Former Congressman Warns That Foreign Countries Could Bribe The Feds To “Regulate Drudge”

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A former Republican Congressman from Colorado has warned that a foreign country could bribe or “incentivize” the FCC to regulate and “rein in” popular conservative news outlets, including The Drudge Report.

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, in an opinion piece for The Hill, started out his shocking warning by downplaying the so-called Russian actors who may have spent a measly $100,000 with social media giant Facebook in exchange for ads that hurt Hillary Clinton.

Tancredo not only correctly noted that such a small amount of money could not have actually altered the election, he also destroyed the notion that the American establishment is “surprised” by the idea of a foreign government trying to influence an election.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this month that his company sold over $100,000 in social media advertising to a Russian government-controlled front group during the 2016 election cycle. While that amount is a relative pittance and critics are saying the ads were poorly produced — where is Bill Maher when you really need him? — the discovery has raised alarms.

It’s ironic, of course, that America’s media elites are suddenly alarmed, considering that the CIA and intelligence agencies abroad have engaged in similar activity for decades. But putting that aside, what if the bigger danger comes not from amateurish foreign advertisers, but from foreign governments seeking to influence the American regulatory agencies meant to act as the citizens’ watchdogs?

The former congressman then gets to the crux of his warning, asking a very pointed question to the reader that unfortunately sounds all too plausible in this day and age.

Could a foreign government — such as Russia, Ukraine, or Mexico, for example — bribe or “incentivize” a federal agency such as the Federal Election Commission to regulate (or “rein in”) conservative news websites?

The truth could be stranger than fiction if you examine the habits of the federal commissioners who run our regulatory agencies.

Tancredo then reveals a fact that news outlets like The Daily Sheeple have long reported – there are absolutely elements within the federal government who have expressed support for censoring The Drudge Report in the past while at the same time taking dozens of trips overseas, sometimes even bashing the American way of life while doing so.

For years, Democrats on the FEC have been vocal in their desire to regulate speech on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, to say nothing of Drudge and Fox News. Will they use the news of foreign government purchasing social media advertising as an excuse to enter that regulatory minefield more boldly?

But what’s even more worrisome is that third-party groups, some connected to foreign governments, have spent tens of thousands of dollars helping regulators travel around the world. Who’s to say that quid pro quo, spoken or unspoken, isn’t part of the equation?

It’s far more likely than the idea that foreign governments might be using a website like Drudge to spread propaganda. Buying one regulator would be more cost-effective than spending millions trying to sway millions through advertising. After all, “I can get it for you wholesale” is still the American way.

Consider this. As the establishment media continues to push their 24/7 anti-Trump echo chamber, real dangers poised by other countries are going unchecked, with many in the media most likely on board with the idea that top conservative news outlets need to be censored.

At this point one can’t help but wonder (and worry) that some form of political censorship of the internet is on the horizon which will most likely be attempted by connecting the amazing success of someone like Matt Drudge to supposed Russian propaganda operations – all in the name of censoring non leftist voices.

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  • Tom Tancredo was the Tim Tebow of the Colorado house.

    • Freespirit

      Is it just a coincidence, that the ZIONIST Media, SILLYwood and Washington District of Criminals never mentions ISRAEL in anything surreptitious!

      Could it be because Israels evil record, such as, but DEFINITELY not limited to Rachel Corrie and the USS Liberty, speaks for itself

      • They don’t say anything, surreptitious or otherwise, about the Shadow Government that Kevin Shipp exposes in this video:

        • Freespirit

          Also run by Zionists

          To be SUCCESSFUL, in their GOAL of Dominance of this planet and people, one must control all sides and pretend to be NEUTRAL or NOT INVOLVED

          • You have a severe case of Zionitis, which prevents you from seeing the big picture. A collectivist warmonger is a collectivist and a warmonger, even if they don’t have anything to do with Israel or Zionists. Your choice is simple, keep your head buried in a Zionist cesspool or recognize the larger problem of governmental occupation. There is little point in whistleblowers blowing their whistles if we are deaf to them.

          • Freespirit

            Thanks for following my comments.

            I hope soon you learn from them

            Take care now

          • You won’t know what I know until you know what I know.
            I didn’t learn anything by ignoring good sources.
            Kevin Shipp is an uber-source.

          • Freespirit

            Diatribe noted

          • Ignorance is intact, bliss is full.

          • Freespirit

            You’re welcome and your humility is also noted, but not necessary

          • Humility is wasted when the truth and reality are so blatant that a retarded autistic could understand them.

          • Freespirit

            Are you saying you are a “retarded autistic” ???

          • I’m not the one who is desperately resisting every attempt to cure your narcissistic ignorance.

          • Freespirit

            Happy to see you follow my comments.There is hope for you after all, just when I thought you were a complete loss

            Keep following. You’ll learn eventually

          • I can’t learn anything from someone who refuses to challenge his ignorance with new information.

          • Freespirit

            Silly little man or is it BOY. Here is my list of SOURCES which I follow DAILY:

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            Is that what you mean by “New Information” ?

          • Have you ever noticed that most of them are saying the same things?
            Kevin Shipp isn’t and he worked for the CIA for 15 years.

          • Freespirit

            Your humility not necessary but you are welcome

          • My humility couldn’t get past your hubris if I had any.

          • darkhorse

            I guess by now, Freespirit, you are learning that BrONUAJno is a YOU-KNOW-WHAT!!!! LOL……..LOL……….LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry….can’t stop rolling aroung….on the floor…in hysterics!!!!!

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            Sorry but what is “BrONUAJno” ???

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            he’s the one commenting on here all the time

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            Ahh, the one I suspect of being Troll. I forget those types very quickly as NON-ENTITIES

            Thanks “darkhorse”

          • And you are foolish enough to expect someone who you regard as a non-entity to think of you as anything more than another ignorant?

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            Please do

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            Blocking you wouldn’t make you go away. It would just save me from wasting my time trying to get you to pull your head out of your ass.

          • Freespirit

            Works for me

          • Nothing frightens me on a group. Massive ignorance and stupidity that refuses to renovate itself is intellectually disgusting and of no value in any way. That I block som it won’t waste my time. Again, you have a raging case of Zionitis and no interest in blaming the correct people when you can blame everything on a group of people who wouldn’t fill a small synagogue.

          • disqus_3BrONUAJno is the screenname that Disqus gave me when I left the field empty. It doesn’t mean anything to me. Your imagination will have to provide any meaning for you.

          • darkhorse

            and to also steal other ethnicities’ names…go crypto, intermarry, yada yada yada so as to HIDE what one IS….

          • Freespirit

            seems right on.

          • darkhorse

            and who are the foreigners who bribe the feds?? The JEWISH LOBBY!!!!!YEAH!!!!! Not the Russians…only the Jewish Supremacists…

          • Freespirit

            Of course 😉

      • darkhorse

        Nooooo, silly! Israel helps the world…how could you say such things….LOL!!! It ALMOST sounds like you’re saying the Jews are the sneakiest, slimiest, serpent-slithering, back-stabbing spawn of Satan…

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          Forgive me for I have sinned 🙂

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            say 10 Hail Marys and 2 Our Fathers and go and sin no more….

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            You got a laugh out of me on that one”darkhorse”

  • Nexusfast123

    More deluded crap from the US. The US spent around $5Billlion trashing Ukraine’s political system and replacing it with a bunch of fascist loons.

  • darkhorse


    • Nexusfast123

      Then they are insane.

      • Freespirit

        Well known

      • darkhorse

        they are the SPAWN OF SATAN

  • Those who don’t understand, like you.

  • The Tuna Fairy

    “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this month that his company sold over
    $100,000 in social media advertising to a Russian government-controlled
    front group during the 2016 election cycle.”

    Ya know, with all the censoring stuff that FB does, I’m surprised they A) took money from Russians and B) sold themselves so cheap.

    • darkhorse

      JEWISH SUPREMACISTS WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THERE IS WAR WITH RUSSIA…they love making oodles of $$$ and they REALLY love people dying.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Grudge is a little political and opinionated, to say the least. He did NOT report the death of a senior Demoncrap. NONE!

    And he should have reported the death of another famous guy and I thought, surely this will be on Grudge. NONE!

    But he reports the death of entertainers and other sports people. Especially famous Negro types showing me he FEARS the blacklash of lieberals and Negroes.

    So, in many ways Grudge is behaving like a typical Retardican.

    • Grudge?

      • Alleged-Comment

        Yes, Grudge Retort.

        • I guess that is too unimportant to bother with, since I’ve never heard of it.

          • darkhorse


    • darkhorse

      Don’t forget, Grudge is a YOU-KNOW-WHAT…

  • SP_88

    This government is so hypocritical. They piss and moan about election meddling, yet they have meddled in the elections of so many countries it’s ridiculous. They’ve even gone as far as to assassinate the leaders of other countries so they could install a puppet government.
    Now they want to censor alternative media outlets so they can control the narrative, unlike this past election when they exposed the corruption and lawlessness of Hillary and the democrats, especially after Wikileaks published the leaked emails showing how extremely corrupt and dishonest Hillary and the democrats are.
    If not for the alternative media, we would never have had any news stories about all the corruption and election tampering that went on in the democrat party. The mainstream media certainly wouldn’t have ran any stories about Hillary and Wasserman Shultz screwing Bernie Sanders out of the nomination or anything about Hillary’s illegal e-mail server or anything else that exposed their corruption.
    If they can censor Drudge, they can censor anyone. And you can bet that they will.
    All these crooked politicians should be in jail.

    • darkhorse

      SP… you KNOW this is not OUR govt anymore…this is the UNITED STATES OF ISRAHEL…

      • SP_88

        Our government was bought and paid for a long time ago. And they basically used our money to pay for it.

        • darkhorse

          yes…that’s the JUUish way!

    • Jeff

      With the professional politicians we are way past jail. Terminate. With extreme prejudice. Or term limits. Mandatory Term Limits.

      • SP_88

        I have an idea. How about term limits with a caveat. If they do a good job, and they manage to not get voted out of office before they reach their term limit, they will then, and only then, get paid for their service.
        If they fuck up, and get voted out before they reach their limit, they don’t get paid. Plus, they get their ass beat.
        I bet we would see our government suddenly become very efficient and since it would be we the people who they were trying to please, I bet things would be a lot more favorable towards us.

  • Mayday911us

    Yeah but I’m pretty sure Zuckerberg kept that money.

  • Jeff

    Boy, is this loser out of touch. We don’t have countries anymore. It’s all one globalist world. Just ask the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. [sarcasm]