Fukushima Plant Owner Decides to Dump 777,000 Tons of Nuclear Waste Into Ocean

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Japan — More than three-quarters of a million tons of radioactive water is about to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean if the chairmen of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) have their way, Japanese media reported over the weekend. All they require now is final government approval.

“The decision has already been made,” TEPCO chairman Takashi Kawamura told the media, according to the Japan Times.

As of July 6, about 777,000 tons of tritium-tainted water is being stored in about 580 tanks at the Fukushima nuclear plant. The water, which is constantly injected into leaking reactor No. 1 to cool it since it was damaged by a tsunami in 2011, is then filtered to remove radioactive materials. The complex filtering system can eliminate everything but tritium.

This has left the Japanese government with a problem. They can’t go on filling up tanks forever. Something has to be done with the radioactive water. A government panel is currently coming to a decision on the issue, and simply dumping the water into the sea is an option on the table.

TEPCO chairman Kawamura is just waiting on the green light. “We cannot keep going if we do not have the support of the state,” he told the media.

Kawamura certainly has the support of NRA chairman Shunichi Tanaka, who’s been urging the TEPCO boss to make the move. Tanaka has been critical of Kawamura in the past, saying he should be more proactive in his handling of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

“An operator lacking the will to take the initiative does not have the right to resume operation of nuclear reactors,” he said recently at a special meeting with TEPCO’s top management.

According to the Japan Times, Kawamura “feels emboldened to have the support of the NRA chairman.”

Tritium itself is said to be relatively harmless, and discharge of tritium-tainted water into the ocean is standard operating procedure at nuclear power plants. Oceanographer Simon Boxall spoke to The Guardian on the tritium issue last year, saying:

“In the broad scale of things, if they do end up putting the material in the Pacific, it will have minimal effect on an ocean basin scale.”

But local fishermen say the actual harmfulness of tritium isn’t the issue. What’s paramount is the perception people will have when they hear of hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive water being released into the ocean. In short, such a move would make customers question the safety of their catches, which would thereby affect their livelihoods.

“Releasing (tritium) into the sea will create a new wave of unfounded rumors, making our efforts all for naught,” Kanji Tachiya, who heads a fishermen cooperative, told the Japan Times.

And Aileen Mioko-Smith of Green Action Japan says there is even more to consider here. They say that it will be safe because the ocean is large so it will be diluted,” she told The Telegraph“but that sets a precedent that can be copied, essentially permitting anyone to dump nuclear waste into our seas.”

Furthermore, says Mioko-Smith, those in charge of managing the Fukushima nuclear crisis have had plenty of time to come up with solutions and that the “out of sight, out of mind” approach is unacceptable:

“This accident happened more than six years ago and the authorities should have been able to devise a way to remove the tritium instead of simply announcing that they are going to dump it into the ocean.”

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  • Tritium isn’t even the problem that the exposed and disintegrating nuclear reactor cores that are slowing melting their way down through the ground and that parts of wash out into the ocean every chance they get are. Nobody with any sense should be eating any seafood from the western side of the Pacific. Eventually, it won’t be much better on the west coast of North America. This is making Hiroshima and Nagasaki irrelevant.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Government speak: the solution to pollution is dilution. 6 years later and Fuk-u is no closer to “fixed” than the day it happened. And they still promote nuclear as clean and safe. Right…

    • Mark Williams

      I could live with electricity for only 4-6 hours a day instead of putting up with this Nuclear poison.

  • Mike

    idiots want to poison the world.

    • hangout4900

      They no longer want to poison the world they already did and are still doing it !

  • Sir TuberKopf

    OK, first question, why is anyone even allowed to fish off Japan in the Fukushima area. Are they all insane?

    Question two, is this the low bid inexpensive fish sold in stores across America?

    Question three, does anyone freaking care?

  • Undecider

    I’m sure the pollution has already been dumped. This is just fake news to keep us passive.

  • john

    that is why I eat no foods from the west coast of America, or the far east. polluted fish and grown foods with radiation. Our government and Japanese government have been trying to keep this secret from the public. Shame for shame.

    • NonYo Business

      Its too late for you unfortunately. Even rain water on the east coast has been tested positive for the radiation signature from Fuk-U.

  • Rick E.

    “They say that it will be safe because the ocean is large so it will be diluted,”

    WOW! What an imbecilic statement that IS! No matter the dilution factor, at some point with continued dumping of radioactive material, the entire Pacific Ocean WILL BE CONTAMINATED! (And eventually contaminate other oceans)

    I guess these folks believe what they WANT to believe, not what the facts say!
    Hundreds of thousands of gallons of radioactive water are being dumped into the Pacific regularly, and will for many years to come unless the Japanese get their heads out of their asses and figure out a way to stop this mess.

    Most countries including our own, just ignore the facts here and downplay any attempt at reason or logic.

  • Mark Williams

    The Japenese Gov’t will get what they deserve from North Korea if they do this. Karma has a wicked way of coming back around and biting you in the butt.

    • NonYo Business

      right, because Nkorea has so much to gain from nuking the japanese.

    • john jacobs

      Note the geography of N. Korea which isn’t affected by this.
      The air and water currents travel from the far east(china) -> west(murka) and into the Pacific Ocean moving in a circular north-western pattern. Real Karma reserves itself for the vast majority of western retards. :((

    • mothman777

      Don’t forget that The US and Israel together created the Stuxnet virus and infiltrated it onto the in-house system at Fukushima to disable all 6 levels of safety protocols in the nuclear plant, very coincidentally, JUST as a big wave came from somewhere. I think the Japanese know that America and Israel just killed them all. Talk about karma if you want, but it is the US and Israel that deserves karma for nuking Japan like this. Has the US or Israel offered to help clean up the radiation?

  • hangout4900

    Why not let the Japanse Goverment ,TAMCO and the Nuclear Regulation Authority drink the barrels of water since they created this neverending disaster !

  • LocalHero

    Really? 777? Coded nonsense but what would you expect from an imaginary “disaster”?

  • Ohtaren

    I don’t see why they cannot reuse the tritium-tainted water to cool the reactor. They should be cooling with a contained water supply or a closed circuit that is cooled by an outside water supply. Not sure what the agenda is since this should not be an issue.

    • Frank Energy

      There are no reactors left, 4 are destroyed. 5 and 6 are intact, but they were shutdown long before 3 11

  • Frank Energy

    Activism caused TEPCO to decide NOT TO DO THIS

    Good work!

  • Frank Energy

    I believe that I may have
    discovered the smoking gun describing how radiation can be killing off
    so many important parts of the food chain, and decay chain on land and
    in water


  • ShrinkTheState

    I’ve read there are multiple ways to remove tritium from waste water. Why on earth haven’t they done that?

  • USPatriotOne

    What this article is not telling the people is that 90% of the living creatures on the bottom of the Pacific off the West Coast of the U.S. are already dead because of
    Fukushima Power Plant and the radioactive environment in the Pacific is off the charts. Why do you think all these sharks are attacking people near the shores on the West Coast and the Lame stream media is hiding this info from the American Citizens. All there normal food sources are dead and gone so they are coming after humans as the only available foods source they can find. Soon the Sharks will be gone as well. This is right in line with the Book of Revelation…the word of God states that 1/3 of all life in the Sea’s will die in the end-times, well it looks like the word of Jesus Christ is right on time..!!! Buckle-up people, unless you are Christian, your in for a very bumpy ride and that is and understatement..!!! Yes, Christians are going to having bad time as will according to the Book of Revelations, but we Christians at some point will be saved by Jesus Christ the one and only Savior of the World and at that point…WE ARE OUT OF HERE..!!! Thanks be to God!

    • Lower Tones

      Puhleeeeze, keep your damn fairy tales, big bearded guy in the sky, son on the cross stories to yourself. Krishna will save the TRUE HINDUS of this plane, got it?