Fmr Secret Service Agent Set To Release New Info On Obama: “It’s Going To Blow Wide Open This Week”

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Former Obama Secret Service agent Dan Bongino suggests there’s a lot more to the story when it comes to ObamaGate and wiretapping.

Having been on the Presidential Protection Detail, Bongino is intimately familiar with how Presidents (he worked for George W. Bush and Barack Obama) handle their daily business. He has been in the room and heard it all.

On Monday, Bongino tweeted that he is set to release more information, presumably related to ObamaGate or other activities President Obama may have been involved in:

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  • Lewie Paine

    Anything but pizzagate.

    • TrevorD

      Indeed. Seems obvious that pizzagate is so big `they` will do everything to distract us. However its out of the bag now and the time will come, when the time is right. Hope I am still alive to see justice on this issue.

      • Lewie Paine

        This has surfaced before but they got it suppressed. It’s looking like it might be fading out this time as well.

        • TrevorD

          Ya get your point, never heard of this before, Thanks and how amazing the media are at satisfying and protecting their nasty psycho bosses. However as the MSM are losing power they may be a chance to get the truth out there and see big changes

  • Too bad it is too late to put him where he deserved to be.

    • Apple Plexi

      Its not too late. We have a greater chance, now that he is an everyday citizen.

      • I don’t know any everyday citizens with secret service protection and a life time pension at 55 years of age.

        • Apple Plexi

          The point is, he isn’t above the law.

          • It all depends on which “law” he was working under, it being a many splendored thing.

  • freefall

    I’m sure Trump will have him prosecuted–just like he did Hillary.
    So what other rights are we going to lose while we’re watching this soap opera?

    • Arrow

      The only rights you stand to lose are the privileges that are allowed by your government. Rights you were born with you still have… unless you consent to give them up.

      • Marycalexander

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      • Inalienable rights cannot be either surrendered nor given up, they can only be denied. Privileges are not rights are not privileges.

  • renda blue

    It’s about DAMMED TIME I’m ready to see O’shitface go DOWN on Shumer

  • Douglas M. Green

    Dan is the man! Go Dan!!!! We need more like him!

  • Howard Beale

    You obviously have zero understanding of how life really works.