Fossilized Fish and Seashells Found Where Vast Ocean Once Flowed on Mars?

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NASA has already admitted that Mars once likely held a vast ocean.

Now, recent photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover show some interesting things laying around in the dust on the red planet.

Could these be seashells?



Other pictures show what look like fossilized fish (… or fossilized something):



For a supposedly dead planet, this picture shows what sure looks like some kind of vegetation growing out of the planet’s surface:


In fact, lots of bizarre stuff has been spotted in footage and pictures coming in from Mars — from a strange valve, to a Mars Rat, and even a mysterious artificial light seen emanating from the ground. One Mars picture was hastily edited by NASA… not sure what that thing is, but if it’s nothing, why the attempt to hide it?

I even wanted to immediately dismiss this video below based on title alone… until I looked at the photo in question.

Not that I personally know what an alien skull looks like, but that doesn’t really look like some random ordinary rock either.

NASA has released photos of water flowing (as in, currently) on Mars. Articles have come out suggesting that the future government of Mars is already in the planning stages (hence the current “curiosity” in Mars), with one mainstream media outlet suggesting that the elite plan to escape to Mars to leave the rest of us on a “dying, warring planet”.

Whatever the true history and current state of Mars, we aren’t likely to hear it from NASA.

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