Former Mexican President, Twice: Mexico Is “Not Paying for Trump’s F*cking Wall”

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Twice in recent days, former Mexican president Vicente Fox has declared to the media that neither he, nor Mexico will be paying for the “f*cking wall” that Donald Trump has vowed to build along the U.S.-Mexico border should he become president.

Trump has said not only will the potentially 55-foot-high wall be built, but he’s going to make Mexico pay for it.

Skip ahead in the first video below to around the 9:30 mark. Fox tells reporter Maria Bartiromo, “I have to say, we’re not, I am not going to pay for that f*cking wall. I am not.”

Her response? This face:


Fox was dead serious. He said it again in a different interview just to make sure everyone heard him right.

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  • Rick E.

    Did you know that in Mexico it is an equivalent of a felony to be an illegal immigrant? Yes it’s true, so to all of the presidents of hypocritical Mexico…go screw yourselves hypocrites! And you know what? I AM part Latino myself, but one side of my family immigrated the proper and legal way, from Argentina, and desired to be a citizen, and respected our laws.

    • Anita Tant

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    • Did you know that Argentina is where many who are expatriating from this country are going?

      • Rick E.

        Actually no I didn’t. Now I do.

        • Doug Casey is probably the best known American now calling Argentina home.

      • DonDong

        Did you know Argentina was the destination of Nazis & fascists at the end of WW2? Not that I’m comparing the two. I’ve heard it’s very nice.

        • I don’t know much about Argentina being a destination for anyone besides Adolph and his mistress, which is pretty well documented. Most of the SS officers that weren’t executed or imprisoned by the Nuremberg court were immigrated into America to populate the CIA when it was created from the remnants of the OSS.

          • DonDong

            Yeah, I don’t know where I either read it, or saw something about it on tv, but there were, according to this source, 100,000+ Nazis, yet Nuremberg only tried several thousand. That leaves a lot unaccounted for. Anyway, I noticed the Argentina/WW2 connection years ago because I play tennis, and like pro tennis. The players from Argentina, mostly, have Italian & german names, and look very Italian & german. Juan Peron, Evita’s husband, was a Nazi sympathizer, and still in power at the end of ww2, so he offered haven. The whole thing stinks when we know what we know now & look back. Take care.

  • Duke6

    Vincente Fox= aristocrat piece of excrement !!!

    • The Fox crime family and the Bush crime family have been friends for many generations.


    Degenerate crook. He will pay for it because Trump will “pull the money” and the rat won’t be able to steal anymore. Mexico is a toilet because of all the elite robbing the people and allowing access by the cartels to kill our kids.. Bangladesh West.

    • archer

      I’m willing to bet the per capita rate of billionaires in Meheeco is greater than in many countries, they are purging themselves of the racially mixed, they are quite racist themselves.

      • Carlos Slim is the richest man in the western hemisphere.

        • straight shooter

          Yes, and for those who are wondering just how a ‘Mexican’ got the name “Slim,” it’s actually short for “Salim.”

          Sure, the Mexicans are ethnically homogenous, except when they’re not.

          • Carlos Slim Helú is not a natural born Mexican.
            Your claim that Slim is short for Salim is the only one I can find on the Internet. His father’s middle name was also Slim, and he immigrated from Lebanon. Do you have a reference? Mexicans are the descendants of the mating of Spanish invaders and native indignants.

          • straight shooter

            My reference in this case was a former associate of mine, well-connected in international finance, who’d mentioned this. I have no evidence on paper. If true, it’s probably simply that their family name had been shortened a couple of generations back.

          • Since it is “Slim” as far back as I can find online, dating back several generations in Lebanon, it is probably academic. He is a self-made man, unlike many other ultrarich. You’d probably enjoy researching his life because he is so unlike Bill Gates, who he blew out of the water when he surpassed him a couple years ago.

          • straight shooter

            I totally agree.

    • mirageseekr

      So can you explain how it is any different that in the US the elite rob people and that the CIA runs the drugs in for the BS war on drugs that then uses the incarcerated for slave labor? It always makes me chuckle when people make comments like this because we are run like a banana republic it’s just that the brainwashing here goes so deep that the people can’t see it. We have one set of rules for the elite and another for the people. We have the legalized system of bribery known as lobbying while at least Mexico realizes that their politicians are paid off. As far as cartels killing our kids, how many young people have died in the middle east for the lies of 9-11? How many more at the hands of trigger happy police? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. This is like when people down Putin for being ex KGB while completely ignoring the fact that Bush led the CIA. While I do believe that any and all immigration should be done properly the fact of the matter is people would not come here if they couldn’t find work. Employers of illegals should be subject to a year in prison for every illegal they hire, do that and watch how fast this shit ends. But they won’t do that because it works to their advantage to have people blame the illegals trying to escape poverty than to place the blame on the elite hiring them. The old Hegelian Dialect hard at work. I think you suffer from a little cognitive dissonance when it comes to evaluating our own countries complicity in this. I also think you are delusional if you think Trump is the guy to fix this problem. I bet if you looked into trumps businesses you would find that he himself enjoys the fruits of cheep labor.

    • straight shooter

      Oh, Trump will pull the money? That’s hilarious. He’ll get nowhere near “the money.”

  • I forgot

    We’ll see.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    The key “F” word here is “former”! Vincent Fox is about as relevant as Billy boy Clinton. If you want to play on Trumps course you will have to pay your greens fees. I like the way he will be handling international affairs..with a BIG stick.

    • Is Fox’s wife running for the presidency of Mexico?

    • straight shooter

      In six months, Trump will be lucky to be handling his own affairs and nothing more. You’re being played.

  • Jeffersonian

    Trump needs to repeal H-1 Immigrant Visas taking High-Tec Jobs and High paying Salaries from AMERICANS! ToysR’Us and Disney should be punished for what they did! Americans should make a stand by voting with their Dollars and not giving another dime to those companies!

  • YeahRightOkay

    …heck this POS don’t like a wall…???…then how about everyone with guns line up on the border and take ‘target practice’ for everyone that tries to cross…???

    • That is what we should do anyway, since we already have more than enough troops terrorizing the middle east to put them fingertip to fingertip on the border, 24/7.

  • Is the relinquishment of American sovereignty through the North American Union that Fox, Bush, and Martin agreed to in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 what Fox wants, now?
    A hispanic is not necessary a Mexican, but the hispanics want the flow of criminals from Mexico to stop as much as anglos do, because they prefer to predate their own kind.

  • The flow reversed several years ago, because the opportunities that Mexicans were coming for started disappearing.

  • Maria Bartiromo has never heard the word that describes what Rupert Murdoch has been doing to the audience of his media outlets for decades?

  • Mr Gadget

    What criminals hasn’t Trump called out yet? Great interview with Roger Stone last night exposing the Koch brothers plan to destroy Trump by Tuesday with 75 million they collected Thursday night.

  • Mr Gadget
  • straight shooter

    No problema, Vince, the boys in Black Ops feel your pain, and, hey, pretty soon you won’t have Donald kicking you around any more. Such a pity, so many American Sheeple are going to be so bummed. And there’s nothing his snake-oil saleswoman-buddy Ann Coulter can do about it.

  • Reverend Draco

    After all the money the US has sent to Mexico to be used to print instruction manuals on how to illegally enter the US and what programs to leech off of once they get here. . . the least Mexico can do is pay for the wall.

  • Stew E

    They are going to pay if they want to continue making money. The US provides 80% of their economy

  • jbstoner43

    You can deport all of the men back to Mexico, but let the pretty Mexican women remain in the US.

  • JCLincoln

    Did you know tha Vicente Fox retired as a $Billionaire after being president of Mexico?