Former Marine Shot Pastor Six Times Because He Is One of the “Lizard Aliens Who Control the World”

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Former Marine and suspected shooter Kyle Odom took to Facebook claiming he shot his pastor a dozen times Sunday because Odom said the pastor was one of the “ancient civilization from Mars” that rules the world.

Sounds kinda like the movie They Live, doesn’t it?


Or a David Icke lecture.

Here’s the avatar Odom reportedly drew:


Pastor Tim Remington is seriously wounded, but alive and expected to recover. Odom reportedly mailed packets to all major media outlets, but so far they have not made the 32-page letter included available to the public, so take the portrayal with a grain of salt.

CNN gave these details:

In the letter, the writer claims that his life was ruined by amphibian-humanoids from Mars. Among the writings were sketches of alien-like faces.

Almost all of the letter, which was released Wednesday by the Coeur d’Alene Police Department, is typed. In the opening the writer says, “As you can see I am pretty smart. I’m also 100% sane, 0% crazy.”

The letter names Remington, and many others, in wild claims of an alien conspiracy. The letter writer says Remington first texted him Bible messages but then started threatening him through Bible verses he sent.

“I thought nothing of it until helicopters started flying around my house all day and all night,” the letter says…

One part of the letter appears to be a message to President Barack Obama, and another page lists “noteworthy Martians.” U.S. lawmakers and Israeli government officials are among those listed.

Near the end of the letter, the writer refers to taking some actions of last resort as a way to bring the public’s attention to “the Martians.”

Sounds kinda like a targeted individual, doesn’t he?

Odom, a 30-year-old former Marine who holds a degree in biochemistry from the University of Idaho, apparently only began losing it recently. After he shot the pastor, who Odom reportedly said he believed was attempting to make him into a sex slave, Odom drove six hours to the Boise airport and flew to D.C., somehow getting past the TSA and onto a plane even though he had a felony attempted murder warrant out for his arrest.

Odom was caught and arrested by Secret Service for throwing things on the White House lawn and now faces charges of attempted homicide and attempted first-degree murder.

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  • doucyet

    Well…………..Kyle is either a really bad shot or the pastor dude is an alien!

    • He wasn’t a sniper in the marines or Kyle would be his last name.

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    • Ben Russell-Gough

      Or he used a 22-cal pea-shooter at such range that the bullets were hard-pressed to penetrate the skin.

  • I forgot

    I wonder what he learned to make with that degree in biochemistry. He undoubtedly took some of it.

  • Broos
  • LiberalsRLost

    the shallow thinking of our nation’s population is what makes TPTB so successful in the shadows….
    This should whet the appetite for a few that want to wake up from the matrix:

    There are other sources of information with links to the patent office that reveal the electronic devices used to alter, and inject signals directly into the audible nervous system making one think they ‘hear from God’ and that is only the surface……….

    When living in a world of lies the truth will always appear to be crazy…

  • Stop this! I”m a Targeted Individual. This is another use of Tesla HAARP Cell towers Chemtrails Drones & Satellites on Targeted Individuals.

    • LiberalsRLost

      If your a TI there are steps to take; if your post is sarcasm you’re not helping in waking up the sheeple….

      • concernedhousewife

        I wonder if the “seal of God” in our forehead will protect us ???

        • LiberalsRLost

          The seal of God as in Ezekiel 9; sets us apart.
          I’ve oft plead the Blood of Jesus over my life in serious situations with our own government…….and I witnessed His deliverance I was still in awe and shock……
          The Blood of Christ redeemed us right, and although I have no proof…inwardly am convinced it changed our DNA……and it is the why… many agencies are programming us to give our DNA as they build a database…….to find those that have been set apart……

          truly exciting and to me occasionally frightening times…

          Ps. 91 is a great deep word study to build one’s faith……We His elect, the called out believers will go through tribulations..unlike the pulpit whores of today…….preaching a fleshly gospel….
          The Apostles all suffered horribly why are we exempt…….I think not …..
          God Bless….

          • Reverend Draco


            Take them.

            That is all.

          • JayC777

            Stop being so impressed with yourself. You’re not that bright.

      • Very little waking up goes on here. Mostly it is the deranged having a conversation with the ignorant.

        • LiberalsRLost

          which after about 30 years of speaking one-on one with folks around my social/work/family circle…….
          It has left me drained …… and am at the point of just going dark and reading the comments but closing all accounts ……
          just got my account for encrypted emails and will soon just stay in touch with very few ….since my time is now focused on building a house, clearing land, raising hens etc.
          hope you hang in there …… 😉 cheers….

          • You might want to register at because his forum is everything this one could be, if it weren’t just an advertising vehicle, as it appears to be.
            I’d welcome the opportunity to hear about what your time is now focused on, there, where it will be appreciated. If you are looking for me there, I’m vonu. Regards.

          • LiberalsRLost

            Thank you…also would like to share with you a source of deeper insights to what is driving this world into WWIII

            Presently will go dark for a few weeks…..moving out of house into travel trailer….get our new house built on our 8 acres and start the homestead for what is looming upon us….between learning ham radio, growing fruit trees and raising hens plus sharing info …. retirement just got un-boring….heh..heh….

            Will look forward to future chats …..I have been humbled to learn that my 30 years of research just nicked the surface…..holy cow yeah……!

          • Ham radio won’t do you much good during the solar minimum unless you have efficient antennas for the 60 through 180 meter bands.

          • LiberalsRLost

            thanks..I’ve a lot to learn… 😉

          • I’ve all but given up on ever getting a ham ticket. When I was a kid, I didn’t want to learn the Morse code because I wasn’t interested in using it, preferring SSB to AM when I was, subsequently, a CBer, before I was old enough to get a license (KFK-8036, FWIW). I haven’t been able to find an available VE since the FCC dropped the code, or I’d get an Extra Class to go along with my GROL. Since I’d rather chat online than on the air, and listen to music rather than yak, I may never get a ham ticket. Since the Communications Act authorizes the appropriate use of all of the spectrum in an emergency, my technical and communication skills would be of as much use regardless of any license. I enjoy SWL too much to bother talking back. Enjoy your learning process. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

          • LiberalsRLost

            nice thank you…!

            kindest regards….. 😉

          • LiberalsRLost

            I’ll be going slow and part of my plan is a SSB for the shop hang out and one for our trucks. May not even have time for HAM since so many irons in teh fire but the old avionics guy in me still like radios so a SSB may be the path of least effort ha….ha..ha…have a good one…oh yeah did book mark your link like it….will get to it after house is built… 6 months sigh….heh… in a travel trailer will be a experience, good thing we’ve been married to long to kill each other…..heh…heh….

          • I’m waiting for the deflation that I expect to begin before the collapse of the markets, bringing the cost of many things down to less than their true value in dollars, pennies to nickels on the original dollar. You can get SSB cheap and unlicensable in old CB radios. Depending on who is on the other end, you might not want to use SSB for those who don’t know how to tune it, which you’ll already understand if you are acquainted with AM avionics. If you aren’t using it for local communications, SSB will foil all but the most experienced operators’ ability to tune it in a ionospheric situation that changes continuously, because even the “experts” can’t accurately predict what the sun if going to eject or where it will go. The current geomagnetic storm was upon us before they knew it wasn’t missing us as they’d predicted.
            I’v lived in on one of three vans or a sleeper since the mid 80’s, and there are days I have to wonder what to do since I can’t divorce myself:-)

          • LiberalsRLost

            No doubt by year’s end we will have moved onto the new homestead…..a barndominium… I’ll be picking your gray nuggets on SSB questions…..
            Cheers….!….. 🙂

          • That might be enough motivation to dig out one of my old SSB CBs or get the ham ticket:-)

  • It is easy to get past the TSA as long as you aren’t gropable.

    • Ben Russell-Gough

      Or so long as you don’t have something obviously valuable on your carry-on!

  • Jonny rRingworm

    Wow, must be one of the David Icke’s followers. I don’t think David told them to try to kill ’em though…..

  • BW83

    I’m guessing the TSA was too busy molesting innocent individuals to catch the actual criminal….

    I’m also sure that whatever comes of this will definitely increase the liberty of the average citizen lol. (Sarcasm)

    The one thing we do know, if he’s right (lol) those amphibious space creatures are proof there was once water on Mars! Maybe nasa needs to pursue this and back of the climate change crap for awhile.

  • Thank Alex Jones and David Ike for putting this nonsense into their not so bright audience’s feeble minds.

  • Ted

    Drug test!


    No doubt CERN and the big deception is getting ready to happen

  • Whistler

  • Razedbywolvs

    The Odom avatar looks like a frog wearing a condom mask.

  • davol

    He sounds like one of my facebook friends.

  • robertsgt40

    Good to see TSA on the ball. Anyone vote for meds in this case?

  • Gambeir Bay

    This is what you call psy-ops. It’s fake news, as legalized under the 2013 NDAA, in other words, the legalized use of propaganda as a weapon upon the citizens of the US is now legal, and this story is another form of that weapon.

    The idea here is to associate loonatics with people who may claim aliens are among us and are reptiles, or reptilians. So you see, it seems to me that launching of this psyop is really counter productive to dispelling the notion, at least if you’re hip to this kind of mind game.

    See, they want the public to associate anyone who thinks outside the box as dangerous, and this has to do with an over all and pervasive on-goin meme that they are using to quell free speech and anti-establishment voices and viewpoints.

    Highly unlikely this is a real story, and besides which, since they lie about everything and have made it legal for themselves to lie, then we have to naturally assume it is another.

    • It is not Paranoia

      Good thoughts!
      But how do I know that he wasn’t “targeted individual”?

      One way or the other, it’s fucked up!

    • Gary

      Exactly my thoughts. Nice succinct summary. Another excuse for another war, like the War on Terra.

  • hvaiallverden

    Its almoust amuing if the ramifications werent so serious.
    This is utter bollocs, and to me, another patsy, cept in the “fridg” ready to use, or in collaboration with, and nothing suprices me anymore, the state.

    This, to me, falls into the same category as, the in/famous The Nuklear Mudd cakes from Nigeria, yea, the trith and nothing but the truth, remeber.
    Oh, I forgott, we are just conspiracy nutts, right.


  • BasicRules

    Get you next time Reptilians!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Five lizard aliens now!

  • L Garou

    “..somehow getting past the TSA and onto a plane even though he had a felony attempted murder warrant out for his arrest.”
    That was the easy part..