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Flu (Scare) Season Goes Into Overdrive

Activist Post
Activist Post
January 11th, 2013

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by John Galt

Each year seems to hit aĀ new level of hypeĀ surrounding the seasonal flu. The pharmaceutical-media complex is drooling over the latest “outbreak,” which has resulted in Boston declaring a “Health Emergency” as highlighted in the video below and New York reachingĀ epidemic proportions. Additionally, nurses are being denied the right to refuse flu vaccinations,Ā even on religious grounds, andĀ are being firedĀ for any resistance.

However, fine details are normally not the strong suit of corporate media, so that is where we must look before we decide to go into full-blown panic mode and start lining up to get jabbed with the latest vaccine concoction. For instance, people are still getting sick and are dying even after getting the flu shot.

As even the Associated Press was forced to highlight:

RecentĀ studies have shownĀ that the flu vaccine as a whole is only about 59 percent effective at preventing the illness. NRPĀ pointed outĀ that the vaccine appears to be less effective for the elderly, which is a population often highly encouraged to receive the shot in the first place. (Source)

Perhaps one reason for the ineffectiveness of this year’s vaccine is that the most virulent strain of H3N2v isĀ not included in the vaccine.

The increasing hype over a flu season that turns into a possible pandemic has terrorizedĀ a significant partĀ of the population. This is important to keep in mind, as the CDC often reports the increased numbers of visits to doctors and hospitals based on “flu-like symptoms.” People who are on edge about contracting a life-threatening virus are likely to interpret every ache, pain, and sniffle into the most dreaded of possibilities after being bombarded by an onslaught of media reports.

Major media continues to support the flu shot, because, as CNN’s Sanjay Gupta states, “It’s better than nothing.” Sounds like a fine slogan for any product. The fact is that the Centers for Disease Control only hasĀ estimates of the numbers of deathsĀ that occur each year from the flu. Their reasoning for not having exact figures is stated as follows:

CDC does not know exactly how many people die from seasonal flu each year. There are several reasons for this. First, states are not required to report individual seasonal flu cases or deaths of people older than 18 years of age to CDC. Second, seasonal influenza is infrequently listed on death certificates of people who die from flu-related complications. Third, many seasonal flu-related deaths occur one or two weeks after a personā€™s initial infection, either because the person may develop a secondary bacterial co-infection (such as bacterial pneumonia) or because seasonal influenza can aggravate an existing chronic illness (such as congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Also, most people who die from seasonal flu-related complications are not tested for flu, or they seek medical care later in their illness when seasonal influenza can no longer be detected from respiratory samples. (Source)

The range of flu deaths as provided by the CDC over a roughly 30-year period has been 3,000-49,000 annually. We must also keep in mind that these are categorized as “flu-related deaths” which include those who had other serious or life-threatening illnesses and might have been pushed over the edge by contracting the seasonal flu.

Naturally the corporate media has been reporting that this year looks to be the worst ever. However, the CDC itself has said that this year looks to be within the normal range.

A greater concern for the health of Americans should be declining nutritional values, as well as an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, coupled with every imaginableĀ food and environmental toxin; these elements contribute to far more sickness and death.

In fact, a recent study found that the average child is nowĀ chronically sick, and that vaccines themselves appear to be a contributing factor.

As reported byĀ Gaia Health:

Overall, the study reported that 43% of children suffer from at least one of the 20 conditions consideredā€”when obesity and developmental delays are not included.Ā That is is overĀ 32 million childrenĀ whose health is damaged! (emphasis added)

Furthermore, the conditions include autism, asthma, diabetes, allergies and neurological disorders. Health writer, Heidi Stevenson, points out some additional facts:

So rather than look for the latest pill or jab, perhaps we should look to nature for some answers.

Please don’t miss this key article by Daisy Luther outliningĀ strategies for how and why to avoid the pharmacyĀ and ways to return to natural flu prevention and treatment.

And if you want to go down the rabbit hole about a possible over-arching agenda for the peddling of vaccines, please have a look at Catherine J. Frompovich’s article aboutĀ vaccine taxes funding the U.S. deficit.

With so many corporate and governmental interests riding the wave of flu hysteria, it pays to keep a very healthy skepticism.

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  • oh dear

    i have read somewhere that people get the flu in the winter months because they have severe vitamin D deficiency, due to the lack of sun exposure. hence, their immune system is not well enough to fight the virus.

    that same flu “virus” is out there during the whole year, but with the sun and vitamin d comes a better immune function, hence why not that many people get it during the summer months.

    just google “vitamin d is better than any vaccine” and decide for yourself. its not rocket science.

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