York alligators…lol. would love to see their tweets then.

      • SKIP

        Personally, I fear the sharks and alligators/crocs are outclassed by the grade of predators in NYC.

    • SKIP

      Evie, the black looters and shooters were making their way around in NOLA with more water than that, there are pictures of them pushing their loot in canoes and other such boats that they also stole! NOTHING will stop blacks from looting except well placed BULLETS!

      • Michael

        RACIST BASTARD! Looks like most of the pictures in the tweeter comments were from all different races, including whites.

        • canuck

          We’ll see… look at the profile of the flash mobs and self progressed looters.. not a lot of Asians, Latinos or Whites in there…

        • SKIP

          And who would that be directed at?

  • Interesting. I did not research past tweets from these folks but I wonder how many are from agents provocateurs, vs. how many from actually buffoons…

  • Gina

    Lock and load. Looters are just scum. But then from the photo I saw from NJ, the sharks might get them. Poetic justice.

  • madhatter

    why just long island?

  • I saw the pics of Catrina, I saw one man rafting a big screened television through the flood. Dumb, no electric,no place to watch tv and sure no one is buying. Guess he took it to Texas.

  • Farmer

    Those supposed tweets are difficult to believe for the principle reason that the supposed senders never talk like the way the tweets are written. Near perfect English, grammar not too bad, punctuation pretty well done also. No “hood” language to speak of.