Foreign Troops to Confiscate American Guns Under UN Treaty

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“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order … tomorrow they will be grateful.” -Attributed to Henry Kissinger during the 1991 Bilderberg meeting


Foreign Troops to Confiscate American Guns Under UN Treaty UN troopsFor those who’ve been wondering how the domestic gun grabbers or the United Nations think they’re going to get away with gun control here at home, one need look no further than Article 15 of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty.


Many American troops are patriots who understand their oaths to uphold the Constitution, so they can’t be counted upon to confiscate guns. But foreign troops are another story.

Article 15 of the UN Arms Trade Treaty, if ratified, provides for foreign “assistance to implement the Treaty,” and mandates that nations who can provide requested support mustdo so if requested by member nations. That includes legal, financial, technical as well as “material” assistance to enforce a treaty that declares “recreational, cultural, historical and sporting activities” to be the “exclusively” recognized reasons for lawful private ownership, and which further recognizes the “inherent rights” of the State (i.e. nations under the treaty) to self-defense, but makes no mention of the rights of the individual.

Read the language of Article 15 for yourself:


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  • Evie

    I doubt the constitution will be upheld. Not giving much consideration. The bill passed to have americans held indefinately and be shipped overseas is worrisome.
    That also is not in the constitution.
    Prisons for profit are going to become international or a big redistribution of people is planned.
    So after abuse of the american citizen and failure to turn the populace into debt slaves is war on its own citizens the new profit modus?

  • Arizona

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  • Arizona

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  • Arizona

    EVERYONE,who ever owns a gun can count on their kids or their fat ol’lady turning them into the police when the reward is high enough,ALL of america will be taken down by their own family or friends…to bad, but thats the price you pay for sucking the queen whore drug dealers ass,americans will love camp FEMA,they’ll feed your kids to their guard dogs,rape your teenage girls and kill your wives and beat the losers who call them selves men to death…….SO KISS YOUR ASS GOOD BY…………….

  • Evie

    Jackie is that you? I thought you got life, take your meds.

  • ZombieDawg

    Taken your gun ? Print one !

    Technically possible, except for explosive pressure issues methinks.