Four Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Horrifying Massachusetts Gang Rape

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Imagine this.

You are out for a nice evening walk. Suddenly a group of men approaches you, and one whips out a condom and motions like he wants to be a little more than friends. Before you can get away, you are slammed to the ground by the hood of your jacket and drug into an apartment where the men barricade the door so they can gang rape you.

This terrifying scenario recently happened to a couple in Massachusetts.

Breitbart reported:

The four were arrested after the attacks on a couple they were out for a walk in their neighborhood. According to the police report, as the four approached the couple, one of the illegals pulled out a condom and motioned toward the woman.

She was then grabbed by the hood of her jacket and slammed to the ground while two others started beating the woman’s boyfriend. The woman was dragged into a nearby apartment where several began to sexually molest her.

The woman’s boyfriend followed them, forced his way into the apartment and called 911. Police say he was then attacked again. At one point Ariel Diaz came at the man with a chef’s kitchen knife. The victim was able to wrest the knife away avoiding being stabbed in the process.

And the Boston Herald:

“They brought her into the building on the corner into the apartment,” police said. “They pulled a dresser or table across the door of the room so she could not leave … (They) were trying to climb on her while the others were groping her.”

Her boyfriend managed to force his way into the apartment and was calling 911 when two of the men broke away to handle him, police said.

Police said Ariel Diaz head-butted the man several times and then grabbed a large chef’s knife and tried slashing him, but Jarquin-Felipe pushed the knife-wielder back, stopping him from stabbing the man.

Police said that’s when the boyfriend smashed his would-be stabber with a beer bottle. He then advanced on the bed where his girlfriend was pinned and helped her escape.

“After we got out, we got down to the street and she was screaming, ‘Police! Police!’ and I was like, ‘Don’t stop, just keep running,’ ” he said. Police soon arrived and arrested all four suspects, also finding the boyfriend’s missing cellphone and clothing the woman said the alleged attackers wore in the apartment where two of the suspects live.

All four men are illegal immigrants here in the US from Guatemala. Twenty four-year-old Ariel Diaz has been charged with unarmed robbery, indecent assault and battery, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Nineteen-year-old Elmer Diaz has been charged with kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, rape, and threatening to commit a crime. The other two, Adan Diaz and Marlon Josue Jarquin-Felipe, 32 and 27 respectively, have been charged with indecent assault and battery and kidnapping. The last guy had previously been deported in April 2014.

Detainers have been placed on all four men who have pleaded not guilty to their respective charges and have been held pending hearings to determine their level of dangerousness to the community and whether or not they can be released.

Can you believe that? Only in modern America.

The couple is still completely traumatized by this experience.

“I thought we were going to die. I really did. And I didn’t care if I died as long as I could save her and get her out of there, that’s all I cared about,” the boyfriend, whose name was purposefully withheld, told the Herald.

So much for taking a nice nighttime stroll in America.

In the meantime, did you know that you can cheaply buy pepper spray and tasers on Amazon?

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  • Czajk

    The DOJ will let them go…

    • Dan Morgan

      We have faces and names. Go ahead, let them go…..

  • I forgot

    This is why the government wants to do away with the 2nd Amendment.

    • digriff

      Massachusetts pretty much has done away with the 2nd amendment.

    • It is a good thing that it wouldn’t make any difference if they did.

  • Mike

    More of obama’s ILLEGAL INVADERS. Obama should be charged as an accomplice.

    • Sc00ter5111

      Obummer is a TRAITOR

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Tasers and pepper spray? How about Glocks and Sigs! Problem deportation needed. Just burry them..or not.

    • horse777res

      You got that right!!!!

      • Jessiejevans1

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      • Bonita Slaughter

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    • Mark

      Oh, wait! It’s Massachusetts.
      The hostile elite and gun control:

    • Cranford Ducain

      How about a large nail, a wooden block,and a dull knife; inside of a burning barn??

  • Clementine

    “hearings to determine their level of dangerousness”… WOW… the only hearings they should get are bullets between the eyes! How many tax dollars are going to be spent catering to these low life scum that shouldn’t be here in the first place?

  • James West

    The new face of the democratic party illegal rapists , homos , chicks with dicks , commies , socialists , muslum terroists , child molesters , hey a vote is a vote .

  • jeff

    It would of been Great to Read about, 4 pieces of Crap illegal’s being shot and killed.. that would of been a good story

    • eyes wide open

      that would have been a happy ending story

  • must be the one beck and cruz did not hand out teddy bears…… /sarc
    this nation is closer each day to a really bad day…

  • Until we start charging the politicians who facilitated, promoted and orchestrated this INVASION as accomplices (including death penalties where appropriate), nothing will change. Obama should be arrested for this crime and all other crimes committed by illegal aliens that his policies have explicitly allowed entry to.

  • Praetor

    It seems Trumps wall is looking better and better everyday. And an army with M16s with shot on sight orders, for all those that cross the invisible line!!!

  • JGH46

    Another Trump Is Right story.

  • doucyet

    Perhaps next time they attack someone (because they will) it’ll be a CCW carrier and they get put down like the rabid dogs they are…………………..

    • jaguar

      Exactly, conceal and carry people!!

    • digriff

      Chances are good if they stay in Massachusetts the person will not even OWN a gun, let alone have a CCW permit.

      • doucyet

        Aw yes…………..the gun free zone. Perfect “hunting” place for pervs and murderers.

  • jaguar

    All these savage thugs will be released to commit more heinous crimes on innocent people??!! We should be protesting to Deport them now!!! Guatemala has some of the worst CRIMINALS around, even the children are CRIMINALS… They’ll Rob you blind…my neice was robbed several times in Guatemala and was beaten up by a Guatemala man…

  • Rebel

    The illegals are getting away with crimes all across the world, and some in America. Sick of the political correct crowd re-writing laws, and turning these criminals back out onto the street. Wish they would start attacking members of the Government, and terrorize them for awhile, then maybe they would get a dose of reality.

  • Cranford Ducain

    These guys are walking around with all their “guy parts” still attached. This doesn’t say much about the men folk of the city, now does it.

  • kweeuu63

    Thanks for the article and just a small grammatical note. The past tense of drag is dragged.

  • Unite2014

    Don’t forget, they need to be registered to vote too!

    • M Saurette

      if they deport them, they can just turn around and come back…of course they’ll need the money for bus tickets, maybe george soros will help them out- they seem like nice guys

  • Dave Mende

    All according to plan. Fk witey.

  • CJ

    If the couple were going to vote to Hillary then thats what they get else they should vote for Trump

  • Sc00ter5111

    They should all be killed on sight.

  • SpeedersKill

    Another diversity fail. America must return to 1955 when it was 90% white.

  • SpeedersKill

    Obozo is letting latin america dump their criminals and welfare trash on america. And the repubs let him.

    • Ed Troyer

      Log Cabin Republican RINOs

    • Screeminmeeme

      Yup. Obama…..aided and abetted by Congress… doing that along with facilitating the Islamic HIJRAH, the jihadi tactic of rapidly inserting a Muslim army into a target nation with the intent of overthrowing it. His plan is to see our economy ruined and our country destabilized, overwhelmed with crime, and vulnerable to our enemies who are living on American welfare paid for by those of us who actually work for a living.

  • Ed Troyer

    Flame Throwers and boxcars…

  • Paul X

    Why didn’t the man pull out his gun and shoot them? Oh, Massachusetts – never mind!

    Seems to me the real criminals here are the legislators, who disarm the people, who can no longer defend themselves from attack.

    • SpeedersKill

      True – but then you should carry a big knife or a can of pepper spray. I suspect this clown wouldn’t have had a gun ever if they were legal in the state. I always have a weapon on me.

  • mirageseekr

    Forget about tasers and pepper spray, exercise your second amendment right and hit them square between the eyes.

    • Too bad that you don’t know that the second amendment grants no one a right to do anything.

  • Dale Dimick

    We have to respect their culture! That man was a RACEST for not letting his girlfriend/wife get to know those young democrats better.

  • digriff

    But I thought all of the illegals were little children????? Massachusetts, you are a socialist liberal state. I am not saying these folks had it coming, but as a state, you should have every f’n illegal that enters the country shipped directly to you.

  • Mr Reynard

    Judge Lynch !! Come back !! All’s forgiven !!

  • Mr Reynard

    & a vote for Hitlery !!

  • Dave Mende

    All according to plan. Fk witey.
    Thank you George Sorostein.

  • Becky Strohl

    We had a kid from Guatemala also viciously rape a coworker of his here. He had no regrets or guilt. He was an animal.

  • Jason Bjornsson

    Hornet spray. It’s legal to carry, and more effective. After all you do have a hornet’s nest in the attic, remember?

  • fujak

    these fuckers need to be hung and left to rot

  • Screeminmeeme

    America is in the process of committing mass suicide. Obama welcomes criminals illegally crossing the southern border and Muslim terrorists from the ME and coming across our northern border.

    I’m sure that Obama’s DOJ will ignore the whole thing and send them back to their country with a slap on the wrist.

    • Do you know the difference between Jonestown and Dachau?

      • Screeminmeeme

        ? Your point is……………

        • Apparently that you don’t know the difference between suicide and genocide.

          • Screeminmeeme

            Of course I know the difference but how is your comment germane to the topic? I guess I’m missing your point.

            I believe the that America and Europe are both committing a slow suicide by welcoming savages to their shores. As for genocide, Islam is characterized by hegemony, misogyny, pederasty, and genocide. Over 14 centuries its destroyed millions of victims from many cultures/civilizations and left pyramids of skulls in its wake.

            It cannot be overstated that Islam is a scourge on mankind and its eradication is the only remedy. #BanIslam

          • Christians have always excelled in genocide, especially since 1787.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Well that’s what those of us who are patriots understand to be true. However, our appeasing leaders in Congress as well as the traitor in the White House think otherwise.

    According to their politically-correct-multiculturalistically-skewed view of the world, we should all try to ”understand” and ”accommodate” those from other cultures no matter how evil. In other words, we should all just toss our laws aside and capitulate to illegals and Islamic terrorists.

    Aint going to happen. No way. No how.

  • Joel W

    And Trump gets a full verbal assault for saying this happens.