Former Yazidi Sex Slaves Take up Arms to Fight ISIS

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When ISIS first starting making headlines in 2014, the depths of their evil wasn’t immediately obvious in the West. Admittedly, they acted like brutal fanatics who quickly gained a reputation for savagery, on and off the battlefield. However, aside from the large territory they had attained, they didn’t seem to stand out from the numerous rebel factions and criminal organizations that inhabited Syria and Iraq.

But after the Sinjar Massacre of the Yazidi people, it became abundantly clear to the world that ISIS was different. These weren’t just opportunistic criminals, nor were they fanatical Islamic revolutionaries or misguided rebels. They were, and are, a manifestation of all the abhorrent behaviors that humans are capable of. They are downright evil, in the strictest sense of the word.

Beginning on August 3rd, 2014, ISIS started attacking Yazidi communities in the Nineveh province after Peshmerga units left the area unannounced in the middle of the night. They managed to force 200,000 people to flee the city of Sinjar, 50,000 of who escaped into the Sinjar mountains where ISIS chased them down. Between 2000 and 5000 people were killed, most of them older men and women. As for the young, the boys they captured were brainwashed into becoming child soldiers, and girls, some as young as 8 or 9, were sold into sexual slavery. And that is just the tamest account of what really happened to these kids.

Eventually US air support intervened, and in conjunction with Kurdish military forces, they routed ISIS and paved the way for these refugees to evacuate. But it was too late for an estimated 7,000 women who had been sold into sexual slavery. Many of these people are still unaccounted for, but about 2000 of them have managed to escape back into Kurdish territory. And they not only yearn to rescue their friends, neighbors, and siblings, many of them want revenge.

Fortunately they now have an outlet for those urges. There is now a battalion within the Peshmerga that consists solely of Yazidi women, many of who were former sex slaves. 123 of them have been engaging ISIS on the battlefield in recent months, and another 500 are still in training. They are currently preparing themselves to help retake the city of Mosul, where an untold number of Yazidi sex slaves and child soldiers still reside.

Khider had no experience with weapons or combat when she approached the Peshmerga senior command and proposed the idea of a specialized all-female Yazidi force after having survived the assault on Mount Sinjar. She hopes that in forming the force, the women will be able to protect themselves and inspire other minority groups to follow suit.

“Our elite force is a model for other women in the region,” she said. “We want to thank all the other countries who help us in this difficult time, we want everyone to take up weapons and know how to protect themselves from the evil.”

The women willfully stepped into the line of fire as a support force to the Peshmerga on Nov. 13, the day the Kurdish forces took back their hometowns and villages from ISIS occupation. The newly formed unit engaged in direct combat and later helped clear streets and buildings rigged with explosives.

As with the Christians, Kurds and Iraqi military, they know the imminent battle to retake Mosul will be the real test. Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul is the terrorist group’s regional base. Most of the Yazidi women who escaped ISIS were held in Mosul and can help provide valuable intelligence, as well as boots on the ground. And fighting to free those left behind provides added motivation.

“We have a lot of our women in Mosul being held as slaves,” Khider said. “Their families are waiting for them. We are waiting for them. The liberation might help bring them home.”

As for why Khider was motivated to form the battalion, the immediate threat of ISIS wasn’t the only thing on her mind. Over the past 1400 years, the Yazidis have been threatened with genocide by their neighbors on 74 separate occasions. She noted that “Whenever a war wages, our women end up as the victims.”

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  • Dunno y

    Tears, brilliant read Thankyou.Isis is fuelled by the same amphetamine pumped maddness killary is on, go get some girls. Get plenty back,I cheer for you.

  • frankw

    Women can fight and be effective when motivated and these women are obviously motivated.

  • Mark

    sex slavery

    Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation—Israel
    since the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women is ‘updating’ their Factbook, secondary sources for their findings must temporarily suffice:

    Israel’s Sex Trade Escalating
    by Kevin Hechtkopf, CBS News, Jerusalem, March 23, 2005

    Sex slavery and Israel’s failure to fight the growing trade
    by Emile Tayyip, Global Research, November 29, 2007
    “Last year, the United Nations named Israel as one of the main destinations in the world for trafficked women, according to the BBC.
    Israel has also been named as an offender in the annual U.S. State Department‘s Trafficking in Persons (Tip) report, which condemned the Jewish state for not fully complying with the “minimum standards” to eliminate sex trafficking…”

    Israel among worst human traffickers
    Named in UN’s list of ‘top 10’ destinations for forced labor, sexual slavery.
    by Ruth Eglash, The Jerusalem Post, 04/25/20065

    Trafficking in women a worldwide epidemic, Malarek says,
    Up to 10,000 trafficked women in Israel and more than 280 brothels in Tel Aviv alone
    by Julie Lesser, Jewish Tribune
    archived at:

    then, as now, Jews and child prostitution

    1835: Jews buying, training & selling children as sex slaves

    1811: More Jews buying & selling child sex slaves

    1917-1920: Child prostitution in Judeo-Bolshevik Russia

    early 20th century: Jews & child prostitution in early 20th century:

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  • Mike

    islam is pure evil and all of islam need to be exterminated.

    • Mark

      “Kill even the best of the Gentiles.”

    • John Cook

      Funny how we didn’t notice that ‘evil’ until Israel arrived. In reality it’s nothing compared to it’s ‘mother’ religion Judaism.

      • Reverend Draco

        Or it’s brother religion, Christianity.

        • Mark

          Please show us where Catholicism or even Protestantism teaches the analog of “Kill even the best of the Gentiles.”

          • Reverend Draco

            Deuteronomy 13

            13:6 If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers;
            13:7 Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about you, nigh unto thee, or far off from thee, from the one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth;
            13:8 Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him:
            13:9 But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.

          • Mark

            Alas, your unfamiliarity with Catholicism finds you unaware that the Mosaic Law is a dead letter for us. Some portions were incorporated into the New Law (for example, The Ten Commandments), but the rest was annulled. Hence, no score against Catholics for you 🙂

            As for Protestants, who can say? 35,000+ anarchic Protestant sects with mutually conflicting doctrines and morality make it nearly impossible to figure out what they really believe.

          • When one is willing to cherry pick what they want from a religion that they are modifying, it is easy to lose sight of the picked over religion, unto unfamiliarity.

          • Mark

            St. Peter spent 3 years face-to-face with Jesus Christ and was given the authority to “bind and loose whatsoever” according to Jesu Christ’s teachings. St. Peter chose to incorporate the Ten Commandments and rejected the portions of the Mosaic Law that were incompatible with loving our neighbors and enemies. Men usually fall short of Christian precepts, but your charge of “cherry picking” is truly asinine.

          • Equally asinine is your belief in things that are as proven and provable as any other legend.

          • Mark

            Tell it to the Just Judge. You’ll get your turn.

          • Only the designer could explain why he provided Unix code to a Microsoft processor.

          • Mark

            Feel free to get snarky with God. Let’s see how that goes.

          • Since you are so knowledgable about God, maybe you could explain to all of us why he didn’t create people who would understand how they were to live instead of trying to teach them through those who would corrupt his expectations?

          • Mark

            Search “mystery of iniquity.”

          • Reverend Draco

            Sorry dipshit, you lose – again.

            I was once Catholic – an altar boy, even. . . until I reached the age of reason, anyway.

            Last I knew, the 10 Commandments were a bit more than a dead letter – I guess there really have been some big changes since the late 70s.

          • Mark

            In your haste to defend your mistake, you made yourself look even more a fool. I said the Ten Commandments were incorporated into the New Covenant. The genocidal imprecations were not. There are no genocidal or racial supremacist exhortations in Catholicism. No score, ex-altar boy.

          • In what way can a imprecation be genocidal?
            In what way isn’t praying to saints worshiping other before him?

          • Mark

            (1) “Kill even the best of the Gentiles.”

            (2) Praying to saints:

            If you have any other questions, please do your own homework. I do not find you a person of good will or of sound mind, so I have no interest in communicating further with you.

          • Since most of what you say to me is theological fantasy, it really doesn’t matter. I won’t relent from calling you on future hallucinations.

          • Mark

            You already admitted your dishonesty.

            You claimed that Jews teach that a baby’s life begins at conception. They don’t teach that. You provided no authorities and, to cover up your ignorance (or lie), you diverted into a personal attack.

            You attacked me, but then claimed I made an ad hominem. You provided no evidence of either type of ad hominem (there are 2 types) from me.

            You claimed that Christian theologians teach that any experience that proves God is demonic, but couldn’t provide your source theologians, plural, so you called me a body part:


            YOU: “All the claims to theological expertise in this dialogue are yours, and I’m not trying to prove the unprovable.”

            ME: “No. You made this claim: ‘The only personal experience that could prove the existence of a deity to a human being would require occurrences that Christian theologians firmly maintain are not within the Christian experience, and are signs of possession by demons.’

            So, provide the authorities for your ‘Christian theologians’ claim or be known as a fraud.”

            YOU: “OK, I’ma fraud. Now STFU and leave me alone, asshole!”

            You initiated a discussion and then complained that I addressed you.

            You are dishonest.

          • Reverend Draco

            Mosaic law is Mosaic law. . . dead letter is dead letter. A = A.

            Oh,m right – you freakshows pick and choose what you like and ignore what makes your feelers uncomfortable.

            Not surprising when one considers that the entire book is a bunch of hooey from cover to cover.

            *sigh* So predictable.

    • If that same logic were applied to all the Abrahamic religions, I’d concur, but they constitute a balance of terror.

  • doucyet

    May their aim be straight and their nerves like steel.

  • Jeffersonian

    How do u maintain 7,000 “sex slaves”? That is just utterly he dumbest BS that I’ve read! Remember the US has been busted numerous times pushing fake stories whether it was the Isis creating gold back currency or yazidis are Christians that were under attack when the pictures and videos were all staged. Yazidis are far from Christians, unless Christians worship idols now! And that photo of them leaving was so fake, it looked like a bad Moses movie

    • Jeffersonian

      Oh, and referencing Wikipedia as your sours is laughable! That alleged attack had all the appearances of a false flag, equipped with bad photoshopped images of people allegedly fleeing to people running towards a helicopter that drops Walmart water bottles instead of real supplies that could survive being dropped, and fake shootout! Just like the alleged Syria chemical attack, they are obviously fabricated stories the US created to justify murdering and stealing more resources

    • SP_88

      They don’t maintain them. They are sold to people. There is no place with 7,000 women locked up inside. There may be a lot of smaller places with women being kept there, but most are sold to people. And 7,000 may be exaggerated, it could be less, I really don’t know.
      The women forming a group and training with firearms is true. There are several sources that show this including several documentaries and videos.
      It is such a hassle to have to continuously try to figure out who is lying and who is faking videos and photoshopping pictures. You can’t trust anyone anymore. So I understand your skepticism. There are plenty of well documented lies and fabricated pictures and videos. But I think that this is true. Though it is possible that some of it is either untrue or inaccurate, I have seen some evidence that supports most of this.

      • How many Amazons existed?

        • SP_88

          Amazon women?

          • There were no Amazon men.

          • SP_88

            I meant women from Amazon, in South America, like from the jungles of the Amazon. I don’t know how many there were.

    • Infidel51

      There have been a couple of documentaries done on the Yazidis, the Peshmerga, and also the women fighting with the Peshmerga. Don’t forget also that several Americans have gone to fight with the Peshmerga and they have documented heir experiences as well. This story wasn’t something cooked up for this article.

  • Jon Warner

    Many of the world’s greatest snipers have been Russian women. Some training and these women could be knocking down ISIS and per ISIS belief they are denied entrance to “Muzzie Paradise” if killed by a woman. Better even than being covered with pigs entrails and killed.

  • This is very similar to the American colonists providing their own security through the creation of militias. Let us hope that the bureaurats in DC will look more favorably on the Yazidi version of this approach.

    • SP_88

      As opposed to their view of the American militia movement? They don’t have a good view of American militias because they are a threat to their agenda. But the Yazidi women will not likely be bothered by the psychos in DC unless they suddenly become successful at taking out ISIS. They won’t bother them if all they are doing is getting some payback and freeing some of their friends and relatives and other women who have been enslaved. But if they are suddenly taking out large numbers of ISIS terrorists and preventing them from accomplishing their agenda and fighting against the government of Syria to topple Assad, then the warhawks in DC will care. And they will likely have some sort of “accident” like some bombs get dropped on them. This is different than the type of “accidents” they have with ISIS where they “accidentally” drop weapons, ammunition and supplies for them.
      But I don’t think that it will come to that. I think that these women will do what the Pershmerga have been doing and also trying to get the women back from ISIS. I’ve seen some documentaries about them, although these could be different women, I think that they are the same ones I’ve already seen. I’ll have to look and see if these are the same women from the videos I’ve watched. If they are, then this isn’t new. I watched those documentaries months ago.

      • I am aware of three different militias. One, the second amendment one. Two, the one that was co-opted into the National Guard. Three, the Wyoming Militia, which is quite (state) constitutional and largely ignored by the legislature that created it and the governor who knows that it might remove him from office for his many treasons, if he assumes his lawful command.
        Since there are only 5 confirmed members of ISIS, those ladies might just exterminate it.

        • SP_88

          Didn’t they say that there were between 30 – 50 thousand ISIS terrorists? What about the truck loads of terrorists driving around in new Toyota trucks? Aren’t they members of ISIS?

          • ISIS don’t seem to be a membership organization anymore than a militia is. We know for certain that some al CIAda assets were handpicked to populate ISIS, after they were given boatloads of money and sent out to find cheap mercenaries, who are driving new vehicles and eating very well while working on earning their 42 virgins. Osama bin Laden got a similar deal when the CIA sent him up to Afghanistan to create the Mujahadeen from equally ragtag rifle wavers, but he bailed when the CIA stabbed him in the back after the russians had been deposed.

          • SP_88

            That makes a lot more sense to me. I wasn’t thinking about it the right way. I was thinking that it was like a membership, not with an official membership card or anything, but with some sort of organisation. That’s what I get for making assumptions.
            Thanks for clearing that up for me.

          • The organization is contained in the intelligence agency(s) that front it, much as the CIA fronts Air America.

          • SP_88

            Yeah, they have organized the terrorists so that they will accomplish their agenda. But I thought there was some level of organisation amongst themselves. But apparently all their operations are handled covertly by the CIA.
            I bet that as soon as they accomplish their goals of getting rid of the Assad regime, if they are able to do so, that suddenly our government will actually get rid of ISIS, assuming that they have no further use for them. They may use them to invade Iran and then get rid of them, but when they are finally done using them, they will get rid of them. That’s my guess. Right now they serve a purpose.

          • ISIS is just the current name of the continuous threat that our government has maintained since at least 9-11-01.

          • SP_88

            They keep the masses paralyzed with fear so they can continuously pick away at our rights and freedoms in exchange for make-believe security from the terrorists. But there’s always more. They always need to take away more freedom because it’s never quite enough.
            And when the people become sufficiently desensitized to a particular boogie man, they find a new boogie man to scare us with. And it usually involves some sort of lame terrorist attack to let us know that they are serious.

          • The only way to take freedom away completely is to kill us, and that would free us completely in the realm from which we came.

          • SP_88

            This is true. But there will always be those who allow their freedom to be taken. They will give up and let TPTB take control of them. It’s too bad that they don’t all have the wherewithal to be free both physically, mentally and spiritually.

          • I’ve noticed that the more religious tend to be the least free physically. One would expect them to become more ambivalent about this plane of existence as the others become better known to them.

  • Infidel51

    I’m going to pray for these women. I wish I could fight with them.

  • The sad and frightening thing is that human beings are all capable of utter savagery and debauchery. If educated to hate, people readily accept others as less than human. I never believed it until a recent experience in Switzerland. Falsely accused of murder with zero evidence the cops made it pretty clear they thought I was sib human, sexually humiliated me and threatened to waterboard me if I didn’t confess. No lawyer would defend me and they pursued me relentlessly for 9 months, even throwing child protection at us. Read about it on my website and remember the biggest threat isn’t ISIS it’s our own government and police force.

    • John Cook

      I, for one, simply don’t believe you.

      • Yes I understand a lot of people have trouble believing these sorts of things happen. Believe what you want, however I have filed suit for 9 counts of torture against the Swiss police in Valais and I will have my day in court. On my website is email correspondence with the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, as well as the original documents from the Swiss prosecutor stating I am to undergo various forced medical procedures. I have the documentary evidence which I will be releasing over time, and when all is said and done you may very well change your opinion. Check this story out, the Swiss government in Valais deported a single mother, but kept her baby: — She fought for two years to be reunited with her child. It was on all the major news sites, and that lawyer who won her case, Pierre Bayenet (, is my lawyer fighting my case right now.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Freedom grows out of the barrel of a gun, together with the will to kill anyone who interferes!

    Fight on, shoot them all.

    • Are you trying to turn Mao into a new form of rotating energy source?

      • Tatiana Covington

        No, only that freedom is best won by fighting those who would take it, and killing them.

  • I can understand the desire for revenge. It’s perfectly rational to want to fight back against sadistic thugs wherever they are. Let us not be blinded to evil in our midst by stories of the depravity of ISIS. They must be eradicated, but remember it could happen in our society too. It’s too easy to forget Hitler and WWII but it’s not just islamic extremists who are capable of such wonton sadistically cruel acts. Governments in the West are capable as well. Imagine Switzerland, host of the UN in Geneva, does no criminalize torture. Their police target foreigners. 70% of the prison population are foreigners. Read my true story here

    • We wouldn’t have Hitler to remember if it weren’t for the treason and machinations of Senator Prescott Bush.

  • mayday911us.

    I do hope they’re getting training from multiple sources getting assistance from multiple sources.