Former CIA Director Now Saying Military Won’t Follow Trump’s Orders if He’s Elected President

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There have been a lot of attacks on Trump lately. Even the Pope took what many considered to be a hypocritical stance against the man. The elite do not want him anywhere near the White House, that much is obvious… at least, that’s the clear message they are sending.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden is claiming the U.S. military might disobey President Donald Trump.

First, Bill Maher says that the election is basically hinging on a terrorist attack because if one goes down, Trump will win. (Nice, right?) Hayden agrees.


“I would be incredibly concerned if a President Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the language that candidate Trump expressed during the campaign,” Hayden said during the interview.

He then went on to say the military might not follow Trump’s orders if he keeps his campaign promises regarding the War on Terror.

It seems like the military are huge Trump supporters at rallies and in polls, but in the media you have top brass and even officers at the Pentagon reportedly claiming they’ll quit if Trump moves into the White House.

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