Fully Autonomous Death Machines: Watch Russia’s Humanoid Robot Shoot Double Pistols

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The video below and image above were posted to Twitter by Russia’s Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin. Nice timing, right?

Because the “officers” and “soldiers” of the future will never miss.

Oh, and they have freakishly accurate robo-tanks as well.

Guess they will need them to fight the drone-laden, robo-wars of the future, complete with the fully autonomous F-16s the US Air Force has been begging for.

At some point, a Skynet-like switch will just get flipped and nations will go to fully autonomous war with each other. Surely there will be no civilian “collateral damage” in those, right?

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  • A fully autonomous jet fighter would be a waste of time and money since it doesn’t need a cockpit. Not only that, but it wouldn’t be limited to the G forces that a human could stand.

    • *wouldn’t

      That doesn’t make any sense. If a jet does not need a human pilot to operate, and is able to reach far greater altitudes than what a human can experience, wouldn’t it be more efficient and thus, cost less to the taxpayer? It would save money rather than siphon it excessively.

      • It would also be the beginning of Skynet.

        • Yes, and? That doesn’t do anything to counter my point.

          • It wasn’t meant to counter anything, just to inform and expand your thinking, since it is obvious that you are.

          • Well, thank you. That means a lot to me. 🙂

            The world is inevitably heading towards automation; ultimately society will diverge into two sets of people; one who worships and praises the robots, and the another who vehemently oppose robots, abandoning traditional society and establishing traditional society out in the suburbs, which are being phased out.

          • This reminds me of something I’ve heard about trucks (CDL) over the years. There are some people who worship and praise trucks and their drivers. There are some who think they are both unnecessarily dangerous. Then there are the forgotten, those who build, repair, and drive the trucks. The first two groups tend to be the forgetters. Those of us who have been working with trucks are those who know them best.
            I have been a CDL holder since 1990 and my driving record is clean since before I got my CDL, because I know how to drive one safely and productively. This also means that I have worked for trucking companies that fired me because I wouldn’t shut up about their failure to properly maintain their trucks. Most people are unaware of the fact that truck drivers are legally responsible for the mechanical safety of the trucks that they drive, whether they own them or not. Most drivers don’t own the trucks they drive, although they know better than the owners what needs to be fixed on them.
            I also have a background in electronics, particularly the frequently robotic tape playback systems used in broadcasting before the advent of the CD. A robot is a robot. None of them have the conscious ability to decide to harm a human being, just the ability to be programmed to do so. Just as the Luddites hated the Jacquard loom, those who are replaced by robots will hate them.
            I’d like to suggest that those who are worried about losing their jobs to robots learn enough about them to build, repair, program, and sabotage them, instead of ignorantly bitching about that which most of them know almost nothing about, other than what they might have learned from watching the Terminator.

          • Unfortunately, most people do not have the aptitude (or interest for that matter) to learn about electronics or electrical engineering, or even how to program a robot with autonomous functions. AI will lead to lead to robots developing their own consciousness and overtaking humans in prowess.

          • Aptitude won’t help you if you don’t have the interest and the knowledge. There are several companies making pieces/parts for building robots and there are MakerSpaces and magazines like Make that can teach the interested everything they need to know. Successful autonomy is dependent upon competent coding with extreme levels of fault tolerance. I’m not worried about AI or robots as long as the builders have enough sense to include what we mainframe guys called a “coin return.” AI overtook average humans long before Watson was conceived. The overtaken are destined to become cannon fodder unless they rehabilitate themselves.

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    .30-06 or 7.62 X 55 Armor Piercing Incendiaries should even things up a bit for those of us who still believe in liberty.

    • Joey Lopez

      Improvised EMP grenades and Jammer devises would be more effective.

      • How could you make something that a person can’t carry or throw into a grenade?

      • MarkovDeBeeste

        Exactly how would you make such devices? Bullets are simple and effective. One shot through the CPU and that’s it. You’ve been watching too many sci-fi movies and TV.

        • Joey Lopez

          one simple shot? have you forgotten than they can encase that CPU with bullet proof steel? Jammers can be bought commercially and EMP grenades can be made with mundane knowledge of electronics. anyone who knows how to use google can easily learn how make and amplify such devices. basic knowledge of electronics and electricity can be used to make an array of devices that can be effective in the field when applied properly. did you forget that you live in the 21st century? a weapon more effective than any gun or bomb is what you’re using right now, a computer. with enough knowledge, one can hack into anything that has a wireless transmission and shut it down or control it. simple stuff if you have atleast half a brain.

          • MarkovDeBeeste

            That “bullet proof steel” also functions as a Faraday cage. Don’t you think that anyone smart enough to design something like this bot is smart enough to know about EMP and take precautions against it as well as making it hack-resistant and jamming-resistant? Jammers emit signals that can be detected and traced back to the source location for targeting purposes. And you don’t necessarily have to put a bullet in the CPU. Aim for the knees and torso of the bot like the one in the video since the whole thing can’t be armored to the same degree otherwise it would be too heavy to move. If it can’t move it is useless. Besides, shooting is easy, quick and effective. Hacking is not easy, not necessarily quick or always effective. The same for tracked and wheeled vehicles. Blow off or jam a track and the vehicle is useless. If the SHTF badly enough to where these things are going to be used against civilians we’ll be fighting a guerilla war, anyway, and old, simple, reliable technology is what you want.

          • Joey Lopez

            Great points. Our best hope would be a combination of different arms and tactics. We need to be mobile, offensive, evasion and unpredictable. The human mind is the most deadly weapon on earth.

  • Whistler

    Meh that humanoid robot doesn’t look like it could it’s capable of reloading.

    Those tanks are also only Remote Operated Vehicles – not autonomous killing machines.

    No need to worry about Skynet just yet.

    • Lindajhoke

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    • farmgirl

      The thing would not need to reload if it had laser weapons.

      • MarkovDeBeeste

        Which don’t exist for all practical purposes. Besides…the best defense against a laser is a mirror (the “L” in “laser” stands for “light”). Again, don’t confuse science fiction TV and movies with reality.

    • Dolorespjefferies

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  • YeahRightOkay

    …russia needs to quit buying its toys from Radio Shack…and this chicken little writer needs to look up and see the sky is not falling…

    • RadioShack doesn’t sell toys anymore.

      • MarkovDeBeeste

        You’ve got questions? We’ve got cellphones, batteries and dumb looks. For how much longer, we don’t know…

        • For as long as the new owner can remain in business, selling cellphones, batteries, and service.

  • deaderpool

    those look like rock’em sock’em robots! “he knocked my block off!”

  • Well, fuck. I guess we’ll have to worry about being gunned down for our thought crimes.

    • When haven’t we had to worry about that?

      • When the idea of our society becoming similar to 1984 was only a mere dream, and not the reality it is today.

        • George Orwell couldn’t have forseen the Internet or cellphones in 1948.

          • It was only a vision at that point. Orwell was futurist.

          • More importantly, he was a disillusioned socialist, who had seen the failures of socialism from the battlefield. You should read his bio.

          • I will. Thank you. 🙂

  • Milly Vanilly

    Can’t wait until SOMEONE hacks into THAT system…..blame the Russians now.

  • cmb

    Nuclear, screw this other bs

  • msdlmoore

    Thanks, now we have some more information on your capabilities Russia, of course we know that anyway since we allowed Russian soldiers to train with our military on American soil while President Obama released drug traffickers and gave guns to the drug cartels. But hey war games forget the civilian casualties, oh I know collateral damage. Just more military theater grab the popcorn and beer