For the Fun Of It: Deadly ‘Knockout’ Game Targets Random People

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Knockout Game

A new game being played by teenagers is spreading.

It’s called ‘Knockout’ and the purpose is to target random passersby in an attempt to do exactly as the name suggests – knock them out in a single blow.

But the violent ‘game’ has had deadly consequences for some, as CBS reports:

One victim shown in the footage was 46-year-old Ralph Santiago of Hoboken, N.J., who was found dead with his neck broken and head lodged between iron fence posts, according to

Video surveillance shows Santiago walking in an alleyway in broad daylight, and just as he’s about to pass a pack of teenagers, one launches the fatal, knockout blow.

And what’s the point?

“For the fun of it,” one teen said in the video.

“They just want to see if you got enough strength to knock somebody out,” said another.

The attacks often come from behind, when the victim is not looking, or in a seemingly innocent dialogue with a stranger who may approach the target with a question about directions or a random conversation.

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  • GreatAmericanRedoubt

    Let them try Knockout on me, they’ll get 45’d out forever!!! this is sick! stupid people!

  • Big Ray

    This is why I have taught my kids to head the other direction asap when a roaming pack of spooks comes into veiw. I don’t care if it is a church group, get the hell out of there and right quick. No racisum, just smart. Honesty is not racisum.

    • Ohwiseguy

      If it were the south Big Gay Ray than it would be the other way around. Is it racist to say that most of the people in the Illuminati are white men. Why don’t you go join them a-hole. Sorry just being honest. 🙂

    • Kevin

      It’s “racism” , not “racisum”. Do you regret dropping out of third grade?

      • Anonymous

        i bet you regret being born at times

    • L

      Racism is simple wisdom if you see a group of blacks coming make no mistake you are in danger. Never feel safe or at ease until away from that group. There kind have far different values than a normal person. I mourn for us now that the office of the presidency has been usurped by what history will prove to be the greatest traitor america has ever seen. May god help us.

  • canuck

    Hmm. They all look like someone’s kid.. Maybe Obummers?

  • lateToTheParty

    Been around for a while, apparently getting worse and worse. Cowards Run in Packs. I honestly believe jail time isn’t a good answer: actual degrading, ‘help others’ work sure couldn’t hurt! Get ’em cleaning up the messes of their fellow teenagers – cleaning graffiti,cleaning trash, scraping gum off desks etc. Also make the penalty for bad behavior while on the clean up crew massive and instant: “I’m gonna punch this sucker so I can get put in jail with the `real men’ – no, you just head to solitary for a week then back.

    • Sick of It All

      Ya right, make sure you tell’em they’re being bad and it’s not funny to knock people out too…

      adjective \ˈpre-də-ˌtȯr-ē\

      1: living by killing and eating other animals

      2: wrongly harming or using others for pleasure or profit

      FN predatory animals, cage them or kill them…

    • jerry


  • SteadySteve

    Keep it up idiots. We crackers will introduce you to a new game. Shoot a ‘can.

  • Wolf

    They will try this on the wrong people eventually. There will then be some dead gangstas.

  • Northern Canuck

    How long before you need to be preemptive with one in a pack of 8 to make sure you get by with your life. Oh, never mind, it’s now.

  • Tom thatcher

    Mandatory Life Sentences… Death penalty if the victim dies.. They need to stop fu@king with these clowns…

  • j

    You destroy the **family** you destroy the culture. Thanks so very much, leftists, homosexuals and feminists. There is *literally* blood on your hands.

    • Bree

      What a STUPID comment!

      What do leftists, homosexuals and feminists have to do with this?

      GROW UP!!!!

      • SpudWeb

        BECAUSE LEFTIST want everyone on WELFARE so these scumbags have nothing better to do with their time than knock people out!! WHy get a job or an education when these SCUMBAGS can sit on their arses all day and think of sick “games ” like this and attack the people that PAY for their lifestyle of lazinss and entitlement. Take away their welfare and they will be too busy workign or too weak from sstarvation to knock anyone out!!!!!!

      • rabbit

        Because the leftists of the 1960s underminined the traditional two parent family structure. They hate and despise personal responsibility and any thing dealing with basic morals. Feminist hate women who choose to stay home and nurture their children and maintain the household. They fail to see the important and noble role that mothers have. THe civilizing effect that families have on society at large. You lefties chased god out of the public square, you deny parents the right to raise their children as they seem fit, you
        teach the “I want because I deserve mentality” and and you seek to destroy the 3000 year old concept of marraige and this is the result.

        • Jean

          Nit-picking, but: I believe instead of
          “I want because I deserve mentality”

          You mean
          “I deserve because I want” mentality

  • jayse

    This is why black people are hated… silly coons

    • Ohwiseguy

      Better to punch one white person than kill thousands of Arabs like the white people in power do. You better look at the big picture. Obama takes orders from white people who use war for profit. Oh shame on the black people we are so evil. Nothing but a bunch of racist pieces of garbage on this site.

      • James

        I don’t see Swedish kids doing the knockout game. I don’t see white kids doing it. I don’t see Asian kids involved either.

        The fact is this – a young black male is 14 times more likely to commit murder than a young white male.

        That is a fact. So, when I see a black 19 year old kid walking towards me on the street I know that kid is 14 times more likely to cause me bodily harm than had he been white.

        That’s not being a racist.

        It’s just being observant.

  • John q publik

    notice who did it to who? if it was turned around it would be racist…. wtf kinda world do we live in? cause they are bored, get a life.

    • jerry

      Thank You.

    • Michael

      This is exactly what we can expect when we have “role models” like Oprah, Jackson and Sharpton telling the black community that white people are racists. Oprah says we whites need to die off. Why is always US who need to die off? Why can’t they just take their own advice and step out in front of a train?? I’d pay a dollar to see that.

    • SpudWeb

      Hypocritical politically correct America- Black on white crime is OK, Black on Black crime is OK, But White on Black crime is racist and a hate crime

  • a sailor

    This garbage does not happen in Switzerland. Everybody has the means to protect themselves, issued while serving in the military. And taught to use same. If these punks on this side of the pond knew that every second or third man [or woman] on the street was packing a .357 or a .45 this horse manure would be history!

    • amiller

      Switzerland does not have primate blacks.

  • Steven

    Knocking an innocent person out with a sucker puch is not a show of strength you morons. It’s a show of cowardice.

    • Dogfacesoldier

      Steadysteve, you’re one complete backwoods ass hole. Just because those lil shits go around knocking people out you think it okay go around shooting black kids. Oh yes that statement you wrote was clear about what you mean. It doesn’t matter what ethnic ground those kids are it’s wrong. Matter of a fact hispanics has gotten into this knockout games B.S. too. As a black man I don’t give a damn what ethnic group they belong to, if one or more put their hands on a memeber of my family or myself there will some sad songs singing and flowers bringing.- See more at:

  • Bob Marshall

    This is the height of ignorance. I would like to read where some of these idiots were shot for what they have done. I would feel no remorse.

  • jdeezy

    That’s why nobody want niggas around them…

    • Dogfacesoldier

      Do you know the meaning of the “N” word you just used you fucking backwood Redneck. People like you should killed at birth. I bet your uncle is your father. By the way that word means just what you are which is an ignorant person. Furthermore, use that word face-to-face to the next black you see and find out what would have to your stupid ass. Is it that you are upset some black man is long dicking your white wife?

  • Row Weil

    They were black? Huh… okay.


    I think one good, publicized story of one of these motherf*ckers getting their brains eviscerated with a good ol’ .357 Mag ought to end this little game-for-faggots reeeal quick.

    (Trying to change that word from an insult to homosexuals to a word to describe stupid/pathetic/immature people in general)

  • mrsdan

    If this is being done for “fun”, I wouldn’t want to be around when they get serious.

  • Justin Case

    I would like to propose a new game.

    It’s called ‘Hang ’em High.’


    And these “teens” wonder why they’re followed around at department stores and questioned when they try to buy a watch. Or hear car doors lock as they walk by,…and another thing….why do we just refer to these people as teenagers? Call’em for what they are. Black youth, period. Footnote:Spelling out the word “Period” I learned from Obama. “If you like your insurance, you can keep it, PERIOD”. Good for nothing penis wrinkle….

  • akvalmet30

    What happened to people applying “street smarts” and being cautious around groups of people, especially blacks? I heavily agree that these thugs and predators need a good dosing of lead. What we all need more than ever is a modern day Charles Bronson from the Death Wish Series….or someone just take the initiative and start hunting them down. Sounds fun either way.

  • Apex predator

    this is why I carry a kukuri,hard to knock someone out when I lop both your arms off

  • SpudWeb

    They have stereotypes because THEY ARE TRUE!!!

  • light switch

    Why does this surprise anyone? When we as american,s point our middle finger to GODS moral law,s for life. Expect the worst from all walk,s of life ,”You haven’t seen anything yet”. P.S. have we already forgotten “Sandyhook & Aurora Movie Theatre”?

  • Yea

    Its the guns fault or something.

  • Law of Moses

    I say this, you take these teens, race doesn’t matter, if they do it, they get the punishment, and that punishment being that you take them into public, humiliating forcefully strip them naked, rape them in the butt hole with hot iron proding tools, then you wrap a good tight nylon cord around their penis, then you hang them up, by their penis, and slowly strip the skin off of them while everyone points and laughs at them, with their hands hog tied behind their backs, suspending from their penis, LETS SEE IF ANYMORE OF THEM WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME

  • kathy

    They should Knock each other out Like they said on TV Black Children need to get and education..No pulling the race card here!

  • keepingitreal

    No other race on the face of this planet has pissed away overly generous granted entitlements more than the majority percentage of blacks in urban America. Lack of self control, lack of respect for their fellow man (or women) regardless of race, constantly impregnating their women then skipping out on them, acting like “being a bad azz mumbling, gangsta ape” is cooler than getting good grades, constantly feeling like “whitey” still owes them for slavery which didn’t affect them, nor their fathers, nor most of their father’s fathers, being too lazy / tired to do hard work (but having all the strenght in the world when it comes to breaking into a car, screwing a woman, or getting violent) seems to be the never ending story of these “man children”. Only the decent, hard working members of the Black community can stop these animals. They must band together and say “Enough!!! You filthy pigs are shaming all blacks and we fucking had enough of it!!!” It can’t come from social programs, it can’t come from any other race but Black Americans. So, Jessie, Al, how about putting your efforts to a REAL task. Lift up the righteous black folks by shaming and pressuring the animals to stop acting like animals?

    • Ohwiseguy

      WTF! Entitlements? You talkin about Welfare. There’s a lot more white people on welfare than Blacks. And if you don’t know welfare is designed to keep people poor and lazy. We’re talking about poor people. Not black people, but poor black people. And how would you know that slavery didn’t affect them. You’ve never been a minority and don’t know how people view them. Look at all the ignorant comments about race on this site. If that had of been some white teenagers how many racist comments would be on here? Exactly. None! It’s a poverty issue not a race issue. Have you ever watched cops? The show is full of white people who do the same sh!t you just described. Do you think Black people are genetically predisposed or do you think it has to do with their environment. If you think the former than you sir are an ignorant racist.

      • keepingitreal

        Although welfare is an entitlement, it is one that ALL races may profit from. Blacks getting extra points on exams (even when they score significantly lower) on entry firefighter, police officer and other civil jobs, thereby putting a less qualified individual into an important position due to pigmentation. That’s an entitlement.
        Black students getting 1st rights over others to attend public magnet schools (when both races live outside a school’s boundary line), that’s an entitlement. (funny how inner city blacks move to an area to be together, fuck up the area, drag down the schools, then insist on attending the best schools outside of the area they just fucked up?)The government spending 2-3 times as much per black student than any other race, that’s an entitlement. There are several other examples, but I’m sure you’d still think it’s all BS.
        I am a minority, and I do know how some people view other people of my ethnicity. So, please don’t try that cop out.
        As far as if it was white kids going around knocking out black people……..ARE F-ING SERIOUS???? That would be Headline News! Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton would be all over it like…..dare I say it? White On Rice!
        Nobody said Black people are predisposed and certainly it may come from environment. However, Black people create their environment, then they turn around as use that excuse to justify their undisciplined behavior. So, you can’t have it both ways pal.
        BTW did you realize Blacks make up less than 20% of America’s population? However, they account for over 50% of all crimes, including murder and sexual assault.
        You sound to me like the typical guy that’s caught between a rock and a hard place. You know many of the inner city black teens are acting like animals, but you and other decent citizens of your ethnicity (I’m assuming black) are afraid to tell them to stop their filthy ways because you might be viewed as an Uncle Tom. So, their behavior is on you and the likes of Jesse & Al.

      • keepingitreal

        What’s wrong OhWiseGuy? Still trying to figure out why decent black folks need to continue codling and defending the filthy immature blacks that continue to tear down our country?

      • mark

        Ever watch bait car. all blacks, maybe a few Mexicans as far a welfare there may well be more whites on it,but blacks are only about 15or 20% of the us population.Black folks are their own worst enemy. No wonder no one wants them around.Its in their DNA.Africans are a mean ugly race. You cant help them.

    • Dogfacesoldier

      You are another uneducated knockle head. Where did you get your information? Were you trailer park educatedand your highest grade was the 5th grade. It amaze me the number of assholes such as yourself hide behind the comfort of your keyboard and talk so much crap. If you were challenged to express yourself to blacks face-to-face your asshole would get tighter than a fishespussy. On the other hand I would tell you what I think of you in your face then slap the taste out of your mouth. It’s nothing against other white people, just yoir inbred ass.

  • Ohwiseguy

    Shame on this site for allowing this big mouth to get his inner racist out. Only online can a punk a$$ bltch like him say these things. If he were in public he would be quiet and wouldn’t dare let this BS out of his mouth.

  • Fedup

    Keep it up, one day someone will ventilate a pack of nigggers doing this.

  • tina

    1st off…you can keep these heathens in your country…2nd being as though Africa is a continent, not a country, I’m sure none of those countries would want them…3rd for you idiotic white folks that say ignorant stuff about other cultures just remember this was not your country either and it’s still not…so many dumb idiots on here it’s a shame

    • keepingitreal

      Tina, not too many countries are completely comprised of its original inhabitants. Eurasian, Asian, African, European, the Americas & its island’s populations have all changed due to civil unrest and government wars.
      America is different, as the Europeans made deals then shamefully screwed the Native Americans, rather than simply waging war. (By the way Christopher Columbus was a cold hearted mass murderer on behalf of Spain. It’s amazing we still celebrate the bastard) However, regardless of how it happened, it did happen and like it or not, America is now a country controlled predominantly by non-Native Americans.
      To think otherwise is simply foolish

  • KnuckleDraggingNigs

    It’s just racist nigggers being nigggers. Nothing new. And the liberals wonder why NORMAL people detest these pavement apes….

  • Apex predator

    @keepingitreal…I have yet to meet [decent] black folk…and im 50 and been in every major coastal city in the U.S by the way im from Detroit,like any other group of stupid humans you just gotta wait a bit… then…its apparent who to kill or eat..youll see soon enough

    • keepingitreal

      I’m older than you and have grown up in an integrated section of Chicago. My friends of color are articulate, considerate and fair to very well read. They despise the black “gansta’ wanna be” culture of. When they were in school they were shunned by many other blacks because they refused to act like those idiots. I’m sorry that in all your years you’ve never met any black folks that met your standard. Seems a bit odd. But only you know your life and experiences.

  • Dwayne

    Yeah; you can say that when you are behind a keyboard. We all aren’t from Africa and some of us have done more for america than you have. So crawl back in your hole and continue your non-productive life and let us speak on the real issue. The real issue is that these people who are caught playing this game should be charged for their actions.

  • Dwayne

    obiviously you are walking around the coastal cities with your eyes closed. The color of your skin doesn’t define who you are. If you never met a decent Afrian-American then just look at our military and you will find plenty.

    U.S. Navy retired 22 years.

    • Jigaboo McRapeo

      Blacks are 13% of the population but commit the MAJORITY of violent crimes in the U.S.A.Nobody want’s to live with blacks, except some Puerto Rican black wannabees. Saying that there are a few good blacks is next to meaningless. I am a army vet,in the army there are lots of ghetto blacks in the NCO ranks, most were RACIST animals.Thankfully in the army there are few black commissioned officers.So I suggest Mr dwayne YOU go live with blacks and make sure to send your kids to an ALL black school,oh and also send your wife out to the store in your new neighborhood, alone at night to fetch some milk.

      • Dogfacesoldier

        Here is another dumb ass, learn how to read. Why don’t you take a look at the 2012 FBI crime statistics, your lily white ass will see which race of people commits the most crimes, guess what, it’s white dick heads like you. You are another shit stick that hide behind your words, you fucking coward trailor park trash.

        • keepingitreal

          Sorry Dogfacesoilder, but you’re wrong. Even though blacks are a minority by far, they commit a disproportionate amount of all violent crime in America. That includes, armed robbery, assault, home invasion, sexual assault, rape and murder.
          Anyone that’s taken the time to look up the statistics knows this is true.

    • Jigaboo McRapeo

      I lived in NYC for 40 years, amidst the most liberal JEWISH proponent’s of diversity. Most of the afore mentioned Jewish liberals live in NEGRO-free neighborhoods. The uber-liberal upper-east side of Manhattan for instance is filled with jewish democrats preaching diversity, from their lily white doorman buildings.Most NYC Manhattan liberals will also tell YOU to send YOUR kids to public school, while THEY send THEIR kids to segregated PRIVATE schools.Needless to say I fled NYC, for the number one gun state in America AZ.In AZ if you get sucker punched in return the perp gets shot in the face F*ck NYC and Bloomberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colton

    This has to be a northern thing cause kids brought up in the south learn to respect each other. If someone tried doing this to me I’d definitely hunt them down and send them night night.

  • mark

    I don’t care what color did it, stop it, it’s stupid the people doing this would make any race look ignorant

    • Jigaboo McRapeo

      You chose to ignore, that ONLY blacks are targeting NON blacks for violent racist beatings???????? Drones like YOU MARK are the reason the U.S.A. is a rotting nation. Hey little mark, would you “care what color did it” If whites were targeting Negroids for beatings? Bet then Mr. libtard you would be up in arms!#*!!! Mark you’re a subhuman liberal, get help, preferably shock therapy.

  • Kevin

    This site was interesting for about 2 days. Time to move on from the racist pricks. Combined IQ of this thread is about 34. Enjoy your bunkers morons.

  • Barack Obama

    I’m amazed the skin color of these perps is being reported. The media usually just glaringly omits that information whenever the suspect is black. Random black violence is epidemic, but its whites, conservatives, etc. that are usually vilified all over the blogosphere.

  • Dogfacesoldier

    Steadysteve, you’re one complete backwoods ass hole. Just because those lil shits go around knocking people out you think it okay go around shooting black kids. Oh yes that statement you wrote was clean about what you mean. It doesn’t matter what ethnic ground those kids are it’s wrong. Matter of a fact hispanics has gotten into this knockout games B.S. too. As a black man I don’t give a damn what ethnic group they belong to, if one or more put their hands on a memeber of my family or myself there will some sad songs singing and flowers bringing.

  • Apex predator

    @Dwayne thank you for your service,as far as my eyes being open ill tell ya this..while your in the service its all brotherhood this brotherhood that..5yrs after the service your on a corner with your homies pulling the race card and justifying treating whites like shit right? if not then I guess my eyes do deceive me…but up till now..thats been my experience with you folks…you folks are first cry race..matter o fact that’s about all you got to cry about because everyone is catering to your bullshit

  • J n

    I’m in mississippi
    The world or states can say or think what they want I have to live with the savages
    You can take them from Africa but u can’t take the African out of the majority of them

  • Apex predator

    ok after this im done with the race crap,wanna know the difference between blacks and whites? simple..a white guy calls you brother and no matter who hes around your a brother,black guy calls you brother only till theres other blacks around then the real face shit comes out

  • Tom
  • Tom

    Genetic weapons are being developed to deal with these unevolved chimpboys…