‘Frozen America’: 92% of Country Below Freezing

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Sad woman sitting on a bench in winter time.

With temperatures dropping 15 to 25 degrees below average in vast areas of the US breaking century-old records, citizens and authorities are taking unusual measures to stay warm and to keep facilities running.

The water tower in an Evansdale suburb in Iowa froze when temperatures fell to minus 20 degrees (-29 Celsius). Mayor Doug Faas is considering sending in thermal suited divers to help break up the ice. The tower stores water for the town’s needs.

Faas told the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier that an ice cap which has formed inside the tower is making it impossible for the water to circulate in or out, and the city is exploring all options to find a solution.

The National Weather Service has issued wind chill advisories and freeze warnings as temperatures plunged to a record low of 15 to 25 degrees for a vast area from South Texas to Canada, and from Montana through New England as a result of a high cold pressure front.

The weather has been blamed for nine deaths in the past week, according to AP.

With temperatures dipping as low as 23 degrees (-5 degrees), residents in upstate New York are shoring up with heating supplies in preparation for sub-zero temperatures anticipated for the rest of the week.

A call seeking more oil was posted on social media by Chris Wells, artistic director for The Secret City, who lives in Woodstock, New York.

Wells told RT he lives in an historic cottage built in 1902, and while he is not sure if the oil furnace that heats the house dates back that far “it very well may.”  

“We got a good delivery of oil a while ago but with this unexpected cold snap we used four times the amount of oil in the month than we usually use,” Wells told RT.

He said they tried at least 12 companies, and “everybody is tapped out.”

“One of the small companies we called said the bigger oil companies have been calling them to see if they have backlogs of oil. It is starting to appear as if there is a shortage,” said Wells. “I don’t know if this cold spell was anticipated.”

Authorities opened warming shelters in the South as temperatures dipped close to zero in Alabama and Georgia. In Aberdeen, South Dakota, the mercury dropped to a record-breaking minus 32.

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  • newsens

    No so-called scientist asks the question why the US is colder than the Arctic? What is the reason that this happens?

    • jet stream shifted lower. happens sometimes in the winter.

    • Billy Sharpshooter

      Under normal circumstances it is impossible for the US to get colder than the Arctic. Siberia might, but not always. Some evil geo-engineer has done this. Why are there so many patents for weather modification when the only person that can cause a change in the weather is God?
      Answer me now?

    • Jennifer Stowasser

      It’s due to fracking. It changes the electro magnetic of the area. Overlay a map of fracking locations in the United States with the colder temperatures, it’s correlated. This is not global warming, this is man made from our greed.
      Take out the oil between the tectonic plates and replace it with chemically laden water and you’ve changed the weather.
      This is science of electeelectromagnetism.

  • Dave T

    Anticipate about 40 years of colder weather: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/283862631_Heartbeat_of_the_Sun_from_Principal_Component_Analysis_and_prediction_of_solar_activity_on_a_millenium_timescale

    For those of you who won’t read the study but want the gist, the report details mathematical modelling of 8 variables related to the sun’s magnetosphere (sort of a misnomer actually), collapsed into 2 primary ones (variables) to ultimately describe sunspot activity over the data sequence time period. The resulting model describes or ‘fits’ this data very well over this this time period. Next, the model was run ‘backwards’ through time to see if it predicts the actual observed levels of sunspots during that time period. It’s one thing to come up with a model or mathematical formula to describe a specific data set (e.g., the last 3 decades or so); it’s entirely another to see how well that model fits or predicts data from a different time period. The model turns out to be ridiculously accurate! The final thing, and important one, is that they then ran it out into the future. The prediction for the future is 40 years or so of reduced sunspot activity, starting last year.

    Now, why is this important?

    Well, it turns out that sunspots correlate well with solar wind. Solar wind deflects and thus reduces cosmic rays (these rain down on the Earth from outside of the solar system). Cosmic rays, it turns out, induce low level cloud cover. Low level cloud cover correlates with precipitation and lower surface temperature (as energy is reflected back into space). (Yes, radiant energy from the ground is also reflected back from the clouds back to the surface, but that’s the short term effect; the long term effect is that less energy makes it from the sun to the surface.)

    So… what we have here is a highly accurate model predicting a reduction in sunspots over the next 4 decades, implying a reduction in solar wind, resulting in an increase in cosmic ray impact on the planet, increasing low level cloud cover, with concomitant increases in precipitation and cold weather.

    Got it?

    Look up the “Little Ice Age, “Med Warm Period,” and “Roman Optimum” for insights into the implications. One thing we can expect is a higher incidence of crop failure – grains, anyway – with a concomitant increase in price and localized food shortages, resulting in social disruption.

    • Smarty

      Don’t worry. Walmart will save us….

      • Dave T

        with cheap sleeping bags?

    • The Tuna Fairy

      Nice synopsis, thanks!
      I have some folks I have tried to explain this to that I will make sure see your post 🙂

      • Dave T

        Thanks. Danish researchers have been fighting an uphill battle (which they’ve basically won at this point) showing the solar wind/cosmic ray/precipitation connection I mentioned.

        What I would like to know is how long have the Powers that Be known about this? Certainly for at least 10 years longer than it’s slow appearance in the open academic literature. I.e., these dynamics have been known about while ‘global warming’ was being pushed with less resistance from independent thinkers/analysts/scientists.

        I’ll leave the rest of you to digest the implications of asserting warming when in fact we are looking at cooling, and that cooling will impact global grain supplies.

        FYI a 40 year repeat of the “Little Ice Age” is totally survivable with some basic preparations.

        Social Darwinism perhaps?

    • Wayne Martin

      Thanks I’ve heard this before but I’m not very good at explaining it. Lot of my friends are global warmers/climate change folks

    • Kathleen Carter

      Solar minimum are apart of the sun cycle low sun
      Spots colder climate

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Yo, Al Ja-Gore-ah! Is THIS what you meant by an “Inconvenient Truth”?

  • tonye

    Hey, can’t they use solar and wind mill power to warm those houses?

    Also, who in the world keeps a 100 year old furnace running? Didn’t these people ever thing of “upgrading”? Can you even get parts?

    Turn the heat down maybe?

    Down here in Calimexistan I can’t get parts for my 18 year old faucets ( traces of lead they say, so it cost us $2K to change them in the kitchen ) and my AC compressors (they outlawed the refrigerant, can’t charge it, it will cost at least 20K to change the system)….

    Maybe if we shipped our Calimexistan rule makers elsewhere, we in California we’d be far less taxed and those New Yorkers would be warmer.

  • dav1bg

    Zero sun spot activity right now, indicates low solar output, colder winter.

    • Squee She

      And yet, sun spots are still zero, and where I live it just went from -53C to +1C in two days. So…

  • John C Carleton

    How about Al Snake Oil Gore, give all that money back he scammed the people for, claiming man made global warming? That way the people can spend that money buying heating oil for their homes.
    Just saying, big ass liar needs to give the money back!

  • Roy Hobs

    the website iceagenow has some interesting data.
    I don’t know which thesis to believe — warmer planet or colder planet. But I do know that I have never seen such ‘weird’ weather in all my life. The fluctuations are just so bizarre. I still have leaves on some of my trees living in the South. And my Fire Ants are still ‘mounding’. I have never seen this before in my 17 years living here. Crazy.

  • Jennifer Stowasser

    Fracking. Compare the areas of cold with areas of fracking. It’s correlated. Check it out.

  • david james

    Why did the US gov allow our skies to be artificially clouded this winter, the same as is done during summers, since such clouding is supposedly done to shield our nation from the sun? Something is wrong, and we dupes will not find out til its too late that some group of scientists erred greatly by cooling down the US to this level.

  • screamingmimi

    Gosh WHATEVER DID WE DO back in the day when I was growing up when this kind of weather was a common annual occurrence??? SMH. 🙄🙄🙄