Forest Near Fukushima Is Now Riddled With Mutations

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As the 5 year anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake looms, the Japanese government is busy decontaminating the area, in the hopes that they will soon be able to lift the evacuation orders for the villages that surround Fukushima’s nuclear power plant. Unfortunately the region in question is probably still contaminated, and may remain so for the foreseeable future.

According to a recent report posted by Greenpeace, which cited several international peer-reviewed studies, the forest near Fukushima is beginning to show signs of radiation induced mutations. As seasonal rains wash away contaminants in residential areas, the forest is slowly becoming a “radiation reservoir.” The report found an “apparent increases in growth mutations of fir trees… heritable mutations in pale blue grass butterfly populations” and “DNA-damaged worms in highly contaminated areas.”

The author of the report also added that “In the interest of human rights — especially for victims of the disaster — it is ever more urgent to ensure accurate and complete information is publicly available and the misleading rhetoric of these entities challenged.”

Despite the evidence, researchers and doctors have cautioned against drawing any conclusions, and suggested that more research needs to be done on the long-term effects of radiation on the environment and on the population of Fukushima.

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  • I’d be more interested in whether the people are still recognizable as such, where they have survived. What would be the point in returning to an area contaminated and still being contaminated by radionuclides with half lives longer than the island has been there?

    • Rick E.

      YEP! And, it will continue to emanate radioactive isotopes for many many decades.

      • none

        That is good news for us, U.S.
        Since the Japanese government probably will not allow anyone to chop the trees down and sell the wood In Japan, an American company could probably buy it for cheap. Then import it and make furniture out of it.
        As a side note, they do sell Japanese green tea here that the government will not
        Allow them to sell in Japan.

        • watcherofolde

          Not such good news.

      • Q46

        You clearly do not know what a radioisotope is.

    • jaguar

      We are all being Radiated from Fukushima… People are getting Cancer in more numbers and the Animals are dying in mass quantities around the world….

      • It has yet to become attributable to Fukushima, but there’s plenty of radioactive and non-radioactive cause to go around.

    • NonYo Business

      And all by design. How do you like that?

    • Frank Energy

      Ya Bro, can I call you Bro from here on out, I can’t figure out your name. Fukushima is not stopped, it can be, for less than $200B, I will do it for $200B, I know it can be done.

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  • motleyalaskan

    ” But we need to study this more first…..” AARRGGHH!!!!

  • Rick E.

    What?! Our government and Ann Coulter says that radiation is good for you!
    In actuality, NO amount of radiation is good for any carbon based life form!

    • watcherofolde

      I had a maniac Russian penpal send pictures of his whole family sitting in lawn chairs taking”radiation therapy” in a uranium mine. When I told him it might be bad for them, poisonous even, he wrote back saying everyone knows it’s good for you..

    • Q46

      Contnuous bombardment from space, radioactive radon gas in the atmosphere, granite full of radioactivity… how on Earth have we managed to survive this long?

  • Frank Energy

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    • Frank Energy

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  • D.Moore

    Fukushima is an participating experiment we are all being contaminated, you have no choice. I do not eat any seafood from that direct besides although America’s seafood is probably still feeling the effects of the Gulf Oil catastrophe. The proof is in front of our eyes if one only looks enjoy today and be thankful for tomorrow in other words live you lives since there doesn’t appear to be any people of intelligence guiding this ship we all ride on. Fukushima is still spewing inot the ocean

  • Q46

    Mutations are called ‘Evolution’…. happen all the time.

    Meanwhile around Chernobly where the core melted down and there was explosive release of radioactive material, wildlife in the surrounding area, to everyone’s surprise, is flourishing and ‘gee whiz’ kiddies, it appears the biological effects of radiation exposure, not well understood to start with, are less serious than imagined.

    Number of fatalities at Fukushima et environs…. ZERO.

    We often hear how ‘surprisngly’ quickly the ecology recovers following some Man made disaster, but that does not stop the doom-machine turning out its breathless propaganda with each new one.

    Natural disasters, usually much worse than Man made ones, get a free pass, but then tens of thousands of Humans, animals and plants destroyed by a Tsunami don’t count… cos natural isn’t it… but Zero killed and a few nice coloured butterflies – thatbis REALLY important.

    Indeed the sheeple are easily led.