Footage of Crisis Actors Surface from Egypt and Syria Riots

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CAIRO, EGYPT – JULY 08: Following a day of massive rallies against the ousted Egyptian President and an early morning shooting of pro Mohamed Morsi supporters outside a Presidential Guard barracks, members of the Egyptian military and their supporters guard a bridge near Tahrir Square on July 8, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt continues to be in a state of political paralysis with scores of people having been killed and many injured in recent days as the Egyptian military attempts to restore order across the country following their ousting of Morsi. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


There is no telling what is actually taking place in some areas of the Middle East like Egypt and Syria.  Even people living within these areas are finding it difficult to understand what is taking place because there is such an elaborate disinformation campaign going on.  Not only is the media stirring things up and creating a more hostile environment, but there has also been many indications that many aspects of these events are being staged.

Now that is not to say  that there is not legitimate persecution and uprising in these areas, because there is.  However, proof is emerging that staged propaganda events are being carried out to street the direction and the outcome of these uprisings as well as manage public opinion.

One step that is apparently being taken is the use of crisis actors, and in the footage below it seems quite obvious that this is taking place.

This video seems to be 100% authentic, but we are hoping to hear some other opinions on its authenticity, and what is actually happening in the Middle East right now.

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  • javelin

    I have seen dozens of these film productions also made from Hamas and the “palestinians”.

    I have visited Gaza and it is gorgeous ( there are some slum areas and ghettos like everywhere but overall a highly prosperous and affluent country.

    The gold district literally has a quarter mile strip of bazaars with gold vases, chains, decorations, jewelry displayed. The coastal resorts with their lavish beaches, fine dining, swimming pools right next to white sandy beaches….acres and acres of lush fields of farming. The people are not prisoners anymore than Americans are. They travel within their borders freely and choose how to live their lives–and if they enter a foreign country o0r return to Gaza from afar, they are then screened just as Americans are. Banned materials are taken and the people are sent freely forward.

    Israel donates hundreds of millions in supplies and services to these people and the US sends BILLIONS…very few people have it so good.

    So continuing propoganda films and disinformation and revisionist history can ensure that a “country that never was” will live on the manipulated sympathies of the world..

    • SKIP

      Right on ALL counts sir.

  • Barn Cat

    Muslims are great for faking injuries to women and children. Just another reason why you can’t trust them.

    • SKIP

      For once barn Cat I can totally agree with you. Been over here for 10 years and seen most of that shit. and worse!